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“We Are India’s Top Healthcare Marketing Agency.”

Our clients include many Multi-speciality Hospitals. Nursing Homes, Speciality Clinic Chains, Doctor owned clinics, and Healthcare Startups.

“We Are India’s Top Healthcare Marketing Agency.”

Our clients include many Multi-speciality Hospitals. Nursing Homes, Speciality Clinic Chains, Doctor owned clinics, and Healthcare Startups.

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We understand Doctors. We understand Patients. And a lot in-between them.

We are a 25-member, healthcare marketing experts team, working solely with Multispeciality Hospitals, Speciality Clinics, and Doctors. Doing what we know best, connecting hospitals and clinics with 1000’s of new patients everyday, for the last 5+ years.

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Reduction in organic bounce rates from 65% to 37%
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Top ranked 800 bed Multispeciality Hospital in Hyderabad

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India’s top Dental Clinic chain with 120+ clinics

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Leading Home Healthcare Company across 5 cities

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    Healthcare Digital Marketing in Mumbai is growing at a very rapid speed in every sector and field. Today, digital marketing is required in every service sector because of the immense popularity and easy approaches of customers.Therefore marketing healthcare services in Mumbai is very much needed to attract potential customers. In today's era, customers are more active on apps and websites and approach digital platforms to make healthcare choices. That is why it is essential to follow up with the latest digital marketing approaches to keep your organization popular and accessible for the customers. 

    There are five major reasons why healthcare digital marketing in Mumbai has become so important for healthcare platforms. All these points are listed below:

    1) Mobile accessibility of customers: In the present times, over two billion people own a smartphone. Even physicians, dentists, doctors, surgeons and all other healthcare officials use the means of social media to drive the attention of customers. Customers are also inclined to social media platforms to find the solutions to every problem. Therefore digital marketing in the healthcare industry in Mumbai is mandatory for the doctors as well as the customers.

    2) Various digital channels and platforms: Digital marketing is growing rapidly on a daily basis. Most of the medical clinics use healthcare marketing companies in Mumbai to do their advertising, promotion and attracting the audience. So it is very imperative to use the platform of digital marketing.

    3) High demand for healthcare applications: These days, the customers are more dependent on their user experience on various digital platforms. With this, the demand and need for new and innovative healthcare applications have also increased. Therefore, it is required for the healthcare sector to come up with new marketing strategies that will result in the development of the healthcare sector.

    4) Healthcare marketing websites drive huge traffic: In today's times, web search is the most widely used approach by patients to discover and find healthcare clinics and centres. Today, 94% of the customers rely on online reviews and comments of a particular clinic. Websites and internet search drives more traffic and audience to healthcare clinics. Also, 88% of the total appointments are made online by the patients as they find the online mode more comforting and convenient.

    Today the digital marketing system is growing tremendously in every sector. Nowadays, people are more aware of their health and overall well being than they have ever been. Individuals download multiple apps for weight loss and other health benefits. Also, they approach the online platforms to talk to doctors and physicians and also to know more about their health conditions and diseases. This rapid dependence on digital marketing for hospitals in Mumbai provide people with more benefits, and some of these points are discussed below:

    1) Thorough knowledge of customers: In the current scenario, people approach different websites to do their research about their health problems, symptoms, and even solutions. Therefore, even before visiting the doctor, they are well informed about the disease and have a thorough understanding of the problem as well as its remedy.

    2) People prioritize digital channels over traditional channels: Since digital marketing is setting examples in every field, healthcare is not excluded. Customers are more active on social media, mobile apps and digital ads as well. Thus, the traditional channels have become lesser in demand.

    3) The outstanding results of Search Engine: Lately, people are using search engines for their overall health problems. Around 77% of the patients prefer to use search engines before even booking any appointments with the doctor. Search engines are a digital way to drive audience and traffic to your sites. It attracts around three times more visitors to the hospitals or clinics than the total number of visitors from any other referral sites. According to the studies, 44% of the total number of patients schedule their appointments after doing research about a hospital site on the internet. 

    4) A large number of benefits to the healthcare industry: Healthcare industry is one of the topmost leading industries in the world. It is growing at a very fast speed in the entire world. Due to its increasing approach, the healthcare industry can take numerous benefits from the platform of digital marketing.

