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    Leaders in Healthcare & Doctor Marketing

    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of marketing efforts for Cosmetic Surgeons. It will help your website and clinic rise in the organic results of a search engine. And consequently, due to the increase in internet use for finding healthcare, SEO can help increase visibility, drive traffic and boost trust in your clinic. 

      With over 8.5 billion searches daily on Google, using SEO to overcome competition can help you stand out. Investing in SEO services to create relevant medical content, implement best SEO practices on websites, and build backlinks are some ways to achieve the best outcomes.

      Common Challenges in SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

      High Competition from Aggregators

      SEO helps in visibility and contributes to your growth. However, there is tough competition from other Cosmetic Surgeons and aggregator websites. 

      Many aggregator websites like Practo, Medifee, RealSelf, and ClinicSpots make it harder to rank high on the result page. Targeting to rank on the first page of results will require patience and strategy. 


      The process of optimizing your website is lengthy and time-consuming. A new website can take up to 18-24 months to show up on the first page of results. Ranking on the first page will increase traffic and queries, but reaching there is a slow process. You have to employ the best SEO practices and gradually work towards achieving better results.  

      Increase in Cost of Acquiring New Patients

      As more and more searches are happening online, the cost to advertise and acquire new patients in the Cosmetic Surgery speciality is getting costlier. SEO is more cost-effective than other forms of Ads and services. But optimization and content creation also have costs. 

      Keeping Up With Algorithm Changes

      The algorithm for search engines and social media change. You need to monitor where your website or business profile ranks and make changes to maintain that position. Or your website may have been penalized and not ranking as it used to.   

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      5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgeons Should Invest in SEO?

      Investing in SEO will help alleviate some challenges while marketing your Cosmetic Surgery clinic. Investing time and budget in SEO increases the visibility of your clinic, gives you a better ranking on search results, and attracts local customers. It also has excellent ROI and boosts your reputation online. 

      Be Discovered by New Patients

      Google search is a fundamental source of information. As more people look for healthcare providers online, creating an online presence that reaches potential clients becomes necessary. 

      Many searchers click on the first few results, and their interest in the later results drops. Queries on mobiles show that the most clicks of about 28.5% for the first result displayed

      Improve Search Ranking for Multiple Procedures

      Search results are dynamic, and search engines try to find the most relevant result to any query. SEO will help you improve your search ranking as a Cosmetic clinic but also leave you space to work for better result ranking for every procedure. 

      A search query may precisely be about a chin implant, breast augmentation or blepharoplasty. Each search query is an opportunity to develop content that can lead potential clients to your website. 

      Attract Local Audience Through Local SEO

      Many start searching for a Cosmetic Surgeon from their city. It means searches such as ‘plastic surgeon near me’, ‘hair transplant clinic nearby’ or ‘botox in my city.’ Investing in local SEO means capturing the attention of the local audience. They are also more likely to step in for a visit or book consultation appointments. 

      Great Return on Investment

      Working for an SEO-optimized website and business profile may be time-consuming, but the return on investment is significant. Showing up high on results will surely increase calls, direct WhatsApp messages, and form fills. And the benefits of SEO last for an extended period. 

      Look Trustworthy

      Showing up on organic results makes your clinic look trustworthy and credible. SEO is the way to ensure this result for your clinic. Searchers may be wary of paid Ads but be more inclined towards organic results. 

      As more and more malpractice cases are known to the public, establishing your clinic as a legitimate, qualified, and safe place for Cosmetic Procedures becomes very important.

      SEO vs. Paid Advertising- Key Differences for Cosmetic Surgeons

      SEO and paid advertising have quite a few differences in their functionalities. Although both achieve similar goals of gaining visibility and increasing traffic, the process of starting them, the timeline for seeing results, and the cost vary. 


      Paid Advertising has quick results and can help you gain attention quickly. The optimization process for search engines takes time, and you can see results only after successful optimization. 

      However, it may take time to decide which Ad and what to state in it. But after this decision, you can start displaying it for your Cosmetic Surgery clinic. 


      If you are investing in Ads for your clinic and placing them on the results page, you can see them towards the top and mark them as an Ad. Or they are placed elsewhere and show up when you pay for them according to the types of ads. 

      However, when you are part of the organic results after SEO efforts, your clinic looks more trustworthy and credible to an audience. And it shows up only when someone searches for something related to your service.  

      Cost Effectiveness

      SEO is a long process and will cost you to reach the optimization. But once you have optimized it, it doesn’t cost you to be on the result page. Hence, it is cost-effective as compared to other Ads that you can run to acquire new patients or increase traffic. 

      Type of Work

      SEO needs work on your website when you start, and may need some updating if your ranks falls later on. However, displaying paid Ads is easy and quick. You only need to decide your budget and get started with them.

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      5 Most Important SEO Practices for Cosmetic Surgeons

      SEO practices beneficial to Cosmetic Surgeons include creating quality content, building backlinks, and working on On-page SEO. 

      In addition to these practices, comprehensive Keyword Research and making websites mobile-friendly contribute to better results. These practices majorly affect the ranking of your clinic and help build trust for your potential clients. 

