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      Facebook for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Facebook marketing can be a significant part of a Cosmetic Surgeon’s digital marketing strategy. Use this article as a guide to optimize or start your journey with a business page on Facebook. And to jump into running Ads and posting content to solidify your presence. 

      India has the highest number of Facebook users and is among the top three countries for active user growth. Using Facebook, Cosmetic Surgeons can reach out to a large user base, post informative content to build trust and help increase discovery and traffic of your clinic. Learn more about optimizing your page, the kind of content to post and Ads to run through this article.

      Facebook Marketing Challenges Faced by Cosmetic Surgeons

      Increased Reliance on Digital Channels

      There has been a rise in looking for medical practitioners from the internet. This rise, especially since the pandemic, makes creating an online presence necessary. 

      Digital Channels require dedicated time to update information accurately, publish relevant content, interact with the community, and encourage appointments. 

      Cost of Acquiring Patients from Digital Channels

      Cost attached to running Ad campaigns can add up. However, they are essential to digital marketing because of their advantages, such as increasing visibility and giving quicker results. As more Cosmetic Surgeons move towards digital channels, the competition and cost continue to rise. 

      Low Repeat Patients

      Cosmetic Surgery has a low number of repeat patients. Hence, promoting to a new audience becomes necessary. Clients are also likely to take time from the first consultation to surgery. 

      Gaining appointments every month through digital channels requires consistent effort in posting content and spending money for Ads. 

      Small Catchment Area

      Most prefer to undergo surgery near their residence and not travel longer. So, accurately targeting nearby localities and areas of the city close to the clinic is most effective for growth. 

      It is possible to target potential clients accurately through location-based marketing via Ads. But even with Ads, your patient leads may be far away. It results in low conversion and can be a challenge for standalone clinics.

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      4 Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgeons Should Use Facebook?

      Cosmetic Surgeons can beneficially use many features of Facebook to their advantage. And undoubtedly a platform you shouldn’t miss out. It can help you increase visibility and direct that traffic towards your website. And post content that can build trust among the visitors by reflecting your abilities and successful prior work. 

      Increase Visibility to New Potential Clients

      Facebook has a large user base to whom you can promote your Cosmetic Surgery procedures. You can run campaigns to increase enquiries about your popular services like hair transplants, liposuction, or breast augmentations. Ads with goals to get leads can directly impact the footfall of your clinics.  

      Target Accurately

      Targeting is the most vital feature of running Facebook Ads. They are costly to run, but there is immediate ROI when advertising on Facebook. It is specifically because, through Ads, you are reaching out to those interested in your services and likely to convert. 

      The benefits are immense, and it helps you create more brand awareness as well. Recognize your potential clients for the service and segment your audience before running Ad campaigns. 

      Build Trust Through Visual Content

      There is a lack of referrals from doctors and prior patients for cosmetic and plastic surgery. With low recommendations, seeing is believing for most visitors to your Facebook profile. Post content like before-and-after pictures, videos, and treatment procedures to become trustworthy. 

      Although the algorithm doesn’t promote the content to feeds, potential clients often research before consulting a Cosmetic Surgeon. This content will inspire trust in your skills and knowledge. 

      Reach Locals

      There is low interest in travelling long distances for cosmetic procedures, especially non-invasive ones such as fillers that require constant upkeep. The local clientele is especially the target audience for aesthetic cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, laser hair removals, dermal fillers, or skin rejuvenation procedures. 

      Facebook can help you reach the local audience by targeting Ads to them. It helps significantly for special events or promotional events when starting your clinic.

      Facebook vs Instagram - Key Differences for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Facebook and Instagram are both platforms that are popular choices for creating an online presence. Both platforms are under Meta but have distinct differences in use, user base, profile formats and structure. It makes them beneficial for different things and affects how a Cosmetic Surgeon can capitalize on these differences. 

      User Base

      Facebook has a larger market share in India compared to Instagram. And both platforms are growing each year and gaining new users. Hence, a digital presence in these platforms and marketing efforts become crucial to the growth of Cosmetic Surgery clinics. 

      User Demographic

      Instagram has become a platform more appealing to a younger audience. Its user base above the age of 35 falls rapidly. Promote procedures popular among younger audiences, including lip fillers, Gynecomastia, Rhinoplasty, and acne scarring correction through dermabrasion. 

      Whereas, Facebook has a comparatively older audience. You can promote cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures like face lifts, Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) or liposuctions.  

