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    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Cosmetic Surgeons have plenty to gain from investing in digital marketing efforts for their clinic. Digital Marketing is the present requirement and not just for the foreseeable future. It includes creating an online presence, publishing relevant information, interacting with the audience, and taking the help of paid advertising when required. 

      India has become the 6th most preferred medical tourism destination with the anticipation of growth shortly. As more Indians have more disposable income, there is bound to be a rise in Cosmetic procedures. If you are a Cosmetic Surgeon, here is a guide on making a helpful digital marketing strategy and the indispensable digital marketing services to stand out from competitors.

      What Marketing Challenges Are Faced by Cosmetic Surgeons?

      Increased Reliance on Digital Channels

      There is an increased reliance on the Internet to find healthcare services and to research doctors. So, investing in creating an online presence and marketing clinic through digital marketing efforts becomes necessary for Cosmetic Surgeons. 

      Most people interested in Cosmetic procedures research a reliable surgeon online and look through any testimonials and reviews before booking appointments. 

      Lack of Referrals

      Cosmetic Surgery procedures are having a surge. However, due to the elective nature of Cosmetic procedures, there is an inherent lack of referrals from other doctors. There is also a lack of referrals from prior patients because many don’t feel comfortable sharing having undergone Cosmetic surgery. 

      To overcome this issue, digital marketing that can help to target accurately becomes necessary. 

      Need for Continuous Marketing to Gain Appointments Each Month Many people will take their time to consider possibilities or make up their minds before undergoing any procedures. Thus, Cosmetic Surgeons must maintain a flow of primary consultations to sustain their clinic. 

      There is a lack of referrals and low repeat customers for such healthcare services.  It inevitably leads to the necessity for continuous marketing and promotion to increase visibility and attract new audiences. The cost of digital marketing is also gradually growing with time. 

      Promoting New Practice

      There are many challenges that a new practice will face to gain new patients, increase awareness of the clinic, or gain trust. Establishing trust in an industry that has seen a rise in unqualified clinics cropping up becomes necessary to attract any footfalls to the clinic. 

      New Practices must be deliberate and extensive in their digital marketing efforts to promote to potential audiences and gain credibility.

      How Digital Marketing Can Help Cosmetic Surgeons?

      Digital Marketing can go a long way in setting a Cosmetic Surgeon apart from other competitors. There are various advantages, such as introducing the clinic to new audiences, targeting potential customers, and building trust among followers. 

      Using the features and tools of the many digital channels available, Cosmetic Surgeons can grow their clinic with time.

      Increase Visibility

      Cosmetic Surgeons must maintain interest in their clinic to increase traffic to their website and have appointments. Through social media channels, you can boost your posts or ads to many people. 

      Maintaining an online presence on platforms also helps many find relevant Cosmetic Surgery content and share it with friends and followers. 

      Target Potential Customers Accurately

      Digital marketing, unlike traditional forms of marketing through newspaper or television ads, has the added advantage of accurately marketing potential customers. Digital marketing also gives a better return on investment and is highly beneficial while starting new clinics and for experienced surgeons. 

      The tools available while using paid advertising on various digital channels to target a particular group of people.

      Gain Trust and Credibility

      Many clinics advertise their services online. By posting reliable results and testimonials, Cosmetic Surgeons can assure potential patients of their qualifications and skills. With the public becoming more cautious of unqualified clinics and the alarming consequences, an online presence will help put doubts to rest. 

      As a Cosmetic Surgeon, one can post the surgery results with consent, spread knowledge about various procedures, and clinic tours. 

      Improve Brand Awareness

      Cosmetic Surgery is becoming a competitive industry. Investing in online marketing to spread awareness of your clinic among potential clients and locals in your service area helps in the growth of your clinic. 

      It is especially crucial when having a presence in many cities or a chain of clinics. Digital Marketing will help many become familiar with your services and gain the trust or following of those interested.

      Key Digital Marketing Services for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Each digital channel plays a distinct role and is helpful for a particular matter. Cosmetic Surgeons need to assess which channels will help them achieve their unique goals and the cost or resources required to set them up or manage them. 

      You can enlist the help of professionals to cater to your necessities and build a plan to help your growth. It includes social media marketing, reputation management, building local citations, content marketing and others.

      Instagram for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Instagram is a popular picture and video-sharing app with an incredible reach of over 230 million people. It is the top app where consumers discover a new business. As a Cosmetic Surgeon, you can use Instagram to share content that resonates with your potential audiences. 

