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    Leaders in Healthcare & Doctor Marketing

    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      YouTube for Dentists

      Creating a marketing strategy for a YouTube channel for Dentists is no easy task. The video-sharing platform is the second most popular social network. With over 2 billion monthly active users globally, using its reach to grow your dental clinic is a definite possibility. 

      However, your YouTube strategy needs to cover various aspects such as video content creation, running Ad campaigns, subscriber interaction and deep analysis of analytics and insights among other things. If you want to strengthen your YouTube presence, start your marketing journey here with this guide.

      YouTube Marketing Challenges Faced by Dentists

      YouTube Marketing is beneficial for dentists, but there are challenges to proper execution. Creating meaningful videos, posting regularly, running Ad campaigns, and monitoring them is a lengthy process. There is a need to execute keeping the advantages and shortcomings of YouTube Marketing for your specific case in mind. 

      Lack of Targeting in Traditional Dental Ads

      Your traditional ad banners and commercials lack visibility to people. Enhancing visibility requires an online presence on social media platforms like YouTube. YouTube Ads allow better targeting but are also equally complex. Its variety of targeting options includes demographic, interest, content, or location targeting, and others, each requiring planning. 

      Gaining and Retaining Subscribers to Your YouTube Channel

      To grow subscribers,’ you need to promote your channel among patients, increasingly share your video content and post relevant content regularly. Creating regular content may become challenging, and posting consistently to retain subscribers’ interest is not easy. Video creation can be time-consuming and tedious. 

      Tracking Ad Performance

      Tracking performance is integral to running a successful campaign. YouTube analytics need continuous monitoring to check if it yields the desired result. For dentists who may already be busy with their clinics, tracking, and customizing will be difficult. 

      Greater Likelihood of Pan-India Viewers on YouTube

      Your videos uploaded on YouTube may find their audience in a large group of people all over the country or abroad. It will be of influential benefit to a dental clinic chain located in various cities as they are more likely to visit you at their nearest location. However, it may not be advantageous in bringing footfalls into a stand-alone clinic.  

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      5 Reasons Why Should Dentists Use YouTube?

      Even with some challenges, YouTube as a platform can do wonders for the growth of your clinic. Among the various reasons to use it are building trust, increasing visibility to new audiences, and targeting smartly to increase appointments. 

      To Build Trust in Your Clinic

      Videos are particularly advantageous to assure your potential patients of your skills and abilities. Your uploads may include educational content, clinic tours, case studies, live panel discussions or Q&A sessions. 

      You can also publish a series on the beginning-to-end process of different dental procedures to reduce dental anxiety among adults. Such as root canal treatment, scaling, or teeth implants.  

      Attract New Patients to Dental Clinics

      YouTube boasts the largest audience in India, with about 467 million users. It is a massive amount of people to access and advertise to by running Ad campaigns on YouTube. Increasing the visibility of your clinic online is the first step towards acquiring new patients. An impactful call-to-action in your profile and uploads will help increase appointments. 

      Show Ads Based on Relevance

      When running YouTube Ads, you can select custom keywords to help find viewers to show your Ads to. YouTube will decide the relevance of your Ad by matching your keywords to the terms people search for or content they view.  

      For Cosmetic dentistry, add keywords such as teeth whitening, veneers or teeth bonding. In the case of an Orthodontist, choose keywords like braces, tooth alignment or clear aligners. It ensures that your Ads are visible to potential patients only and are worth every rupee you spend. 

      Segment Audience

      Remarketing might be the difference between an appointment or no appointment for your dental clinic from a target audience. YouTube Ads will allow your Ads to be shown again to audiences that have previously interacted with your dental service Ads if you segment the audience. Re-engaging them will focus your marketing on a potential patient and likely convert them. 

      Increasing Importance of Video Marketing

      Videos are a great storytelling tool that provides a comprehensive picture. Video Ads help you to stand out and are growing in demand. Most platforms prioritize videos as they keep users on their platform for longer. YouTube Ads allow you to play your dental clinic’s ad before, during or after YouTube videos. 

