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    Leaders in Healthcare & Doctor Marketing

    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Optimizing your Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) is helpful for Cosmetic Surgeons to attract new audiences. It helps potential clients contact you effortlessly, find you when they look for your service, and build trust and reputation online. 

      Google processes about 8.5 billion searches per day. This search engine processes a substantial number of queries. Hence, optimizing your Cosmetic clinic’s business profile becomes necessary to reach your desired audience. Learn how to do so as a Cosmetic Surgeon and work towards keeping it updated, using it to engage with visitors and becoming a trustworthy clinic.

      Why GMB is Important for Your Cosmetic Surgeon Business?

      Increase Visibility on Result Page

      For local service search queries, Google displays the business page of services on its results page. It is a perfect opportunity to stand out from other competitors. Google usually shows the top-ranking profiles, and these profiles become more attractive to the searcher. Hence, utilizing optimization techniques to improve rank becomes necessary. 

      Build Trust for Acquiring New Patients

      The presence of a business profile with reviews and interactions lends credibility and trust to your clinic. People looking around for Cosmetic Surgeons rely on patient reviews online as there are low chances of being recommended a doctor by friends or family. It is because few people are comfortable sharing having undergone Cosmetic surgery. Hence, looking at reviews and ratings in your profile helps people trust your skills, work and facilities. 

      Customer Engagement

      You can engage with potential clients through your business profile. You can answer basic queries that clients ask under the Q&A section. Other than that, you can also respond to the reviews of your Cosmetic clinic. You can also access the Chat feature and directly connect to potential clients. Your posts can help update customers on new happenings at your clinic. 

      Understanding Searches and Modifying for Better Results

      With a business profile, you can access Analytics to help you improve and customize your posts. You can find relevant keywords people search to visit your profile. Data visible are the queries that led people to your profile, the number of unique profile visits, direction requests and other relevant details. It can help you modify and include the correct keywords or add pictures and bridge gaps in information.

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      The Right Way of Setting Up Your Google My Business Profile

      Setting up your business profile in the correct way is necessary. It includes taking steps to set your profile correctly. And customize it based on your unique needs as a Cosmetic surgeon to display relevant information. 

      Claim Your Business/Clinic and Verify

      You can get started by claiming your pre-existing business profile on Google for your clinic. Or you can start by making your profile by stating relevant information like name, category and location of your clinic. 

      It takes some time to confirm your access by verifying your profile. Later, you can then add owners and managers to your account and update relevant information. 

      Add Business Information and Description

      The most pertinent information on your profile remains the Name, Address and phone number (NAP). Keep them updated and accurate at all times. You can also add other information like business hours and link your website. 

      Business Description is an excellent way to add details like year of establishment, doctors’ information and clinic accolades. Completion of profiles is meaningful because completed profiles are believed to be twice as reputable as those not completed

      List Your Services

      Based on category, you can customize and add all services you provide. As a Cosmetic Surgeon, you can list your procedures like Botox, breast reduction, lip augmentation, facelift etc. It will help Google recognize your business as relevant to a user query. And give more information to profile visitors. 

      Add Quality Photos

      Pictures are essential to most visitors. Those visiting your business profile may have anxiety about your clinic, its services, and its results. You can add pictures on your Google Business Profile that showcase the facilities at your clinic and helps ease their mind. 

      However, don’t neglect community guidelines before posting updates or under photos. Business profiles with pictures receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps than those without photos.   

      Enable Chat

      Chat Messaging is a quick way to ask for information from your clinic. You can enable chat so that visitors can reach out for queries. It also allows you to share pictures in reply to questions about surgery results or for further information. 

      It is helpful when you cannot share some images due to content guidelines. Do ensure that you reply promptly and help through messaging.  

      Why Accurate Business Info Matters?

      Business information must always be accurate and updated to avoid confusion. Business profiles are dynamic and display information relevant to the search query. 

      Accurate business information helps to maintain NAP consistency, avoid confusion to clients and search engines, relay the correct business hours and smoothly handle multiple locations. 

      Maintain NAP Consistency

      Name, Address and Phone Number are the most integral information about your clinic. Any discrepancies in this information hamper your chances of being on the results page. 

      Because the search engine wants to display relevant and correct information only. Hence, in any instance where your info is on the internet, edit and change it to the most updated one. 