      It includes explanations of cosmetic procedures, myth-busting, before-and-after pictures and boosting posts for increased visibility. Instagram for Cosmetic Surgeons plays the role of a reliable visual medium to share trustworthy content and build a community. 

      The reel feature on Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to start unique campaigns for patient engagement and share patient-generated content. Drive engagement by combining informational reels with behind-the-scenes stories and short clips from the clinic on your profile.

      Facebook for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Facebook reaches nearly 315 million people in India. Advertising on Facebook can help you reach your target audience. You can run advertising campaigns to reach out to a particular demographic based on the Cosmetic procedure you intend to advertise. 

      Because of its diverse features, Facebook for Cosmetic Surgeons will help to share pictures, videos, and interactive posts. And to encourage participation in your events to local audiences more likely to attend. 

      Use video content to share transformation journeys for procedures like liposuctions, tummy tucks and body contouring. Or go live at a planned time and interact with your followers and answer queries.

      YouTube for Cosmetic Surgeons

      YouTube is the best platform for longer video content. It helps to create in-depth content that can help educate your audience about Cosmetic procedures, discuss new developments in the field and other general information about treatment or recovery. 

      YouTube for Cosmetic Surgeons can help attract an audience beyond your locality and is fantastic for clinics having many locations. Other than long videos, YouTube Shorts has been gaining popularity and averages over 70 million daily views

      Post content that gives an experience while consulting at the clinic or undergoing Cosmetic Procedures like chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing or dermabrasion treatments. It also opens the possibilities of influencer collaborations and running video Ads. 

      GMB for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Google search for nearby Cosmetic Surgeons when they are interested in undergoing any Cosmetic Procedures. Creating and maintaining an optimized business profile that would display your clinic over others as a result of a search query. 

      Optimized GMB for Cosmetic Surgeons can help you reach your audience by implementing practices that help search engines recognize your business profile as relevant. 

      With over 8.5 billion searches per day, it is the most popular search engine, and maintaining the business profile of your clinic here gives the added advantage of being displayed as a popular location for Cosmetic Surgery.  

      SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use of various techniques that make your profile or website rank higher than competitors. SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons includes performing keyword research, building links, and optimizing for mobile viewing among other methods.

      It is a lengthy process but can yield long-term results if you achieve presence on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP). Becoming an organic result as an answer to a search query about ‘plastic surgeon near me’ or ‘hair transplant in [city]’ helps gain traffic to the website and build trust.

      Implementing SEO is beneficial for the growth of the clinic. However, you must keep a watchful eye on algorithm changes and keep updating your content.

      Local Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Although some people are open to travelling to undergo a Cosmetic procedure, many prefer a local surgeon. Especially for procedures requiring more sessions like fillers, dermabrasion or laser hair removal. It can also be due to convenience, less cost of travel or easy access while recovering. 

      Local Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons help mark your clinic as a preferable option compared to competitors. Gaining Local Citations requires shortlisting reputable platforms and maintaining them to update any changes in NAP information (Name, Address, Phone Number).

      Such citations help search engines recognize your clinic as a relevant search result. And beneficial for connecting with potential audiences on healthcare directories like Practo, Lybrate, WhatClinic and ClinicSpots.  

      Content Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Content that is relevant and people-oriented attracts an audience researching educational information. This content should be helpful, informative, and pertinent to make it popular among a potential audience and easy for search engines to rank them high. 

      Creating it may be time-consuming, but using Digital Marketing services can help assess the relevant content and optimize it for search engines. Content Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons includes content like questions to ask before surgery, steps for recovery, and a gallery of before-and-after pictures of procedures. 

      Email Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Email Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons can help keep in continuous contact with prior and potential customers. Encourage those visiting your website to register their email for the newsletter. These are effective for generating leads and highly personalized communication with your audience. 

      Through this, a clinic can update about additions of new surgeons, the start of a new popular procedure or discounted offers. And send links to blog posts or social media posts that discuss new Cosmetic procedures and trends. 

      PPC Advertising for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Pay-per-click advertisements can help a clinic gain visibility and are beneficial if you have the budget. It can also be a fantastic opportunity to direct traffic towards your website when you have recently started a clinic. PPC Advertising for Cosmetic Surgeons can feel complex as you need to decide when to run these Ads and their placement. 

