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    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      Instagram for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Instagram is a growing social media visually focussed platform that can be immensely beneficial for Cosmetic Surgeon’s marketing efforts. If as a Cosmetic Surgeon, you have queries about the uses, benefits, and strategy for Instagram, look no further. 

      Cosmetic Procedures are a rising industry, with a 60 per cent increase in cosmetic procedures between 2015 to 2020. Creating a presence online on Instagram becomes crucial to standing out from competitors and increasing awareness. Achieving the best result requires understanding the platform, using its features to increase visibility, and communicating to create a community.

      Marketing Challenges Faced by Cosmetic Surgeons

      High Competition

      Prior to undergoing cosmetic procedures, clients often shop around to find the right surgeon. Because most surgical cosmetic procedures are quite complex, clients don’t feel rushed and take their time to decide. 

      India contributes to 36.5 per cent of all Total Body and Extremities procedures. And this is only going to increase through the years. Promoting yourself to stand out from other plastic surgeons is vital.

      Necessity of Digital Channels

      Due to the nature of cosmetic surgery, most clients will be reluctant to share their experiences publicly. Word-of-mouth patient suggestions are few. Hence, when a potential client searches for a doctor, their online presence becomes the go-to material to look through. 

      Anonymous reviews supported by visual evidence in the form of before-and-after pictures become necessary. It helps educate patients about procedures and gives insight into the possible results of surgery. 

      Your online presence will help build trust and reputation, but maintaining it is time-consuming, costly and requires effort. 

      Low Repeat Clients

      Cosmetic surgical procedures have fewer repeat clients. Any client will only undergo these surgeries once or twice, so attracting new customers is crucial. There are also long gaps between consultation and clients deciding to undergo the procedure. 

      Maintaining traffic and interest by posting engaging content on online platforms is essential. Patient acquisition becomes an important goal in the growth of your clinic. 

      Inherent Difficulties of Marketing New Practice

      Starting a new practice comes with challenges like lack of referrals, low awareness, and few reviews. 

      Attaining new patients while beginning requires consistent marketing efforts to increase awareness and maximize conversion. Generating leads through all possible channels on the internet needs time and effort.

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      4 Reasons Why Should Cosmetic Surgeons Use Instagram?

      Instagram has features that can help plastic surgeons promote. You can use Ads to target accurately to increase conversion. And keep posting to maintain a good following of interested people to overcome the low referrals in this speciality. Instagram will also be especially helpful in marketing new clinics.

      Ability to Target Your Audience

      Unlike traditional marketing efforts that fail to reach your target audience, Instagram can run highly targeted ads. They have a higher return on investment (ROI) than standard ads. It gives better results by increasing traffic to websites and appointments. 

      And helping you reach out to potential clients. Identify your target audience by looking at data available on your Instagram profile, including post insights and follower demographic. 

      Maintain Constant Interest and Increase Traffic

      Cosmetic procedures, especially cosmetic surgery, are opted for after much thought. Hence, there is a need to keep a constant stream of consultations. Instagram posts also keep people interested and let people who may take their time remain in contact. 

      Post consistently and encourage appointments to see results in the clinic. Link your website to your profile and motivate followers to visit the website for further information. 

      Gain Trust for New Practice

      If you are opening a new practice, boosting posts about your opening and promotional events will help achieve visibility at the start. Instagram is the number one platform where individuals discover a new brand

      Reels and images of authentic results will improve your reputation. When they can see your work, it will inspire trust in your followers. 

      Overcome Low Referrals

      Reconstructive surgeries do have referrals from other doctors. However, cosmetic aesthetic surgeries are often elective surgeries with low referrals from other doctors. 

      There are rarely any recommendations from past clients as they may not be comfortable sharing having undergone cosmetic surgeries.  In such instances, a gallery of before and after pictures and informative pictures helps become a reference.

      5 Most Important Things to Follow for a Successful Instagram Cosmetic Surgeons Practice

      A successful Instagram needs a combination of things to be advantageous to cosmetic surgeons and appealing to followers. You need to start with a business account and optimize it to the most extent. 

      Further, you need to pay attention to your posts and reels. And increase engagement by encouraging user-generated content and sharing the same. 

      Create and Optimize Business Account

      Creating a business account helps you access special features on Instagram. Then, fill in the profile and optimize the same. Add the accurate Name, address, phone number and link to your website. 