      Utilize Bumper Ads of non-skippable 6-second video to increase brand awareness of your dentistry chain. Shareable, engaging, and targeted marketing of Video Ads contribute to the growth of clinics.

      YouTube Shorts Vs. Instagram Reels for Dentists

      Both YouTube and Instagram reels are specifically for uploading short-length videos. Yet, there are a few differences in the platforms. 

      User Base

      YouTube has been a platform for video-sharing for much longer than Instagram. In India, YouTube has around 467 million, whereas Instagram has around 229 million users. You can expose your content to more people on YouTube, however, it all depends on your audience targeting. 

      Preferred Form of Content

      YouTube Shorts were introduced much later than Instagram reels. Instagram can be a preferred platform for short-form content, but YouTube has space for long-form content. 

      Longer videos that explain treatment in depth such as the process of root canals or extractions, will find home on YouTube. YouTube shorts can be helpful as a promotional tool to increase interest in your longer videos.  

      In-App Editing

      When making eye-catching content is crucial, editing and clarity of a video also become vital. You can expect more advanced editing features on Instagram compared to YouTube reels. Thus, it is faster and easier to upload on Instagram with the help of in-app editing.

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      6 Most Important Things to Follow for a Successful YouTube Dental Chanel

      A few fundamental but crucial details of running a successful YouTube channel cannot be overlooked. They include optimizing your channel, posting relevant content, investing in Ads, and communicating. It forms the basis of your presence on YouTube. 

      Complete Details of Your Channel

      Your YouTube profile should be filled out thoroughly. Use the name of your channel with clarity and link all your other social media channels for easy access to viewers. Fill your ‘About’ section comprehensively with information such as clinic locations, description, specialized dental services, and contact information. 

      Invest In YouTube Ads for Your Chain of Clinics

      YouTube Ads can help you expose your services to a new potential audience. And with a call-to-action button to visit your website at their preferred location, you can increase the footfalls to your clinic. 

      Investment in Ads will give you the intended result of growth if you design your video ad carefully. Focus on your specialization in your Ads so that you differentiate yourself from competing dental services.

      Communicate Through Community Tab

      Your channel will also have a community tab. Here, you can post various types of content like images, creatives, links, and polls. Increasing relevance and building trust requires two-way communication. Post simple Yes/No quizzes about oral health, information on your dental services, updates, or general knowledge creatives. 

      Plan for Monitoring and Responding

      Your YouTube videos will have their comment sections open. Comments on a video also play a significant role in your video having organic support by the algorithm. Thus, it is crucial to determine how to respond to comments and negative feedback. 

      Your comment section should be a comfortable and safe space for your community to interact by moderating and removing harmful comments or spam. 

      Use YouTube Shorts Smartly

      Shorts are quicker to produce and can be used to grab eyeballs. You can use them to make to-the-point content about oral health, updates about your clinic, or participate in relevant dentist-related trending challenges. It is a great mode to showcase positive reviews and testimonials of patients. 

      Schedule Your Educational Videos

      Your videos on the YouTube channel should follow a set schedule for consistent posting. Long-form videos may be challenging to produce regularly, so take advantage of YouTube Shorts for quick updates. Using a calendar schedule to keep up with what kind of content and subject matter to post will help manage your account.

      5 Types of Content Dentists Can Post to Drive Max Engagement

      Engagement will help your channel be visible to more people on YouTube and recommended to a larger audience. YouTube pushes meaningful content, and some of the metrics for this assessment are likes, comments, viewing time, and subscriptions. Prepare the following types of content for maximum engagement on your channel. 

      Clinic Tours

      Capture your clinic tour as a video instead of pictures for the most impact. It helps to build trust with a potential patient and can help relieve anxiety about visiting the dentist. Showcase the facilities at your clinic, with particular attention to technological equipment. You can also add this video to your website.

      Live Videos

      Live videos on YouTube will help improve engagement. Stream from your office and present on a relevant topic to your speciality. It will help familiarise the audience with your dentists, and you can also use the Live Chat function to interact with your audience. Or, if you operate as a chain of dental clinics, create a panel of dentists to discuss trending dental topics or developments. 