      They also require close attention to assess if they contribute to increasing the number of eyes on your website, which can help acquire new clients. As Cosmetic Surgery is a healthcare service, approval for Ads requires adhering to strict advertising rules against false advertising and restrictions on focusing on body parts or disease. 

      Online Reputation Management for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Creating and maintaining an online presence comes with the added responsibility of responding to online criticism and being vigilant of false reviews. Online Reputation Management for Cosmetic Surgeons is crucial as many people depend on searching online for a Cosmetic Surgeon, and it includes in-depth research. 

      Decide ways to respond to negative reviews and actively flag any fake reviews. And build links with other reputable websites and platforms that show search engines and people the relevance of your Cosmetic Surgery practice.

      How to Design a Digital Marketing Strategy for Cosmetic Surgeons?

      Any successful digital marketing strategy must address the necessities that will cater to the distinctive needs of a Cosmetic Surgeon. It is a process of considering the goals and creating a tailored plan to decide on online channels and address gaps. 

      Setting Clear Goals

      Setting clear goals can help align the needs to the advantages of an online platform. And drafting a plan that will work for your clinic. It may be short-term goals of increasing traffic to the website, promoting a recently opened clinic through discounted offers or getting people to sign up for online newsletters and emails. 

      The long-term goals may be to increase footfalls through effective SEO and build a rock-solid reputation online. 

      Identifying Target Audience

      Figuring out your target audience is necessary to utilize your advertising budget fruitfully. Targeting this audience is a unique advantage online marketing has over traditional forms of marketing. 

      Your target audience may also change based on the campaign you run. When you run a campaign for non-invasive procedures for to-be brides, you can adjust your target audience who have shown interest in wedding planning. 

      While running campaigns for anti-ageing procedures, you can aim it at the age demographic most likely to be interested, such as people over 40. It can include cosmetic procedures like face lifts, breast augmentations, blepharoplasty, or tummy tucks. 

      Picking Effective Digital Channels

      Based on goals and the nature of Cosmetic procedure, you must research and decide on effective digital channels. Usually, the most effective channels include those with video or imaging features. 

      This is because the results of Cosmetic Procedures tend to be popular on visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You must also consider which platform your target audience uses to promote procedures. 

      If you want to boost Cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction, and lip fillers to a younger audience, then Instagram may be the best channel. Other things to look for on a digital platform are the user base, cost of Ads, features and targeting methods. 

      Assessing Results and Enforcing Modifications

      Taking into account the goals set for a clinic, asses the results to ascertain what works. By making such an assessment, a clinic can save money and direct its energies and resources towards an effective and beneficial strategy. 

      Revise your plan after assessing results as a Cosmetic Surgery clinic by implementing necessary modifications.

      Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Do’s and Don'ts

      Digital Marketing is becoming a necessity to promote a Cosmetic Surgery clinic. Although the many services may seem complex, some basics can help take steps towards the right path. 

      It includes investing time in keyword research and creating informative content. And paying attention to NAP consistency and posting videos and pictures.

      Do’s for Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Do Optimize Using Keywords: Keywords are the phrases that can help a search engine decide whether a website or page is relevant to a search query. Find the most relevant keywords and utilize them to optimize your content online to increase the relevance of your profile. 

      Use long-tail keywords such as ‘before and after facelift’, ‘tummy tucks in [city]’ or ‘breast augmentation surgeon in [city].’ These find less competition and increase your chances of ranking higher in SERPs. 

      Do Create Informative Content: 

      Informative content will always attract your potential audience. Even search engines will prefer content that puts people first and is relevant to search queries. Write for people instead of just optimizing for the search engines. Publishing content often will also help search engines recognize your website as active. 

      Informative content for Cosmetic Surgeon includes specialized information on topics like when to opt for hair transplants, types of breast implants, run down on what to expect at consultation etc. 


      Do Claim Business Profile: Your business profile may already be present on Google Maps. Claim your profile and edit it to optimize and best showcase all the features of your clinic. Include all the procedures provided at the clinic and highlight any feature that separates your clinic from competitors. 

      Business profiles take up significant space on the SERP and ranking higher can increase traffic to your website and make your clinic look trustworthy. 


      Do Maintain NAP Consistency: NAP, namely the Name, Address and Phone Number of a clinic is the core information that cannot be wrong at any instance. Any discrepancies to this information throughout the web can make search engines flag your website as lacking accuracy. 

      This hurts your chances of featuring high on the results page and confuses potential clients. Take particular care if there is more than one location. 