      Avoid Confusion for Clients

      If fundamental information is different at various instances on diverse platforms, then clients may be confused. It may make your clinic look unreliable and difficult to contact. Make it easy for clients to find you. 

      If they can make calls to you and find the address from Google Maps, you can set your Cosmetic clinic apart from the rest. 

      Relay Correct Business Hours

      Business Hours information on your profile helps potential clients plan their visits or appointments. Maintaining constant consultations each month is critical to Cosmetic Surgeons. 

      The time from consultation to the procedure may be long, and some may not wish to undergo the procedures later. So, displaying accurate opening hours will encourage visitors to drop by.

      List Specific Information for Multiple Locations

      If you operate in different locations, the importance of precise information immensely increases. Write the separate address and contact information for each clinic. Other inconsistent information may be the clinic facilities and opening hours, so mention these accurately.

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      Engaging Your Audience with GMB Posts and Updates

      Client engagement helps to retain clients, attract potential clients, and promote new procedures. Engage with your audience by making posts, replying to reviews, and sharing updates helps your business profile. Events offers, and clinic updates are best published through posts. 

      Making Engaging Educational Posts

      Cosmetic Surgery procedures are increasing, but not every procedure is well known to the public. Making posts that explain them, their benefits and the expected results helps potential clients make decisions. 

      Post them with visual aids that will help them envision the changes. Publish explainer posts for complex plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty or inform about new technologies exclusively available at your clinic. 

      Promote Events and Discounted Offers

      You can promote events to profile visitors. It may be the release of your cosmetic products, the start of a new clinic or other community events. Discounted offers can encourage potential clients to try a procedure for the first time. 

      The discounts may attract clients for minimally invasive procedures like botox, chemical peels or laser hair removal. 

      Post Regularly for Continuous Engagement

      If you are a new clinic, posting consistently will help promote yourself. Give weekly updates on the happening of your clinic. An active profile will make you seem trustworthy to the client. And search engines will see your business profile as a functioning business. 

      Post Updated Relevant Information

      You can post updates about any change in timings, planned holidays or additions of support staff and doctors at the clinic. You can also add updated clinic photos when you make changes in interiors or add new technology or facilities to your clinic.

      Reviews and What People Say About You

      Reviews hold a lot of importance in any facility. Cosmetic Surgeons receive low referrals from doctors and lack word-of-mouth advantages from prior patients. So, showcasing online reviews becomes necessary. 

      Encourage Reviews and Ratings

      Skimming through reviews on your profile is a quick and easy method to determine reliability. Hence, encourage your patients to post reviews that can be helpful to potential clients. 

      These ratings can also influence your ranking on Google searches. At the end of the procedure or during post-operation checkup encourage your patients to post reviews and direct them to your business profile. 

      Responding to Reviews

      You should respond to positive reviews with gratitude. Also, respond to negative reviews professionally and assure them of correcting and rectifying their complaints. 

      Responding to reviews helps you look active and encourages others to reach out through chat or the website. Do monitor for false or fake reviews and flag them. 

      Building Trust

      Reviews on your business profile will help lend credibility to your clinic. Those wishing to undergo Cosmetic surgery do proper research on doctors. 

      Reviews help them decide to trust your clinic based on the experiences of prior clients. After they feel that your clinic is trustworthy, they move ahead with an appointment for consultation.

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      Example of an Optimized GMB Profile for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Optimized profiles will inspire better trust in a client base and have better placement in search results. The higher your rank, the more organic traffic you can secure for your clinic. 

      Take a step closer to an optimized profile by listing all services, adding photos, completing all information, and showcasing special attributes.   

      Listing Cosmetic Services

      Category-specific features are available on your business profile. These customization features on GMB profiles will help you expand more information on your Cosmetic Surgery clinic. 

      Posting a list of all Cosmetic Services available makes it easy for customers to assess if they contact you. It is also great for the search engine to recognize your clinic as a relevant result for search queries. 

      Add Photos and Videos

      Many clients are particular about the environment, facilities and cleanliness level of the clinic. With photos and videos, potential clients may feel comfortable about your services and facilities for procedure and recovery. 

