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    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      YouTube for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Cosmetic Surgeons can use YouTube skilfully as a marketing tool to build trust and help in discovery to acquire new patients. YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the second-most popular social media platform

      Promote your clinic to this large user base by posting educational Cosmetic Procedure videos, running targeted Ads, interacting with your followers, and examining the result of your efforts. Refer to this comprehensive article to get started or upgrade your YouTube Marketing strategy and learn how to utilize YouTube for Cosmetic Surgeons. 

      YouTube Marketing Challenges Faced by Cosmetic Surgeons

      Heavy Reliance on Digital Channels

      There is an increased reliance on digital channels to discover healthcare professionals. More than 80% of new patients who would discover you and make appointments tend to come after searching the internet

      So, traditional marketing will fail to target the right audience. Maintaining an online presence and reaching out to your potential clients is crucial. 

      Necessity of Continuous Marketing

      Cosmetic and Plastic Procedures are commonly elective surgeries, and people consider them for a long time. They also tend to take different opinions before undergoing surgery. 

      Hence, gaining new appointments and consultations is necessary to keep growing. Marketing will sustain interest and promote your clinic to new audiences.  

      Increased Cost of Acquiring New Patients

      As many Cosmetic Surgeons move online, there is an increase in the cost of advertising and producing content. To compete with others, spending on Ads and promotion becomes necessary. 

      This cost will continue to rise and has been increasing since the pandemic. Spending without a strategy will result in minimal or no returns. 

      Challenges Due to Unregulated Industry

      The Cosmetic Surgery Industry lacks stringent regulations. Hence, many don’t trust Cosmetic clinics and are wary of them. Efforts and marketing to establish trust and reliability are needed. 

      It includes showcasing your qualifications, knowledge, authentic surgery results, testimonials, and through informative and educational posts.

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      5 Reasons Why Should Cosmetic Surgeons Use YouTube?

      Cosmetic Surgeons can use YouTube to overcome the difficulties of traditional marketing and utilize a video-sharing platform to gain trust. You can reach out to your potential audience, increase awareness about your clinic, increase traffic to your website and get a head start as a new entrant into the market. 

      Advantages of Video Platform

      As most Cosmetic Surgery has visible results, a platform like YouTube is a great fit. YouTube video journaling the transformation journey of a client from consultation, operation and recovery helps relieve the doubts and anxiety of potential clients. 

      It builds trust in the Cosmetic Surgeon’s skills and knowledge. Video testimonials build the reputation of your clinic. 

      Helps in Discovery

      Relevant and knowledgeable content about Cosmetic Procedures helps for discovery. YouTube Shorts average over 70 million daily views. With Shorts, you can create informative content and increase your likelihood of trending. 

      Hence, through YouTube content and Ads, you can be discovered by your potential client. Remember to make only relevant and valuable content your potential client may seek. 

      Target Audience with Your Video Campaigns

      YouTube Ads allow you to target your Ads. It will help you reach those likely to convert instead of promoting to an audience that will not increase footfall. As the cost of advertising increases, the necessity to segment and promote to your potential client also increases. 

      Build compelling Video campaigns that comply with YouTube rules. And can successfully urge viewers to visit your website for appointments or further information. 

      Increase Brand Awareness

      If you are a chain or have a location in more than one city, a YouTube presence can help improve your brand awareness. YouTube videos tend to be available to all people throughout the country. 

      While you can target with Ads, your videos show up as results or suggestions according to relevance to a search query. The likelihood of people all over watching means you reach a wider audience and help them become familiar with your clinic. 

      Get Started Making Content for New Clinic

      New Clinics are challenging to market and need much attention to start on the right note. Because of the unregulated industry, video content on YouTube may help rest the worries and anxiety of a client who wants to consult. 

      Make this content at your clinic, and you can make videos such as clinic tours, patient testimonials and informative videos. Add them to your website to increase traffic and help potential clients be informed that you are a qualified and legitimate healthcare professional.

      YouTube v. Instagram Reels for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Both YouTube and Instagram are platforms appropriate for more visual and video content. However, they have differences in preferred formats, age demographics and search optimization. 

      User Base

      India accounts for the largest audience on YouTube with approximately 467 million users. Whereas, Instagram lags at approximately 229 million users. Instagram is a popular platform among teens and millennials, catering to them as their primary audience. 