      Publish Relevant Quality Content

      Publishing relevant content that will attract potential clients is crucial. To help this content reach its intended audience, SEO is necessary. However, ensure that this content on your website is of high quality and will be helpful by paying attention to the search intent of your potential client. 

      For Cosmetic Surgeons, content may include information about Cosmetic treatment, patient testimonials, skincare tips, plastic surgery facts and myths, information on the consultation process etc. 

      Comprehensive Keyword Research

      Keywords are suitable phrases that will help search engines find your content and display the same as a result of a query. Keyword research will help you ascertain which keywords attract potential audiences and search engines. 

      Short keywords like ‘plastic surgery’ have higher competition and are unlikely to help your ranking. But more specific long-tail keywords are less competitive. Google Keyword Planner and other keyword-generation tools help you discover and effectively use your content.  

      Building Valuable Backlinks

      Your Cosmetic Surgery clinic will benefit from building backlinks with reputable and authoritative websites. These boost the reputation of your clinic as trustworthy and acknowledged by peers in the industry. It also helps the search engine understand the relevance of your website and contributes to higher ranking. 

      Ensure that there are no errors or broken links that appear with time. India is also the 6th most preferred medical tourism destination. Reputation management is crucial as many of these patients search extensively online before consulting.

      Implement On-Page SEO

      You can do a lot to help your website become more effective and valuable to your marketing efforts. It includes website aspects such as title tags, meta descriptions, images, headers, URLs etc. 

      These helps search engines recognize your relevance and allow for a wide range of audiences. Your Cosmetic Surgery website must undergo On-page SEO to compete with other service providers and aggregators. 

      Mobile Friendliness and Easy Navigation

      Mobile searches have been increasing. Your website should be mobile-friendly to improve the user experience. Bad user experience hampers your chances on search engines. Hence, invest in making your website mobile responsive and make navigation easy and convenient for visitors. 

      In the UK mobile devices were used for 76% of the searches leading to a healthcare website as early as 2016. With the increase in penetration of the internet in India, it is also likely to mirror such data.

      When to Use SEO Services for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Seek SEO services for Cosmetic Surgeons when faced with tough competition in your industry. It is usually helpful while starting a new clinic and lacking time to optimize and produce quality content. After optimization, there is also a need for updating and keeping up with algorithm changes. 

      Facing Tough Competition

      Use SEO services when there is tough competition to increase the relevance of your content. It will give you the edge essential to increase traffic and attract new patients. Taking on such competition requires strategy and consistent implementation. 

      With over 8 Lakh aesthetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical taking place in India, increasing your number of patients is possible but requires implementing best SEO practices. 

      Updating and Keeping Up with Changes

      Your online content is at the mercy of algorithm changes to search engine algorithms. Thus, making changes and updating information on your website helps keep up with those changes. And update the most accurate information about your clinic and Cosmetic Surgery. 

      Starting a New Clinic

      When you institute a new Cosmetic Surgery clinic, building interest and getting clients into the clinic is tough. For new clinics, the groundwork for a valuable online presence that will attract new customers becomes necessary. 

      It will include optimizing your website and business profile. The optimization process can lend you trust and credibility but is time-consuming. 

      Lack of Time

      Relevant content for Cosmetic Surgeons includes explainers about Cosmetic procedures like liposuction, rhinoplasty or breast augmentation. And other content like information about achievements and clinic facilities, treatment procedures, consultation process and recovery timelines. 

      This content will be time-consuming to create and may not be the best use of a Cosmetic Surgeon’s time.  

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      SEO For Cosmetic Surgeons: Do’s and Don'ts

      SEO is a beneficial process, and there are some do’s and don’ts that have become basic while optimizing. Use this as supplementary guidance to your strategy that will be of help.

      Do’s for SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Do Use Long-Tail Keywords: Specific long-tailed keywords have lesser competition and more likelihood of boosting your ranking. For Cosmetic surgeons, it would be similar to ‘hair transplant in [name of your city]’, or ‘facelift surgeons in [name of your city]’. 
        They are valuable to ranking high and should feature in your content. Research for keywords through Keyword research tools, autocomplete suggestions, and determining what your potential client will be searching. 
      • Do Develop Backlinks from Reputable Websites: Search engines ascertain how trustworthy your website appears based on the backlinks you create. Write blog posts, feature in a podcast or join as panellists of well-known authoritative websites. In particular, if they are popular in the niche of healthcare and plastic surgery. Guest posting for reputable and authoritative websites can increase traffic to your website. It also lets Google know that your website is a relevant, reputable, and trustworthy resource for a search query. With more than 2,400 plastic surgeons and a steady increase in the number, backlinks can build your reputation compared to competitors.  
      • Do Optimize Images and Videos: Images on your website can be a significant attractor for people. Optimizing images includes using the Alt attributes, standard image formats and creating an image sitemap. It will help Google find the relevant images. As a Cosmetic Surgery clinic website, many visit your website to look at your clinic facilities and results. Give an insight through photos and videos. Google indexes videos as well, and it will engage visitors and increase search ranking.
      • Do Update Content and WebsiteUpdating content lets search engines recognize you have an active website. Posting some content on your website’s blog will also help rank. It also allows you to post some popular trending content featuring keywords. For Cosmetic Surgeons, this is when a treatment procedure gains popularity, and people start actively looking for it- such as facelifts and blepharoplasty. 
      • Do Pay Attention to Analytics: Looking at the analytics of visitors and pages contributing to increased traffic informs your strategy. Analytics help you decide where to invest your resources and time. And understand what keywords work and which will fail. Make informed decisions by aligning your goals with the results learned from analytics.