      Take advantage of the bio feature to write a brief introduction using keywords. You can also use the hashtags to add location or specialization, such as #PlasticSurgeon or #CosmeticSurgeon. And add an action button that encourages followers to contact you. 

      Prioritize Video Content

      Video content as reels are popular on Instagram. Showcasing surgery results on video will also make your account more trustworthy. You can also add reviews or testimonials of your clients if they are willing to share. 

      Or post video content that improves patient education and is informative. Some other engaging video ideas are behind-the-scenes clips, fact checks and general skincare tips. 

      Post Engaging Content Regularly

      Your posts on Instagram should be regular but not excessive. Don’t post any content just for the sake of it because low-quality or unnecessary posts fail to impress followers. Try to keep up with trends other cosmetic surgeons are doing. 

      If you can’t post on the feed, utilize stories for short updates. Post all pictures or videos only after getting the consent of the patient.  

      Share Patient Content and Engage

      Engage with your audience and create engaging content that encourages participation. And repost any content that patients post about you on their feeds. You can also hold giveaways and challenges on your profile to improve engagement. 

      If you provide non-invasive services, start a New Year challenge with a catchy name like “New Year, New Me.” Encourage posts of clients showcasing their improved skin transformation and share the patient-generated content. 

      Experiment with Different Ad Formats

      Instagram Ads can give you the visibility and brand awareness you were missing. Video Ads are popular and can be as long as 60 seconds. But other popular formats include Carousel Ads, Photo Ads, Ads in Stories or Ads in Explore. 

      Instagram Stories Ads have pushed about 50 per cent of Instagrammers to visit a website to buy a service or product Carousel Ads are helpful to showcase a variety of your services and pack a lot of information in one place. It can also help you promote one treatment in depth, by adding the process, reviews, and relevant pictures.

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      4 Types of Content Cosmetic Surgeons can Post to Drive Max Engagement

      Increasing engagement with your posts makes them more likely to be seen by a larger audience. You want your content to be seen, liked and shared. You need to keep up with trends and provide informative and educational content. 

      Fact-checking popular beliefs, reels describing cosmetic procedures, before-and-after pictures and Q&As are some of the most popular types of content for plastic surgeons.

      Cosmetic Surgery Myth Busting

      Cosmetic surgeries performed are increasing gradually. However, there are many myths related to plastic surgery that float around the web. Tackling these through educational posts helps clients make decisions about surgery. 

      And if your posts are consistent and helpful, it will increase your following on Instagram. You can also stitch popular or trending videos to your reel and discuss educational facts about the procedures. 

      Reels Explaining Cosmetic Procedures

      Video content is quite popular on Instagram. Posting reels that cover the beginning to end of cosmetic procedures helps relieve anxiety in clients. And inform them of the types of procedures and the steps involved in the process. It notifies them of what to expect when undergoing surgery. 

      You can add these as highlights to your profile and separate them per your services. Dividing them into categories like breast surgery, skin treatments, tummy tuck, or back lifts will make it easy to navigate. 

      Before-And-After Posts

      The results of many cosmetic procedures are best after they have had time to settle down and heal. Showcase the best result by adding before and after posts focusing on the differences made by cosmetic procedures. These help clients envision what surgery can do for them. 

      Even for non-invasive procedures, it will help clients understand the reason behind the cosmetic procedure and the expected result. Some cosmetic surgeons also prefer to make separate accounts and link them to their profiles to protect them from the removal of posts due to community guidelines. 

      Q-And-A Posts

      Your online presence on Instagram is most helpful when you are answering the queries made by your followers. Q&A posts are popular because followers gain the opportunity to get answers directly from an expert. 

      If you schedule Q&A sessions, it can help increase followers and visibility, furthering their interest in your profile. You can add them as highlights for the reference of new followers.

      Are Instagram Ads Suitable for Cosmetic Surgeons? When to Use them?

      Business accounts can access Instagram Ads to promote their services to users. They are suitable for Cosmetic Surgeons for accessing a larger audience. And have the added advantage of segmenting the audience to be exposed to your Ads. 

      There are few cases where you can see a direct positive effect of Ads on your clinic’s growth. These include new clinic promotions, running new campaigns and organizing successful events.  