      However, YouTube has good popularity across all age groups and is also popular among older age groups. With active users in the older age groups, concentrate promotions for liposuctions, face rejuvenation, and face lifts there. And promote trending Cosmetic procedures like lip fillers, chin reshaping or breast surgery on Instagram. 

      Format of Content

      Instagram Reels was introduced earlier than YouTube Shorts in India. There is scope for growth in both platforms. You can test out which works for you better or post on both. However, Instagram is preferable for short-form content compared to YouTube, which remains the most preferred platform for long videos. 

      Search Optimization

      Posting on YouTube is excellent for optimizing for search engines. It is likely for potential clients to look up videos on Cosmetic procedures on YouTube. Explainer videos and discussions on surgery processes are appealing to these audiences. 

      YouTube videos and Shorts can be optimized using hashtags, video titles and keywords in the descriptions. However, most Reels users refrain from searching but often consume content based on algorithm suggestions.

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      5 Most Important Things to Follow for a Successful YouTube Cosmetic Surgeons Practice

      A successful YouTube channel needs the implementation of good practices that help you reach your goals. You can achieve them by publishing videos relevant to your audience, optimizing said videos and running paid Ads. You should also share patient testimonials and collaborate with influencers to increase trust and credibility. 

      Publish Educational and Informative Videos

      Educational and informative long-form videos are the most attractive content from Cosmetic Surgeons. Around 8-10 lakh Cosmetic procedures happen in India. However, there is still a lack of resources to learn about the various types and effects of many Cosmetic surgeries. 

      Create deep-dive explanation videos about procedures like breast surgeries, fat reduction, hair transplants and other minimally invasive skin treatments. 

      Optimize Videos for Search Engines

      To attract more views and increase visibility, actively implement various optimization techniques. It would include researching and using relevant keywords in the title and description, utilising hashtags, custom thumbnails and adding video transcripts among others. 

      Use YouTube Ads

      YouTube Ads can help you reach the right audience that is interested and likely to convert. YouTube assists you in targeting keywords, demographics, topics and more.

      You can choose from the many formats of video ad campaigns to achieve goals like building awareness or increasing website traffic. Ensure you comply with Advertising policies and do not use disturbing imagery. 

      Share Patient Testimonials

      Patient Testimonials become crucial when there are low chances of people sharing their experience of having undergone plastic surgery. Testimonials become proof of results and skills. A positive experience will help potential clients look at your clinic favourably. 

      Share the patient’s journey while undergoing procedures and the results after the recovery period. These are important in complex surgery procedures like rhinoplasty, liposuction, facial reconstructions, and tummy lifts. 

      Collaborate with Influencers

      Influencer Marketing is also one of the many possibilities of the platform. Influencers have a strong personal following. Marketing your Cosmetic Procedures in partnership with them will positively affect your reputation and help promote by expanding your audience. 

      Collaborate with a city-based influencer and create content of them undergoing a Cosmetic procedure at your clinic.

      5 Types of Content Cosmetic Surgeons Can Post to Drive Max Engagement

      The type of content you post will affect the audience that you attract. You must match the interests of your prospective audience and give them the video content they seek. Most popular content for Cosmetic surgeons remains patient transformation videos, skincare tips, procedure explainers, Shorts doing fact-checks and Live Q&As.

      Patient Transformation Stories

      Patient testimonials and reviews are decisive markers of your skills. Post patient transformation stories on YouTube to increase trust in your work.

      You can showcase the patient’s journey from first consultation and operation to post-recovery. It will help others understand the process, learn what to expect and see realistic results.

      Skincare Tips

      Many look through YouTube for reliable skin care tips and product recommendations. Post relevant content related to skincare and season-specific tips. Such as “Best Sunscreens for the Summer”, “Moisturizers for Winter”, or “Skincare Routine for 30s.” 

      It can be a segway to promote other dermatological minimally invasive Cosmetic procedures. Such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and skin rejuvenation.

      Cosmetic Procedure and Surgery Explainers

      There are several services that you may offer, and some of these Cosmetic Procedures are becoming well-known to the public. However, although there is growth in Cosmetic Surgeries in the country, there remains a knowledge gap. 

      You can focus on a specific Cosmetic Surgery and elaborate on its benefits and process. It can include procedures like Brachioplasty, Hair Transplant or Chin Surgery.  

      Shorts Busting Popular Myths

      Many popular myths remain about Cosmetic Procedures. Use short-form content on Shorts to bust these beliefs and do a fact-check. Such content can be engaging, entertaining and educational. 