    Following are some of the top trends in digital marketing for healthcare services-

    1. Consumers are active researchers - There is no doubt that consumers now research a lot before choosing a doctor. So this means that doctors and consumers both prefer using the internet to seek a second option. The Healthcare sectors have now converted themselves into a collaborative industry where the consumers fetch several choices before making a final decision. So digital marketing can be a great way to satisfy people’s requirements.
    2. Digital channels now dominate traditional marketing - Digital marketing has now been introduced to every single industry, including healthcare. For the last few years, digital marketing has taken an enormous leap forward where the healthcare sectors like biotech, medical, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical are benefitted with mobile apps, social media, and even digital sales. So digital promotions can prove to be very useful to target the consumers. The digital marketing areas, like social media and mobile apps, are actively contributing to this channel. 
    3. Healthcare marketers targeting consumers - Like every single sector, there are diverse consumers present in the healthcare industry. Digital marketers in the healthcare sector are currently targeting people based on their products and services rather than focusing on the name, location, company name, and demographics. The primary aim of digital marketing in healthcare is doctors because they still recommend using specific products and services. But the demand for decision making is diminishing on the doctor’s end, probably because the consumers are making their own decisions. So to have a better focus, both the doctors and the digital marketers must also focus on the consumers. 

    Digital marketing has now transformed various sectors in multiple ways, like viewing advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. It is, therefore, the best choice to transfer traditional marketing techniques into some engaging digital marketing trends irrespective of sectors. 

    At present, people do not follow doctors blindly. They have now become more health-conscious and aware than ever before. Digital marketing is boosting and advertising several products and services across various platforms through apps, websites, blogs, and even social media. With the increase in developments in the IT sector, digital marketing has now embraced almost every industry, and the healthcare industry is hugely benefitted from this symbiotic professional relationship between digital marketers and healthcare professionals. 

    Digital marketing encompasses social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and even mobile marketing. The healthcare industry should, however, worry about digital marketing because it is an efficient and reasonable way of marketing their services than any other traditional method. So, following are some of the healthcare digital marketing strategies that can help you -

    1. Search engine marketing (Paid Marketing)- There is a sudden increase in the number of people who are browsing their internet to find an appropriate answer for their issues. So now, companies employ search engine marketing that includes pay per click, which designates ad spaces within search engines. There is no doubt that this is one of the best strategies to rank yourself as number one on the list. The best thing is you will get paid for every single click on the ad.
    2. Social media marketing- Every day, more and more people are becoming active over the internet and, of course, on social media. Now at present, several social media platforms are practicing the “word of mouth” technique for marketing healthcare. So it is true that social media here plays a compelling role, so it is essential to maintain the best online reputation. Facebook makes this entire process very straightforward, where you can add reviews directly on your website.
    3. SEO or Search Engine Optimization- SEO is the process of ranking higher in search engine results, but you must ensure that your site is mobile responsive. Credit goes to the advancements of mobile communication technology for which a significant number of people are connected through the web through their mobile. These people are not just expecting information, but they also want a great user experience while surfing the website from their mobile phone.

    In order to run a successful business, there are many risks and challenges involved with it. Likewise, in the field of the medical sector also, there are many challenges and risks to face. All these challenges include the tasks of attracting more customers to your clinic, to increase your brand popularity among people, what should be the strategy and approach to drive traffic on social media and much more. To eliminate all these challenges and complications, you must need to have a medical marketing agency to advertise your services with the entire world.

    Avanzar Healthcare is a platform for digital marketing for hospitals in Mumbai. It gives a solution to all those healthcare industries who want to grow on the social media platform. We are a reputed healthcare digital marketing agency in Mumbai, which is there to help you and work with you to increase your digital presence in the market. At Avanzar Healthcare, we think like a patient to establish a patient-centred strategy for the benefit of your medical industry. We ensure to provide you with the best strategy so that your industry can achieve higher customer engagement, the rapid increase in demand, higher satisfaction level from customers and progressive patient care. Our agency makes sure to provide all these facilities with a much lower marketing cost.

    At Avanzar Healthcare, we are trying to bring a change in the overall medical sector. Our main focus is to dedicate ourselves for the betterment of the healthcare industry. We are a healthcare digital marketing agency in Mumbai who work together with medical professionals, clinics, various pharmaceutical brands and also hospitals to overcome and solve the problems and challenges of the modern digital healthcare system. Our main job is to come up with a deep scientific understanding along with new creative digital ideas to deliver the best services to various healthcare campaigns and centres so that we are able to provide help and assistance to those medical facilities which are in need and want more exposure and identification by the audience.

    Therefore, at Avanzar Healthcare, we come up with the latest marketing ideas for the medical units to drive the audience to their clinics and websites. We ensure to use digital marketing as a source to advertise and market your industry so that the audience will be attracted. We, as a healthcare marketing agency in Mumbai promise to serve our clients in the most effective manner.

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