      Build Interest for Events

      Any events you organize for products or services will require attendance for success. It requires consistent effort and planning on your part. Ads can positively improve awareness and interest. You can target users in your city so that people in significant numbers can attend. 

      Run Unique Campaigns

      Instagram Ads can help target campaigns for cosmetic procedures based on your popular offerings. If you offer minimally invasive anti-ageing procedures such as peels and fillers, target users above 40 accurately. 

      Or popularize your services for bridal makeovers of skin rejuvenation using laser hair removal and microdermabrasion targeting brides. 

      Promote Discounts or Consultation at New Clinics

      New Clinics won’t have a base of prior customers to depend on for footfalls or reviews. Use Instagram Ads to create interest in consultations from your clinic. 

      Pursuing active promotion through digital means will help more than waiting on walk-ins through traditional marketing. Ads will help you increase awareness and visibility to potential clients.

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      Instagram Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Do’s and Don'ts

      Instagram Marketing may feel complex with its many features and uses. However, maintaining some basic guidelines for posting can help you build a strong profile. 

      Use features like hashtags, stories, reels, and Instagram Direct Message to reach your potential clients. And remain cautious of community guidelines and spamming promotional material to prevent a boring feed.  

      Do’s for Instagram Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Do Use Hashtags

      Your profile needs all the help it can get to be discoverable to users. Hashtags help users effortlessly find what they are looking for. Only use relevant hashtags under your post and avoid overusing them. 

      Also, use location tags that will be helpful to people looking for plastic surgeons near their location. Add up to 30 hashtags on posts and up to 10 on your stories. You can also use hashtags for branding and run campaigns to promote your treatments. Or reach a specific client base like bridal enquiries or anti-ageing procedures.  

      Do Utilize Reels and Stories

      Instagram is very visually focused and even features reels separately to scroll through. Using reels to convey educational posts or discuss new procedures will retain the viewer’s attention. It is also an effective method to advertise your skills and abilities. 

      About 140 billion reels are played by Instagram users per week. Reels can be about how cosmetic consultations work at your office or facts about unknown information about procedures. 

      Stories are perfect for more informal clinic updates to keep people interested in your profile by adding patient interactions.  

      Do Connect Through Instagram DM

      Instagram Direct Messaging helps potential clients directly connect to you on Instagram. It will make it easy to reach out to you if the client prefers Instagram as a platform. 

      You are simply decreasing the steps for them to get a consultation or make an appointment. Editing your profile to add the action button for Message. You need to respond promptly and can also set a few automated responses. 

      Do Track Analytics

      You should analyse the interactions with your posts to ascertain what kind of posts get the audience’s attention. It will help you to cater to the audience better. Instagram Insights are available for business accounts. 

      When you run ads, you need to be mindful of the results so that you can consider if the results are worth your spending. Or make modifications and adjustments to your Instagram marketing plans accordingly.  

      Do Add Personality to Content

      Your content need not be devoid of personality. You can use Instagram to post life and clinic updates upon reaching landmarks. And also share behind-the-scenes videos and highlight other employees. 

      Keep it informal and fun in a few posts. The younger user base of Instagram is interested in such content.

      Don’ts for Instagram Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Don’t Ignore Community Guidelines

      Instagram has stringent community guidelines about nudity. Hence, pay attention while posting results of cosmetic procedures such as breast surgeries, liposuction, contouring or body lifts. 

      You can also create a separate account to show the before and after results of procedures that can likely be flagged. It will prevent being banned or restricted after amassing a big following. 

      Don’t Forget to Reply: Communicating with followers through replying or Q&A sessions is necessary for community building. Reply to a few comments under your posts, and take a few minutes to answer some queries. 

      You can also host general Q&A’s about specific matters like facelift surgery or hair transplants. Such interactions can be educational and promote the 

      Don’t Spam Promotional Material

      Just pushing promotional events or material continuously makes your Instagram account dull and unworthy of following. 

      Keep the content interesting, educational and relevant to cosmetic surgery and adjacent healthcare procedures. Spamming promotions will only make others unfollow. 

      Don’t Overlook Captions

      Add interesting captions under every post. When you post pictures, contextualize them by using informative captions. Though the focal point is pictures, concise captions with further information about a post help your followers understand cosmetic procedures. 