      Look out for trending topics that are popular on the internet or are on the news, and create Shorts related to them. It helps gain the advantage of people looking up topical interests. 

      Live Q&A’s and Collaborations

      The Live feature of YouTube has a particular advantage in connecting to people in real-time. It helps you address the queries and concerns of your audience. You can also invite other doctors at your clinic, and discuss a specific topic together. 

      Ask for suggestions from your subscribers to choose relevant topics and do a live show, allocating time for answering questions from the subscribers.

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      Keywords for Cosmetic Surgeons on YouTube

      Keywords are phrases that help search engines discover your content and increase the likelihood of your video ranking high. It enables the search engine to establish if a video has relevance to the search query. Cosmetic Surgeons need to research and use keywords in the video content’s title, description, and tags. 

      Keywords Research for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Researching keywords for your content is the starting point of content optimization. Every minute 500+ hours is uploaded onto YouTube. To stand out, you need to use tools to find relevant keywords. 

      Or use YouTube analytics from the creator studio to research and gain insight into the search volume and content gaps. Look at autocomplete and your competitors to see the kind of phrases widely searched.

      Using Long-Tail Keywords

      Long-tail keywords have less competition and can help your content stand out among the crowd. It is usually a more specific phrase than single-word keywords. In your explainer videos, you can use location with the procedure. For example, ‘lip filler at Delhi’ or ‘winter skincare tips for beginners.’

      Tagging Strategy

      YouTube enforces a character limit on tags that help searchers find your video. However, your strategy should employ the best practices. Use limited relevant tags, refrain from over-tagging and research for the same. Start with understanding the same from competitors, and then you can use tools to generate relevant tags. You should also add tags to Shorts.

      Are YouTube Ads Suitable for Cosmetic Surgeons? When to Use them?

      YouTube Ads can help Cosmetic Surgeons reach a new audience and acquire new patients. You can start Ad campaigns based on your objectives and see results that align with your goals. Use them strategically to target an audience and use YouTube’s features to promote new clinics, increase website traffic or generate awareness. 

      Promote New Clinic

      New Clinics need to have Paid Ads as a marketing strategy to jumpstart campaigns to gain attention. This helps in increasing awareness of your clinic as a starter. You can highlight your qualifications and expertise and shed light on positive patient experiences. 

      You can reach potential audiences and increase the likelihood of being chosen by Cosmetic Surgery interested audiences. And to be considered in the future as their go-to clinic. 

      Increase Website Traffic

      Your Ads can direct the traffic to your website. Your website may be the place for further information, making appointments or getting an online consultation. With Ads such as this, it is necessary to examine Analytics and modify your budget and strategy based on results. 

      Driving potential clients to your website can also help you build a list of visitors you can reach later. Ask them to sign up for newsletters or fill out contact forms.  

      Target Accurately and Find New Audiences

      Targeting options on YouTube help target interested audiences only. It helps run campaigns on a budget and gain the best results. YouTube can target based on people’s activity. 

      The audience is divided based on their interests, life events, long-term life facts, purchase intentions and other relevant data. Video campaigns work on and off YouTube and are simple to set up and manage.

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      YouTube Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Do’s and Don'ts

      YouTube marketing is a beneficial platform for Cosmetic Surgeons who aid in creating visual results. There are some critical do’s and don’ts that can help boost your channel and give the desired result. 

      Quality videos, increased interactions, and communications are pivotal for success. Whereas disregarding community guidelines, failing to upload YouTube content on the website, and chasing virality hinder your growth.

      Do’s for YouTube Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Do Shoot Good Quality Videos: Posting poor quality videos will fail to attract an audience and look unprofessional. Ensure that you shoot good-quality videos and have proper sound. Shorts can be more casual and fun, but ensure they are optimized for vertical viewing. 
      • Do Focus on Thumbnails and Title: Appropriate thumbnails and video titles will help a searcher choose to view a video. Your title needs to be relevant to show up in the search results. Refrain from using click-bait titles, and use suitable and direct terms. Create thumbnails that look attractive and professional instead of messy or amateur.
      • Do Interact with Comments: Reply to some comments or set aside time to interact. Comments and interactions signify interest in your content and help suggest it to other YouTube users. You can also collect questions through community tabs and create videos answering popularly asked questions. Live videos are also a terrific opportunity to interact directly with your following.  
      • Do Add Call-to-Actions: Make connecting to your clinic easy while someone views your video. Add the links to your website in the description. Link other relevant videos that a viewer may be interested to see. And encourage viewers to contact you for more information and consultation. Optimizing in this way is necessary to gain concrete results.
      • Do Update Through Community Tab: The community tab of the YouTube channel can be a useful promotional tool. You can post creatives made for other platforms in this space. And can promote events, discounted procedures or products. You can also update about matters like changes in timings, introducing new team members and posts celebrating milestones. 