      A video tour of the clinic will put the anxieties of potential clients aside. A listing with photos and videos has 35% more click-throughs to their website than other listings without them

      Make Contacting Easy

      Lessen the steps one must take to get appointments with your Cosmetic clinic. Adding a ‘Book An Appointment’ button or ‘Call’ button on your profile makes contacting convenient. Use action buttons instead of number stuffing on your updates and posts.   

      Add As Much Information

      Adding as many details as possible helps inform the search engine and potential clients to recognize all your facilities. You should highlight things that may set you apart from competing Cosmetic Surgeons. 

      Clients researching Cosmetic Surgeons don’t mind travelling some distance for a good clinic. Hence, a notable feature at your clinic may become the differentiating factor.


      Additional GMB Features for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Display Special Attributes

      Google Business Profiles help you add details like amenities, women-led businesses, gender-neutral bathrooms or wheelchair accessibility. Sometimes details such as this impact a client’s decision to choose a clinic.  

      Automize Chat Replies for Queries and Bookings

      Add an introductory message and some automated responses. It will help potential clients get some answers before you can address them. Automate responses for some basic questions like getting to the booking platform or help with accessing the website for further information on Cosmetic procedures. It will also lower the time it takes to get back to a query. 

      Add Answers to Common Questions

      The questions-and-answer part of the business profile can answer some frequently asked questions. Answering them clears doubt of an individual client. 

      These can include questions regarding the necessity of taking appointments, whether walk-in patients are welcome, whether they do a specific procedure or about payment methods and insurance acceptability. 

      And it also helps future visitors to your profile. This part of the profile also contributes to SEO for your ranking on the results page.

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      GMB For Cosmetic Surgeons: Do’s and Don'ts

      Setting up your business profile and maintaining it contributes to a positive effect on your clinic. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can help you optimize your profile. 

      Do respond promptly, post success stories as clinic updates, and monitor changes. Don’t fail to keep information updated at all times, overuse keywords or flout the content guidelines.

      Do’s for GMB for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Do Respond Promptly: The Chat service on the GMB profile is a fantastic way to get in touch quickly and interact one-on-one to answer queries and clarify doubts. However, Google can deactivate chat if you don’t respond within a prompt time frame. Hence, only opt for the Chat option if you can manage queries through this channel. You can’t ask for sensitive information, but you can add them to your newsletter or get in touch through contact information later. Automate some replies to common questions to provide quick help.
      • Post About Patient Success Stories: Other than reviews, you can post about successful stories. These updates will help visitors have an in-depth look at Cosmetic procedure results. Post visible results from procedures like hair transplant, rhinoplasty or chin implants as posts. New posts like this as updates will supplement your limited offers or discounts. Google doesn’t approve Ads using before-and-after pictures or focused look at a disease or health issue. Posts are a way to showcase some of that as educational content unless content guidelines like nudity are transgressed. 
      • Do Monitor Changes in Details: There is the possibility that other people or competitors attempt to make changes to your profile or make edits. Hence, monitor your profile regularly for any discrepancies and update them quickly. Not correcting may lead to doubts and confusion.
      • Do Share Accounts from Other Platforms: Share your profiles from other platforms, especially social media. It lets a potential client follow you and stay connected. Your content from that platform may help them trust your work and go ahead with you for surgery.

      Don’ts for GMB for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Don’t Use Keywords in Names: Always use the accurate name of your clinic. You may have difficulty getting verification if you use keywords or other phrases in the clinic name. It is against Google’s guidelines and may lead you to begin optimization efforts all over again. Don’t include location if it isn’t in the legal name of your Cosmetic Clinic.
      • Don’t Use Stock or Fake Photos: As photos attract more audience, don’t resort to posting fake or stock photos. Most of the time, the intended audience can recognize them as fake. Or they may be disappointed if the clinic isn’t the same when they visit. Fake photos of before-and-after Plastic Surgery results in the posts create false promises and expectations. Maintain authenticity and only add real pictures to your profile.
      • Don’t Overuse Keywords: Keywords are the best method to attract organic traffic. However, overusing them may make your posts, descriptions, and replies look inauthentic. Create posts for an audience and make them knowledgeable and helpful to them. Rather than excessively trying to optimize using Keyword Research. 
      • Don’t Flout Google Guidelines: There are guidelines about posting and managing your business profile. And as a healthcare provider, there are additional rules about posts and pictures on GMB. Ensure that you follow guidelines concerning clinic information, images to post, and ads. You may be penalized by not showing up on the result page or may have your profile suspended.