      You can also add captions that start a conversation to motivate followers to comment on their opinions or questions. It is also where you add tags to increase discovery.

      Success Stories of Cosmetic Surgeons using Instagram

      Dr. Anthony Youn

      Dr. Youn is a plastic surgeon practising in America. His posts on Instagram cover various fascinating topics related to healthcare. He relies on short captioned videos that educate the audience on medical procedures. And fact-checks popular videos about cosmetics, plastic surgery procedures and skin care hacks.  Video content is a popular format to get your videos trending and gaining visibility. Combine that with interactive captions to increase engagement, and use hashtags to make it searchable. He also redirects his 1.1 million followers to his other Instagram account dedicated to showcasing surgery before-and-after videos and sharing actual patient cases.  Videos of real-life cases help increase trust in the doctor’s skills. The separation also protects his main account in case someone reports his posts for not following community guidelines, as they include procedures like tummy tucks and breast augmentation.

      Dr. Matthew Schulman

      Dr. Schulman’s clinic is in New York, and he is a board-certified Plastic surgeon. He makes contacting him easy by adding all his virtual platforms to his account.  He also makes it simple for visitors to look at his services by creating highlights that include educational videos of the procedure. It helps clients understand what to expect when at the doctor’s office.  Dr. Schulman also utilizes videos in his feed and shares positive client reviews. He also has a separate account only for before-and-after pictures that are curated to be helpful to clients.

      Dr. Paul Nassif

      Dr. Nassif has a following of 1.2 million people and uses his account to increase his brand awareness. He has a separate profile for his clinic where he posts videos and pictures of beauty and cosmetic procedures.  His Instagram account allows him to post a variety of reels, whereas his clinic account focuses on reviews and authentic results of procedures. His clinic account’s highlights have reviews for each doctor at his clinic. It is a great way to advertise the expert doctors at his clinic and celebrate their efforts.

      Dr Cat Begovic

      Dr Begovic runs a popular Instagram account with a following of 1.1 million. She posts a mix of educational posts, reviews, and life updates on her profile. She uses her stories when she shares personal life updates.  She also has a separate account to share medical content only. It is where she posts educational content, surgery videos and medical facts exclusively. Her highlights make it easy to look for specific procedures one may be interested in.  Her profile displays all the ways to reach her through consultation link, Instagram DM, phone number and email address.

      Dr. Jason Diamond

      Dr. Diamond is a facial plastic surgeon and the founder of a skincare company. His profile allows visitors to view his shop with an easy click. And be able to contact him through direct message, call, email and website.  He posts various before-and-after pictures of facial surgery of his clients. And reels that walk through the process from start to end. All his posts’ captions include brief explanations of the procedures followed by relevant hashtags such as #FaceLift, #ChinFillers or #CheekImplant to make the post search-friendly.  For his skincare brand, he shares positive user responses and links his Instagram shop to encourage sales. 

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          The target market for cosmetic surgery depends on the services you offer. While running ads or boosting posts, consider the specific procedure in the spotlight. Instagram caters to a younger audience. But you can segment your audience while running ads. 

          Use this opportunity to target the relevant audience to get the most out of your marketing budget. That is by targeting those most likely to convert.  If you promote eyelid surgery, target an older audience. 

          However, cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation or liposuction, can be boosted to a younger audience. While marketing hair transplants, promote men as your target audience.

          Instagram is a visual platform that is great for promoting plastic surgery results. You can use reels and pictures to showcase various types of surgery and the kind of effect it can have. It also helps in educating people on the types of plastic surgery. 

          You can also run Ads to gain visibility and reach a new audience. Instagram also allows you to increase your brand awareness and improve trust by posting reviews. Direct traffic to your website for appointments as you gain a following on your profile.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your Instagram?

          Instagram Marketing can be a difficult place to start your marketing journey but can be a fruitful platform for Cosmetic Surgeons. With planning, you can use Instagram to your advantage to connect to potential customers, build trust and foster genuine relationships through communication. 

          By Partnering with Avanzar Health, you can be assured of meeting experts who understand your unique needs. Depending on your Cosmetic services, location and competition, we can build a specialized marketing plan to help achieve your goals. 

          Our experienced team can craft the best strategy that works for you. A partnership with us can help you stand out from competitors and grow your clinic.

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