      Type of Content

      Photos and videos are popular on both, but due to the format of the feeds, Instagram needs a picture or creative for every post. Your Facebook posts can be text only, although this isn’t recommended as visuals draw more attention.

      Your Instagram captions also cannot have clickable links except bio. But Facebook allows sharing text, clickable links, and creating photo albums and lets you write more descriptive clinic information than Instagram. 

      Create a gallery of cosmetic procedure results on Facebook for ease of access. Overall, Facebook’s business page is more elaborate than Instagram.   

      Ad Campaigns

      Both platforms allow Ads, but Facebook has more intricate and elaborate options for targeting and running Ads. Facebook Ads are also more flexible and even allow longer Ads than Instagram. 

      Because Instagram is a picture-sharing platform, quality static images Ads will work better on Instagram. If you want to run video Ads showcasing cosmetic treatment procedures and clinic tours, then a longer than a minute length on Facebook will be your best bet.

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      5 Most Important Things to Follow for a Successful Facebook Page for Cosmetic Surgeons

      A successful Facebook page divulges all essential details and contains informative and relevant Cosmetic Surgery content. It is optimized for credibility and gives easy access to information for potential clients. 

      Optimized Page

      Your Facebook page should be filled and optimized to look like a professional business page. Relevant details such as Name, Address and Phone Number should be accurate. 

      Other details like all the cosmetic services, opening timings and website info are just as important. List out your cosmetic surgery procedure details, providing information to visitors about your specializations and specialities. 

      Publish Relevant Content

      The Facebook algorithm isn’t helpful to get your content to reach a wider audience. It may be challenging to create a following in the beginning. However, creating a consistent posting schedule of relevant and educational cosmetic surgery content will help increase following with time. 

      For starters, you can also encourage prior clients to follow and review your page on Facebook. Look at Facebook Page Insights to understand your audience and what content resonates with them. 

      Use Reels and Videos

      Video content is a popular format and can be very useful in promoting cosmetic procedures. They allow the opportunity to show on video the results of cosmetic surgery. They contribute towards patient education and can also showcase the incredible results one can expect. 

      You can use reels to showcase body transformations and post-plastic surgery results throughout a patient’s journey. Especially in the cases of complete body enhancements like body contouring, Brachioplasty, liposuction or tummy tucks. 

      You can create a gallery of reels focusing on the steps of the procedure and what to expect as you recover from surgery.  

      Interact with Followers

      Increasing the interaction with followers helps form a community on Facebook. Interactions can also help push your content through the algorithm because comments, likes, and shares matter. Respond to queries in the reply sections and post conversation starters using polls. 

      Share posts that mention their positive experience with your clinic. Responding and replying is also an indicator of an active social media page, and it may lead to more queries and consultations at the clinic. 

      Boost Quality Content

      Excluding running video Ad campaigns, you can also boost quality posts from your timeline. Informative and engaging posts boosted to target local audiences will help gain potential clients as followers and increase traffic to your profile. 

      Boost posts based on your goals and choose to advertise to a local audience. Local marketing becomes crucial to a Cosmetic Surgeon’s Facebook marketing efforts.

      4 Types of Content Cosmetic Surgeons can Post to Drive Max Engagement on Facebook

      Content on your page matters as good quality posts and active interactions help a potential client gain confidence. 

      Post engaging content that creates conversation and enables followers to learn more about your work and treatment process. It can include treatment pictures, patient testimonials, video discussions of cosmetic procedures or live videos. 

      Before-And-After Pictures

      Having a complete view of the changes that cosmetic surgery can do are engaging posts. Some people want to see the results before they commit to any procedure. It also is an informative way to showcase the variety of surgery procedures and services you can provide. 

      Click good-quality post-op pictures and share a little about the Cosmetic procedure when you post. Most results of Cosmetic Surgery can be shared, but keep community guidelines in mind while posting results of breast augmentations, tummy tucks or liposuctions. 

      Patient Testimonials

      Most people may not be comfortable sharing their experiences after plastic surgery. However, do ask for reviews and post positive experiences of patients that consent. 

      You can also share posts or other client-made content with your followers. Use hashtags in your posts like #Transformation and others related to the surgery procedures. 

      Procedure Explainers

      Understanding how a surgery procedure works helps clear any myths about it. And it assists in avoiding anxiety about undergoing surgery. The best format for such explanations is videos. 

      You can do a quick reel highlighting the steps while at your clinic. It will also be a great example to see the facilities at your clinic. 

