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    Leaders in Healthcare & Doctor Marketing

    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      Instagram for Dentists

      Instagram for dentists is a valuable platform to promote your dental clinic to your target audience. As a dentist, if you are doubtful of if and how you can use Instagram, here is a detailed guide to all relevant information. The increasing reliance on the web for healthcare services makes building an online presence a no-brainer. 

      Instagram is a popular social media platform that can help you access a wider audience of about 229 million Indian users. However, building a following, establishing trust, and seeing its effect on your dental clinic needs a strategic approach. In this article, learn how to use Instagram to your benefit, optimize your engagement with relevant dentistry content, build an online community and consequently improve footfalls to your clinic. 

      Marketing Challenges Faced by Dentists

      Lack of Differentiation

      Over 27,000 students pass out from dental schools each year in India, and many of them then go on to open their practices. Usually, there is low differentiation in dental services provided at most clinics. 

      When this happens, you give no reason to an individual to choose your clinic and service over another. In such circumstances, familiarity will come to your rescue, and this needs to be sought through deliberate marketing plans. 

      Failure of Traditional Marketing

      Traditional marketing channels such as newspapers and television ads often cost a lot but fail to get any return on investment (ROI). They aren’t focused on the target customer and are inadequate to provide the desired results. 

      Preference to Stick to One Dentist

      Most only visit the dentist when necessary and refrain from visiting newer clinics. After a few visits, they tend to stick to the one whose service they were satisfied with. 

      Small Catchment Areas

      Because of the on-demand nature of dental care, most will only visit when necessary to a dental clinic nearby. People will use the services of that dentist and don’t shop around for other dentists. Unlike other areas of medical care, such as Oncology or Neurology.

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      5 Reasons Why Should Dentists Use Instagram

      With the increased usage of the internet to look up dental services, using social media to be able to market your practice becomes crucial. By using Instagram, you can improve your standing in the competitive field of dentistry. It will help you focus your resources on targeted marketing and enhance the number of visits to your clinic.

      To Stand Out from Your Competitors

      With over 2.7 lakh registered dentists in India, setting your practice apart from the crowd becomes crucial. Your Instagram presence may become the deciding factor for gaining a new visitor to your clinic. 

      Instagram account will ensure that your clinic is visible online as an option. And if your reviews, content, and services seem satisfactory through the feed, you will have gained a new patient. 

      Reach Your Target Audience

      Compared to traditional media, social media platforms such as Instagram have better means to advertise and increase your visibility to your target audience. You can run ads specifically aimed at your target groups by defining your audience. 

      Suppose, you are a cosmetic dentist and define a young user as your target audience. Instagram houses a largely young audience, with more than half of all users under the age of 34. So, you can just run your campaign geared specifically towards these users. 

      Build Trust While Advertising New Clinic

      Advertising a new establishment is difficult through offline traditional means of marketing. Without prior knowledge of your services, skills, or ability, it becomes impossible to draw patients for dental services. 

      Presence on Instagram, where users can view your abilities through your feed and read positive reviews, builds users’ confidence in your skills. And consequently, bring in more people to your practice due to increased trust and credibility.

      Overcome Low Referral Rates

      There are typically fewer referrals when it comes to dentists. Unlike other healthcare practitioners, dentists need to rely greatly on marketing. Whereas, other healthcare practitioners often have patients referred to them because of their specializations. Losing out on online marketing via Instagram will be detrimental. 

      Continuing Connection with Patients and Showcase Legacy

      An Instagram account becomes a point of connection between dentists and prior patients. Your profile can showcase the legacy of your years of practice. Your updates about services and posts to visit for regular check-ups may become a reminder for previous patients to book an appointment. 

      Keep your community connected to you at your fingertips, in case of updates when you shift or run a discounted camp. Posting and tagging patients in review posts/stories will broaden your reach as the patient’s followers list will now be able to see your post and visit your profile. 

      5 Most Important Things to Follow for A Successful Instagram Dentistry Practice

      Observing these few significant points will put you ahead of other competing dentists. Follow this article to focus on setting up your account, posting content and reviews, and interacting with your audience. These few actions will pay off with time and certainly contribute to the growth of your practice.

      Correctly Set Up the Account

      Ensure you have set up your account correctly on Instagram. Choose a username relevant to you, preferably your or your dental clinic’s name. And convert the personal profile to a professional one to use the added features of boosting posts, running ad campaigns, and monitoring its analytics. 

      It will also help potential patients connect to you through calls for appointments. Optimize your account by filling up all details on the profile. And if you have an online presence elsewhere, keep details like username consistent for uniformity. 

      Consistently Posting Engaging Content

      Consistency in posting content on your feed is fundamental. The timing of your posting and the content of your posts should be appropriate. Keep an eye on how much engagement a post draws to gauge the interest of your audience and the time they freely interact with your posts. 

      Your content should not overly showcase your services but must be a good mix of customer reviews, images of dental procedures, general dental knowledge posts and updates. Maintain a posting schedule for the smooth functioning of your account. 

      Interacting with Your Followers

      Feel free to comment and interact with your audience. For establishing a genuine connection, the engagement needs to be both ways. Respond professionally and sincerely to comments left on your posts and while answering queries. Question and Answer sessions are a good chance for one-on-one interactions with followers.

      Alternatively, you can gather queries about dental procedures through your Instagram story from your followers and then answer them on a live broadcast. Plan for such interactions, and you may also broadcast from your clinic space. 

      Post Real Patient Reviews and Testimonials

      Refrain from posting stock or fake images of your patients. Showcase only authentic reviews which you have consent to post. Positive reviews inspire confidence in others and will go a long way in building trust. 