      Don’ts for SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Don’t Overuse Keywords: Keywords are an incredibly crucial part of optimization. However, overusing them makes your content look dull and repetitive. Publish relevant and helpful content for your potential clients, not just for the search engine to recognize.  
      • Don’t Neglect Mobile Responsive Design: The use of mobile to search for things has increased. Your website should always be accessible to those using mobile phones to look up clinics. And the page should load quickly. Interest in websites that take too long to load may drop. A good user experience puts you ahead of other websites for being a search engine result. Ensure your content is formatted to be easy to read on smaller devices. 
      • Don’t Disregard Google’s Policies: Your clinic’s website can be penalized for not following rules laid by the search engine. There are content guidelines that are especially strict for the healthcare industry, including Cosmetic Surgery. Disregarding these policies will lower your ranking and decrease visibility for your clinic. Aside from content policies, abiding by Ad and privacy policies is immensely importance. 
      • Don’t Forget Optimizing Written Content: Your content should be in a format that is easy to read and interesting for visitors. The more they explore your website, the more useful it looks to search engines. Other than using keywords, there are additional ways to optimize your content. Write for your potential client and create sub-headings and an appealing layout. Organize the topics separately for easy access. For example, you can create a section on Facial Procedures and write content for each sub-heading related to brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin surgery, facelift etc.

      Success Stories of Cosmetic Surgeons with SEO

      New York Group for Plastic Surgery

      The New York Group for Plastic Surgery has a website showcasing its credentials of presence on reputed rankings and journals. Their content covers information on the variety of services they offer and list the address and phone numbers of 4 of their clinics separately.  It is a necessary step for all Cosmetic Surgery chains to have clinics in various areas, helpful for both clients and search engines.

      Adam R. Kolker

      Their website also highlights the availability of scheduling a virtual consultation. They showcase their press appearances and link to other popular and reputable publications that have written about them.  Building backlinks with reputable websites having more traffic will also help your website gain benefits from them. Other than this, the website mentions it to be a New York clinic for keyword benefits.

      CG Cosmetic Surgery

      CG Cosmetic Surgery clinic highlights their area of service in Miami in their content and uses it for Local SEO purposes. It is a helpful addition other than mentioning it in the address and business profile.  They also write content and feature them in a section specifically for financing options and Out of Town patients. It is beneficial because Cosmetic and Plastic surgery patients don’t mind travelling for the best service and doctors.

      The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery

      The Swan have action buttons highlighting features that set them apart from other clinics, particularly the availability of Monthly Payments. This payment method may be just what someone looks for through search engines.  Their content also has many internal links that help guide visitors directly to the relevant page on their website. Like a page about surgery prices or a content page for facelifts or Botox.  

      HHC Clinics

      As they deal with skin, hair and vein treatments, they have extensive medical content about the procedures. They have easy navigation on the website and mobile access, which keeps visitors on your website for a longer time. And feature pages with simple FAQs and skin and hair advice that will increase traffic to their page.

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      Pre Visit Patient Forms

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          Yes, plastic surgeons can highly benefit by using SEO services. SEO can help their clinic achieve more prominence in search results, which helps increase traffic to your website and eventually helps to increase the number of consultations and patients. 

          Plastic Surgeons can also use SEO to establish the trustworthiness of their practice among the many unqualified practitioners in this loosely regulated field. 

          Plastic Surgery clinics can implement SEO practices like using keywords, building backlinks, producing relevant plastic surgery content, and updating information often. Plastic surgeons fail to get references from other doctors or patients. 

          Hence, using SEO to rank high in search results can help maintain a steady stream of consultations and patients for your clinic.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your SEO?

          SEO is the best way to achieve good long-term results and build trust and credibility online. But it needs time and excellent execution of a plan built with prior research about what works for a Cosmetic Surgeon. 

          We at Avanzar Health have worked with 20+ Cosmetic Surgery clinics in the past seven years. Many of these clinics serve cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. 

          We provide full digital marketing strategies customized to your unique needs per your goals, location, and circumstances. And assist with various aspects of your digital marketing efforts such as Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing, Local SEO or medical content creation, among other digital marketing solutions. 

          Be assured that you will see increased traffic, be discovered for new clients, and improve online credibility and growth for your clinic by creating a reliable partnership with our skilful team. 

          Take your cosmetic surgery practice to the next level with the magic of digital marketing! Learn how to make your online presence shine and attract more people interested in your services. Dive into the world of ‘Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons‘ now!