      Q&A Sessions

      A Q&A session is perfect for making meaningful content that your audience is inclined to see. Ask for questions in your video comment section or community posts. Such regular interactive sessions put dental anxiety at ease while increasing engagement. 

      And help you gauge the interest areas for future videos. It is also an opportunity to make yourself more personable by sharing your journey as a dentist.

      Patient Success Story or Case Study

      A patient testimonial or review is unparalleled in value. With your patients’ consent, publish a video about their positive experience at your clinic, and before and after pictures. 

      Alternatively, you can also discuss cases with anonymity about the treatment path and process. These can assure patients of your skill and expertise, helping trust building and even attracting new patients with similar dental issues.

      Educational Dental Knowledge and Oral Health Tutorials

      The videos on top of the YouTube algorithm connect to the audience and meaningfully enrich their knowledge. Use your platform to spread knowledge of proper dental health, the importance of dental cleanings, common dental health issues, etc. It will help increase your subscriber count and following, lending to your credibility.

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      Keywords for Dentists on YouTube

      After creating content for your channel, you need to make sure that this content is visible to a large audience. This stage is where Keyword Research comes into play. Using relevant Keywords strategically helps your content be higher in the YouTube search ranking. 

      YouTube Channel Keywords

      Your channel should have important keywords attached to it. Or use the autocomplete feature to research keywords relevant to your account. Add them as your channel keywords and in the ‘About’ section. This will be how YouTube categorizes you, so use broad search keywords that summarize your channel like ”cosmetic dentist”, “dental implants” etc. Along with a combination of some long-tail keywords.  

      Researching Long-Tail Keywords

      Long-tail keywords are three to four words long and tend to have low competition. Using them means adding specific and targeted keywords. These could be “cheap dental dentures in (clinic location)” or “dental bonding in (clinic location).” Use them when you post a new video to improve your search ranking and increase visibility. 

      Adding Keywords as Title and in Description of Video

      Look at your competitor’s tags and keywords to ascertain what could be valuable to you. Don’t use more than 2 or 3 keywords in your video title. However, you can use it more times in the video description, which allows up to 5000 characters. It is relevant to ranking even outside of YouTube, such as in a Google search. 

      Tagging Strategically

      Tags are descriptive keywords that can affect your ranking and visibility. Use specific tags without spamming the same ones repeatedly. You can research suitable ones from your competitor’s profile. Tags are also helpful if searches are misspelt, so don’t fail to add tags.

      Are YouTube Ads Suitable for Dentists? When to Use Them?

      YouTube Ads is an influential platform for marketing your clinic. However, before running campaigns, it is necessary to consider if YouTube Ads will help you achieve your individual and specific goals considering your specialization, type of clinic, and location.  

      Target by Demographic

      You can run campaigns targeting a significantly specific audience for your clinic. If you are an orthodontist, you can target parents with young children, late teens, and young adults in your clinic’s locality. In case you specialize in oral care for the elderly, target the elderly audience on YouTube. 

      Use Ads to Re-Direct to Website

      Run Ads to direct all traffic to your website that gives more information about your clinic. It will help increase booking appointments, and if you segment the audience, retargeting will deliver results. 

      For Advertising Dentistry Chains

      Due to the availability of your clinic at various locations, running Ads will help increase bookings even if the audience is not always locally targeted. Posting on YouTube will help in brand awareness and trust-building.

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      YouTube Marketing for Dentists: Do’s and Don'ts

      YouTube has a variety of features to market your clinic. Some simple Do’s and Don’ts regarding their usage will benefit your channel immensely.  