      Live Sessions

      Facebook Live can be an excellent method to connect to your followers. It helps you interact, and interested followers can also use it as an opportunity to query. Plan out and post interactive sessions ahead of time to make them accessible to most of your audience. 

      Add this event to your Facebook profile, and let the topic be known. You can also collaborate with other Cosmetic surgeons and do a panel discussing trending topics.

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      Anatomy of a Great Facebook Page for Cosmetic Surgeons

      An optimized Facebook Page is crucial for all Cosmetic Surgeons. Completing all information helps visitors readily access information. An active profile that comments and responds will increase trust and credibility in the eyes of a visitor. 

      Pick the Right Template

      Facebook pages allow customization to find what works for you. You can use the template to display all the necessary details and information your potential customer may seek. 

      Try out a few and preview them before finalizing the appropriate one. You can look for those that list your Cosmetic treatments so that your specializations are in the highlight and easy to find. 

      Complete Your Profile

      Your profile must list all relevant information like your Name, Address, Phone Number, work hours, link to your website, description, and services. Don’t forget to post your profile display picture and header. 

      Organize Your Page Tabs

      Page Tabs make it easy to navigate your Facebook page. You can edit the type of page tab you wish to display. Some popular ones include Videos, Photos, Reels, Services, Events and Shop. 

      Get Custom URL

      A user-friendly URL for your clinic helps others to find you. Make it related to your clinic name and one that is memorable. 

      Edit CTA Button

      You can customize the Call-to-Action button visible at the top of your profile. Use it to your benefit and edit it to choose your preferred contact method for an appointment. 

      It will urge visitors to reach out to you and make it easy to make a query or consult. It helps to add a direct call button or when you use other platforms like WhatsApp. 

      Manage Reviews and Comments

      Responding to and managing reviews and comments is part and parcel of having a social media presence. Allow visitors to review as it increases credibility and aids in attracting new patients. 

      But be sure to respond to queries and negative reviews. Use this to connect and engage with your audience. 

      Use Relevant Keywords

      Keywords are significant for SEO. Use relevant keywords in your profile in spaces such as the ‘About Us’ section of your profile. It will help search engines find your profile and register them as relevant to a search query. 

      Include your specialization of facial surgery, aesthetic surgery or reconstructive surgery. And the location of the area you serve.

      Are Facebook Ads Suitable for Cosmetic Surgeons? When to Use them?

      Facebook Ads are a popular method to advertise your clinic. They have many advantages such as targeted marketing and analytics, markedly different from traditional marketing. 

      Cosmetic Surgeons can promote on Facebook using the many kinds of Ads to gain visibility, host events, and generate leads. 

      Increase Visibility for New Clinic

      When you are just starting, you may not have prior clients to build a following. Facebook Ads for your Cosmetic Surgery clinic that advertise your opening may help you gain a following and lead to some appointments. 

      Generating leads should be your objective for such campaigns. You can run a video ad for your clinic showcasing facilities and the surgical treatments available. 

      Urge them to sign up for promotional events, check your website for further details, or message and follow you on Facebook for queries. 

      Popularize Events

      If you plan events such as launching a cosmetic line or starting a new skin treatment, Facebook Ads can help promote them to an interested audience. And also target locals who may be likely to attend due to their proximity to your clinic. 

      The Ad objective for such a scenario is engagement to increase event responses. And help to make your event a success by generating interest and improving attendance. 

      Target Potential Customers

      Potential customers likely to convert include those following your account or interacting with your ads. It will drive an increase in appointments. 

      You can also target broadly by letting Meta advertise to others by finding more people like them. Use mobile-friendly video ads and direct the traffic to your website for conversion.

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      Facebook Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Do’s and Don'ts

      Facebook Marketing encompasses a variety of features and their distinctive uses. It can be a complicated platform, so here are some baseline do’s and don’ts that can help get you started. 

      Keep your focus on creating an optimized profile and keeping up with interactions. And avoid actions that look unprofessional and create negative perceptions.

      Do’s for Facebook Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Do use Hashtags

      For posts on your feed utilising hashtags is the best method to gain visibility. Relevant hashtags can be beneficial in helping a searcher find your content. However, refrain from excessive use and stick to relevant and specific ones. 

      Do Respond Promptly on Messenger:

      If you use Messenger to promote Ads or communicate, respond promptly. Messenger is very beneficial to Cosmetic Surgeons, and also a method to market. 

      66% of adults online prefer messaging to communicate with businesses. Set up a messenger for your profile with automated responses and avoid delaying replies.