      Do Post Videos and Pictures: 

      The lack of referrals makes acquiring new customers difficult. Posting videos and pictures can help put any anxiety or doubts in the mind of a potential client to rest. It makes them more likely to book consultations and increases the trust and reputation of a Cosmetic Clinic. 

      Videos and Pictures may include before-and-after pictures, clinic tours and videos of surgical results.


      Don’ts for Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Don’t Ignore Negative Comments: Interacting with the audience is crucial to boosting a social media profile and keeping in touch with prior patients and potential clients. Actively respond and address any negative comments with any action taken or information on further steps to reach out to you. 

      Ignoring them can make your clinic look untrustworthy and inactive. Resolve any issues privately and amicably instead of online, as it may negatively reflect on your reputation. 

      Don’t Overlook Privacy and Advertising Policies: Most platforms have specified policies about privacy, nudity and advertising. Ensure that any picture posted is taken with consent and doesn’t expose the identity of the patients. Most also don’t allow for false advertising and excessive focus on particular features of the body because they tend to promote unrealistic body standards. 

      You can separately encourage those willing to publicly share testimonials and make a collaborative post on social media. And carefully consider any ad before running them. 

      Don’t Disregard Reviews: Reviews are necessary, especially with the lack of referrals. Encourage reviews among your patients by sending them links to post directly on your business profile. 

      This helps people to make up their minds about consulting a particular clinic and improve trust. You can direct patients to write reviews by asking for reviews right at the end of appointments.


      Other Services

      E- Mail campaigns

      Let patient know your present facility, new services & events through mailing.

      Medical Content Writing

      Boost your online brand presence with medical & informative content to attract & educate patients.

      Pre Visit Patient Forms

      Get to know your patient before their visit to clinic by online Pre-Visit Patient Form.

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      Trust us for time-tested expertise that understands the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

      At Avanzar Health, we drive solutions through our "3 Pillar Patient Journey" Growth Model: Discovery - ensuring patients find you; Trust Building - establishing credibility and rapport; and Patient Engagement - fostering strong, lasting connections. Our methodical approach ensures a holistic patient experience, driving growth sustainably.

      Avanzar Health stands out with profound expertise across 15+ specialties, including Cosmetic Surgery, IVF, Bariatrics, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Oncology, Dentistry, Neurology, Ophthalmology. Each specialty demands a unique marketing touch; we understand and cater to these nuances, ensuring tailored strategies for precise audience targeting.

      At Avanzar Health, we prioritize a holistic marketing approach. With us, you get a dedicated partner overseeing every facet: website management, digital strategies, medical content creation, reputation oversight, patient interactions, and retention. Ensure comprehensive care for your brand while you care for your patients.

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          Marketing a Cosmetic clinic requires a digital marketing strategy that helps promote the clinic. It includes creating an online presence on prominent platforms, adding and maintaining important NAP details, publishing relevant medical content and running helpful Ads. 

          Each goal such as increasing online traffic, building a following online, converting online impressions into footsteps to the clinic or acquiring new patients, requires a well-planned promotion schedule. 

          Increase patient knowledge through creating helpful content about Cosmetic procedures, expand visibility through running ads and boosting social media posts and build organic trust by working on SEO on top of encouraging reviews.

          Plastic Surgeons can use online channels to build profiles and generate brand awareness. It includes posting content on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook covering various informative topics like explainers of plastic surgery procedures like brow lifts, rhinoplasty, or hair transplants. 

          Or interesting topics like myth-busting, common knowledge about surgeries and best practices for excellent recovery. All this helps you establish a following to promote your clinic and build your trust and reputation. You can also collaborate with other prominent doctors for panel discussions or through guest posts on reputable websites.

          How Avanzar Can Help in Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons?

          Digital Marketing and all its components may seem complex and time-consuming. But with the proper guidance for a robust digital marketing strategy, you can achieve most of your goals as a Cosmetic Surgery clinic. Partner with Avanzar Health for all your digital marketing needs. 

          Our expert team delivers a full digital marketing strategy to achieve your goals encompassing web design, SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, local SEO or pay-per-click advertising. 

          Our past work with 20+ cosmetic surgery clinics in the past 7 years has made us privy to patient preferences, the best use of an online channel and the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. The clinics have been from Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Thane, and Navi Mumbai cities. 

          Navigate the digital landscape with our skilled team, who can guide your strategy to gain potential patients, build trust and credibility and create a strong presence online.