      Do’s for YouTube Marketing for Dentists

      • Do Create Shorts of Staff at Clinics: Put your staff under the spotlight in a weekly update through Shorts. It gives a behind-the-scenes look to your audience and introduces them to the friendly and caring staff at their service.
      • Do Shoot Good Quality Videos: Your videos should look professional and shot well. Bad visuals or sound will lead to a decrease in the interest of viewers. Especially for short-form content, record and edit well. 
      • Do Optimize Videos for Vertical Format: Your Shorts are usually consumed on phones vertically. Shoot videos in this format and make it more accessible using texts in larger fonts as closed captions. Many do reuse short-form content made for other platforms as YouTube shorts too.
      • Do Create Engaging Thumbnail and Titles: The first thing a viewer notices is your thumbnail and title. The title should include relevant searchable words relevant to the crux of the video. And make thumbnails should be professional but attractive.
      • Optimize for Local Search: A local audience is always the most preferred audience for a dentist. Simply geotag your videos with the location. And add it as hashtags in the description and title. 

      Don’ts for YouTube Marketing for Dentists

      • Don’t Ignore YouTube Policies: YouTube has strict policies for videos uploaded on the platform. And this also includes Ads, particularly for healthcare services you intend to run. Be careful in crafting your Ad video to follow policies to prevent blockage. 
      • Don’t Miss Out on Playlists: Create a playlist categorizing your content. This helps easy access to what a viewer is looking for. Categorize as separate playlists your educational content by specializations. 
      • Don’t Forget to Share Widely: The biggest benefit of videos is that you can widely share them and gain engagement from other social media channels. You may even add it to your Google My Business listing, on your website or in your e-mail marketing.

      Success Stories of Dentists Using YouTube

      Dr John Yoo

      Dr John Yoo is a paediatric dentist who uses YouTube to market his clinic. He posts a mixture of educational, personal videos and shorts regularly. It makes his account more personable than others. Plenty of his Shorts feature patients at their dental appointments. 

      Publishing and posting the process of what goes on at a dentist appointment will help put parents at ease before visiting. He also has more short-form content on his profile than long-form content. 

      (Video Link:

      Dr. Massi Dental Clinic

      It is a Canadian clinic that has plenty of following by posting real-life cases and patient reviews. An informational video educating followers about various dental procedures. Videos of procedures and treatments help reduce dental anxiety and encourage patients to book appointments. They are also short in length, making them more likely to be watched by a viewer. 

      (Video Link:

      Western Dental and Orthodontics

      It is a chain of dental clinics that deal in a variety of dental services. Thus, their approach to YouTube is different from a solo clinic. Their videos include a mix of animated informational content, patient testimonials, and clinic tours. 

      And encourage viewers to visit their website for further information. They run ads that advertise their dental services, and work days and promote themselves to the whole family. 

      (Video Link:

      Innovative Dental – Cosmetic & Implant Center

      Innovative Dental have regular posts of educational videos, an office tour, and explanatory videos of procedures. They also use the live feature to broadcast interviews with other dentists and showcase patient testimonials and experience. 

      He streams discussions focusing on his practice areas. And elaborates the actual cases of his patients with his followers, walking them through the treatment procedures through video uploads. 

      (Link to video-

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          There are various ways to promote yourself as a dentist on YouTube. You need to build a YouTube channel and then post meaningful content consistently. And run Ad campaigns to bring more awareness to your clinic. Work towards interacting with viewers, using YouTube shorts, and optimizing your profile to reap the benefits of YouTube. Decide your marketing plan after considering your goals and the best method to achieve them. 

          Your YouTube channel should have a name that is simple and easy to find through search. You can name the channel after your clinic or yourself, prefixing it with a doctor. Try to maintain the same name for your profile across all social media for uniformity.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your YouTube?

          The above discussion on YouTube as a platform for marketing for dentists makes its merits clear. To take its benefit there needs to be an understanding of what it can do for your specific case. Make your YouTube marketing journey effortless by partnering with Avanzar Health. Our experts will examine your needs and help develop and execute the best plan to maximize your marketing efforts. 

          We will align your needs with its marketing solution. And help build trust and brand awareness by posting videos, promoting discovery and increasing appointments by running YouTube Ad Campaigns and maximising your results by analysing the data and impact of Ads. Start or optimize your YouTube marketing efforts with our experienced team today.

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