      Handling Multiple Locations

      Having multiple locations of clinics requires meticulous handling of your online presence. You must follow the rules laid down by Google for publishing details of multiple locations. And separate the information to avoid confusion for clients. 

      Create a Business Group

      You can manage your different locations by creating a business group. You must list each location separately and provide differing information such as address, contact information and opening hours. Making a group will help you make changes across various locations and manage them comfortably. 

      Verify the Listings

      Complete the verification process before you can manage the listings and interact with customers. If you have 10+ profiles, you can also request bulk verification. It makes the process easier to handle. But below that, you need to verify them individually.

      Always List Contact Information Separately

      You should always try to list the information of the locations separately. Including in any other instance on the internet and at places like your website. It will help search engines and your clients avoid confusion. 

      Mention Doctors Available at Separate Locations

      Always list the location of doctors. People often want to make appointments or get operated on by a specific doctor. For Cosmetic Surgery, many don’t shy away from travelling some distance for better results. Hence, listing doctor availability at each clinic will help the potential clients plan and decide better.

      Feeling uncertain about GMB? Reach out for clarity and confidence!

      Success Stories of Cosmetic Surgeons Businesses with GMB

      Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery

      Dr. Cat’s business profile is a well-optimized one that helps her rank high. She has filled in all relevant information and has many reviews. She highlights that it is a women-owned business and has diligently answered questions relaying information. 

      Her updates are a combination of educational posts, clinic pictures, and some before and after images of Cosmetic procedures that encourage people to make an appointment and contact her clinic. 


      Wave Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Laser

      Wave serves the Los Angeles area and has over 250 reviews on its business profile. They also respond to the reviews they receive. They list the many services their clinic provides and add pictures that can be what profile visitors may look for. 

      They use their latest updates to share educational information on Cosmetic procedures and promote limited-time deals and discounts to attract new customers. 

      Zuckerman Plastic Surgery

      Zuckerman Plastic Surgery serves New York and nearby areas. They have many reviews on their profile and use the Chat function to talk with potential clients. They usually respond to Chat messages within an hour, which is a great response time. 

      They highlight wheelchair accessibility and amenities at their clinic. And lists out the services available at the clinic. 

      The Plastic Surgery Group

      The Plastic Surgery Group serves London and nearby areas. They have over 250 reviews and respond to them. They have pictures of their clinic on their profile that will help people look at the facilities and amenities available. 

      They respond to chats within a day and encourage visits to their website for further information on services. They also have clear information on planning and requiring appointments before visiting.

      Other Services

      E- Mail campaigns

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      Medical Content Writing

      Boost your online brand presence with medical & informative content to attract & educate patients.

      Pre Visit Patient Forms

      Get to know your patient before their visit to clinic by online Pre-Visit Patient Form.

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          Google is strict with its rules about managing business accounts. It requires one profile to be built for one distinct business. You should refrain from creating separate accounts if your Cosmetic clinic at a particular location is one single entity. 

          Google encourages using legal names and distinct information for listing separate locations. Not following this may lead to the suspension of your account. 

          Your Cosmetic clinic may allow multiple people to manage your business profile. You need to add them as owners or managers. There are limitations on the actions that a manager or owner can take. Hence, add managers after careful consideration. 

          Adding managers will help you allocate work for someone to reply to reviews, answer queries in chat or update information. All these are important to rank high as a Cosmetic Surgery clinic on Google search results.

          How Avanzar Can Help Your GMB Profile Shine?

          Your business profile is an excellent channel to boost visibility and acquire new clients. However, it requires dedication to get started by filling in details, maintaining updated information, and posting updates on the regular. And then growing your profile by optimizing your business profile and evolving it for these benefits is doable by partnering with the expert team at Avanzar Health. 

          Our experienced team have worked with 20+ cosmetic surgery clinics in the past 7 years. As a medical service provider, there are guidelines and rules to abide by in digital spaces. We help you make the best of your business profile without being held down due to complexity. We are your partners for building a substantial online presence that will help your clinic increase visibility, acquire new clients, and build trust and reputation.

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