      Do Optimize for Mobile Viewing:

      About 98.5% of all users access Facebook through mobile. Although many of them must be using it through desktop as well, optimizing for mobile viewing is necessary. 

      Ensure your video content is mobile-friendly by trimming it to the optimal viewing length and cropping it to fit screens. Make Ad creatives using best practices that optimize them for mobile.  

      Do Experiment with Ads:

      Ads about health and wellness have strict guidelines. Close-up imagery of health issues and before-and-after pictures aren’t allowed. Hence, making effective and desirable creatives can be tricky and time-consuming. 

      You can try to create Ads including positive patient testimonials, and experiment with the images and audience. 

      Do Analyse Insights:

      Insights for your Ads, page, and posts should be your starting point. Page insights let you view information about your followers to help you decide what and when to post. 

      Post insights help you discover the kind of posts that are popular and gain attention and engagement. Ad analytics will help you ascertain if a campaign is achieving its goals and is worth spending money on.

      Don’ts for Facebook Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Don’t Forget Community Guidelines

      Strict guidelines concerning explicit imagery and nudity are in place on Facebook. Even though there are certain exceptions to posting surgery results, your post may be flagged. 

      Be cautious while posting and carefully censor before making the post. Procedures like breast augmentation, butt lifts or tummy tucks may be prone to breaking policies. 

      Don’t Over-promote

      Over-promotion can become a curse for your profile. Post a mixture of informative and knowledgeable posts and promote special events or discounted procedures between them. Over-posting promotional creatives can lead to a loss in follower’s interest. 

      Don’t Use Stock Images

      Your Facebook profile should feature authentic images and videos of your treatment and work. Graphic illustrations for explanation are fine, but posting stock images may decrease trust. It is important to remember what your potential audience is looking for and to post that. 

      Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback

      Do respond to feedback on your profile that may be negative. You can answer with the changes you have made or explain that you will work towards considering the feedback and improving service.

      Success Stories of Cosmetic Surgeons Using Facebook

      Nazarian Plastic Surgery

      Nazarian Plastic Surgery is the Facebook page of board-certified Plastic Surgeon promoting natural-looking Cosmetic treatments and surgery. Her posts include hashtags that set her apart from other Plastic surgeons. 

      You can use your page to create a unique promotional campaign to highlight your specialization. She posts various before and after pictures and videos discussing procedures and insights into the process. These include videos about facelifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations etc. 

      Dr. Paul Nassif

      Dr. Nassif’s page has quite the following and rating. He often posts patient testimonials and their transformation stories. These are usually updated after some 2-6 months post-operation. It helps the audience see the best result after the surgery has settled and how it heals. 

      It is perfect for many followers who may be worried about the long-term results of Cosmetic Surgery. He also creates occasional seasonal posts and personal updates from time to time. 

      Richmond Plastic Surgeons

      Richmond Plastic Surgeons use their Facebook page to share clinic information and feature their shop with skincare treatments. They often share patient testimonials in reels and post monthly special discounts concentrating on specific procedures and encouraging appointments. 

      They also update about their charity and donation drives. Their updates highlight the achievements of the doctors in their clinic. And include awards, conferences, and share patient before-and-after for individual doctors. 

      Centre For Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

      This Facebook page is for Dr Julian De Silva’s Clinic, and he specializes in facial treatments. His page has listed all relevant details, and his action button also includes the option to contact him through WhatsApp. 

      You can edit your profile similarly to add action buttons that meet your needs or preferred way of contact. His playlist includes elaborate video patient diaries covering facial surgery treatments like Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, chin implants and others. 

      In his video clips, he also covers informative topics like facial ageing, popular cosmetic treatments and the anatomy of the face.

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          You can run Facebook Ads by deciding Ad objectives, audience, and placement, setting a budget, and running your campaign. Ads help you connect to new audiences and advertise to interested potential clients. 

          Choose from the many formats such as Carousel Ads, Video Ads, Image Ads or Slideshow Ads. You can also boost your posts as Ads to reach audiences. 

          However, because of being in the healthcare industry, be cautious of the claims and content of your Ad. If your Ad campaign is flagged and rejected continuously, Facebook may block your account.

          As a plastic surgeon on Facebook, you need an optimized page and select the appropriate page category as Plastic Surgeon. Social Media Marketing on a platform like Facebook includes posting relevant posts, creating video content, using Ads to your advantage and interacting authentically with your audience. 

          Increase credibility and trust by requesting ratings and reviews. Keep the page updated and keep a posting schedule to continue being active.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your Facebook?

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