      Don’ts for YouTube Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Don’t Ignore YouTube Guidelines: YouTube has strict guidelines related to health procedures in their Ads. Carefully consider your Ads and any content that may be violating community guidelines. You can be banned and lose your account if you get reported for violations. Focus on the patient, before-and-after pictures, and operation theatre surgical procedures will fail approval for Ads. Thus, create educational content, and for demonstrative videos, keep focus on you explaining the process instead of the patient. 
      • Don’t Chase Virality: The chances of viral videos are low. The algorithm may not help your videos become popular. Measuring success just by views isn’t a helpful approach to content creation on YouTube. This platform has other benefits like establishing trust and credibility and finding new potential clients. Focus on creating educational and informative videos that serve this purpose. An increase in following will occur consistently. 
      • Don’t Forget to Upload on Website: Other than linking your YouTube channel to your website, you can embed popular videos on your clinic website. Visual aids are appealing and attractive for visitors who seek resources to understand complex Cosmetic Surgery. Introductory videos on Cosmetic Procedures, clinic tours, consultation process, patient testimonials and common Q&As are popular. 
      • Don’t Forget Medical Conferences and Interviews: At the outset, content creation will seem challenging. You can start by posting videos of your speech at a medical conference or as a panellist. You can also add videos from a talk at a media conference, at the opening of your clinic or any other community event. It can help you start your YouTube journey and utilize pre-existing content to establish your expertise.

      Success Stories of Cosmetic Surgeons Using YouTube

      Doctor Gary Linkov

      Dr. Linkov is a facial plastic surgeon and a hair restoration expert. He uses his YouTube channel to upload educational videos about Cosmetic Procedures. His popular videos also discuss popular trends in beauty and its safety. 

      It also focuses on hair loss solutions, hair loss treatment and celebrity plastic surgery analysis. He posts 2 videos weekly and has also been using Shorts to grow his channel. Consistent posting and scheduling are essential to increasing subscribers and reach. 

      Barrett Plastic Surgery

      Dr. Barrett is a Plastic Surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. His content focuses on informative tips about Plastic Surgery procedures. They deal with subjects like differences in the types of implants, tips for avoiding botched surgeries and benefits of facial peels. 

      He also puts the spotlight on positive experiences of surgery at the clinic. And it covers a consenting patient’s transformation journey for the knowledge of others. 

      Nazarian Plastic Surgery

      Dr Sheila Nazarian has a popular YouTube channel where she shares detailed information on a variety of Cosmetic Surgery procedures. Her explained videos about breast augmentation, cyst removal, natural lip fillers, and others are excellent resources for a potential client researching Cosmetic procedures. 

      She categorizes her videos into convenient playlists for easy access and uses clips from her videos to upload as Shorts. Some of her Shorts also feature patients at her clinic undergoing facial cosmetic procedures like using neurotoxin for the forehead, botox and lip fillers. 

      BRAUN Plastic Surgery Korea

      BRAUN Plastic Surgery in Korea share success stories on their channel. They also heavily feature client-generated content on their platform. These also tend to be popular uploads, hinting that people seek patient stories. 

      They also actively use Shorts and post engaging videos detailing Cosmetic Procedures. And publish videos answering commonly asked questions regarding particular procedures like facelifts, breast reduction and facial contouring.

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          YouTube is a platform that can help promote Plastic Surgeons by creating content and running Ads. A Plastic Surgeon can share their precious knowledge in a palatable manner by providing educational videos about various Plastic Surgery procedures. 

          With consistent posting and community interactions, you can build a YouTube channel with resources, patient testimonials and promotional material. You can also run Ads on YouTube that will help increase your visibility and target potential clients. YouTube is a beneficial platform to promote and increase visibility to find new patients and establish trust and expertise. 

          Cosmetic surgeons can increase visibility by optimizing their videos. Figure out popular videos to ascertain what your audience wants to see. Interact with them and build a thriving community. Use relevant keywords and hashtags to be able to reach a relevant audience. 

          You can run Ads that direct people to your channel and increase visibility. If your aim is discovery and growing traffic, commit to posting informative videos and boost them through Ads.

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