      Because Instagram is a heavily visual medium, showcase the results of visible transformation along with reviews. These include services like gum reshaping, enamel reshaping and orthodontics. Include all these in a highlight for easier access at the top of your profile. 

      Track Your Results

      Instagram Analytics will help you in analysing the result of your campaigns. Every campaign must start with figuring out the goal. If you want increased participation in your free consultation camp, you can boost your post about it. Every goal requires a different approach on Instagram. 

      Consistently looking at the results and changing the approach in your Instagram account handling strategies is crucial. Other than that, look at the likes and comments you get under each post to ascertain the kinds of posts that your followers will prefer.

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      5 Types of Content Dentist Can Post to Drive Maximum Engagement

      The content you post on your profile must be engaging and relevant to your audience. The aim is to increase interactions with your post, which boost your account and bring in more followers. 

      Content that introduces users to your dental services, new information about dental practices and pictures or reels of procedures are relevant. Q&A sessions will also help in increasing interaction and participation. 

      Before and After Pictures

      Posting before and after pictures of procedures helps inform users of your dental services and abilities. They are particularly impactful for dental work with visible results such as teeth cleaning, whitening, dental veneers, teeth straightening and dental bonding. Pictures of results increase your follower’s trust in you and will also promote the dental procedures you offer. 

      Give brief information on the work done in the captions for better understanding from a layperson’s point of view. Don’t forget to hashtag the procedures and your clinic location for searchability. And be mindful of community guidelines about posting graphic content. 


      Q&A Sessions

      A Question-and-Answer session with your followers will help build an interactive community. You can answer queries about dental practices and highlight it for your followers. Through this, you can increase awareness about dental hygiene, remedies, and overall knowledge of dental procedures. 

      It can increase following as many users may be inclined to follow to be able to ask questions and will look forward to these sessions. It will also help you address someone one-on-one. Plan them and maintain a regular schedule for these posts. 

      Educational Dental Health and Hygiene Posts

      The topics of educational posts can range from dental hygiene, oral health, and product suggestions to explainer of dental procedures. Regular dental check-ups tend to be neglected, and most only visit a dentist when they have pain or disease. 

      Your educational posts will increase awareness of general dental issues, preventive care, and the importance of yearly visits. Or improve knowledge of cosmetic dental procedures of followers supposing you are a cosmetic dentist. You can also ask your followers what they want to know and help ease their concerns about dentist visits. 

      Patient Testimonials

      Testimonials of patients add much value to your credibility. Attaching images of visible results will lend to its credibility. Post them and highlight it on your profile. 

      On Instagram, you can tag and repost your patient’s review. It will help you to reach a wider audience.

      Trending Topics and Personal Updates

      Posting content relevant to the trending topic of the day can drive more eyes to your account. Trending topics may include matters in the news, such as the latest technology in dental care or scientific discovery. 

      On days of special occasions such as World Oral Health Day or National Dentist Day, post and tag suitable content. You can also post personal updates about your work achievements, for instance, opening a new clinic, speaking at conventions, or reaching milestones. These will help your followers feel connected with you and your journey as a dentist.

      Are Instagram Ads Suitable for Dentists? When To Use Them

      Instagram Ads will be suitable and helpful for a dental clinic to promote their services. They usually show you quick results. You need to figure out your target audience and business goal for an ad campaign to be successful. Ads can help you promote events quickly and effectively. 

      To Yield Quick Result

      Because they yield quick results, use Instagram ads when you wish to promote a health camp at your clinic or any discounted dental service. This ad will generate a high number of impressions and will be shown to your target audience as they use the app.

      Your target audience may be of a particular age group and locals to your clinic. So that this audience discovers the event, is aware of it and possibly attends. 

      Run Short Video Ads

      A visual video ad will be a great post to boost. A video ad is very eye-catching on Instagram and can be used to promote a dental service. The ad must show the procedure and the technology used. 

      It can also showcase the high-class facilities of your clinic and your expertise. For example, a reel ad of 30 seconds showcasing the process of a root canal procedure.

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      Instagram Marketing for Dentists: Do’s and Don’ts

      Do’s for Instagram Marketing for Dentists

      • Do Use Searchable Hashtags in Your Posts: Every post you make will become more searchable and have greater chances of being on an Instagram user’s feed with the help of hashtags. However, be wary of overusing them and making your post crowded with repetitive or unnecessary hashtags. Although you are allowed to use up to 30 tags in each post, be deliberate in using them after research.
        Add the tag of the procedure showcased on your post as #teethcleaning, #dentalcrowns or #dental implants. Combine them with the usual #dentist, #dentalclinic, #cosmeticdentistry and location-based ones.
      • Do Make Use of Reels to Increase Familiarity with Dental procedure: Reels have a dedicated section on the Instagram app. Create short and compelling videos promoting the clinic’s procedures from beginning to end. Like an extraction or putting in dental implants taken while you were performing them on a patient with consent. Or post one that creates awareness of a dental issue. Record a real will good quality camera and publish it with on-screen captions for improved accessibility.
      • Do Introduce Your Support Team: No clinic is complete without its team. Introduce your hard-working team of dental assistants, dental hygienists and office assistants. Many followers are fond of behind-the-scenes at the dentist’s office. 
        Spotlight your team via a post dedicated to them or introduce them and their work to your followers. Assure your followers that they are always in good hands when they visit your clinic.
      • Do Post Stories for Clinic Updates RegularlyInstagram stories are placed at the top of a user’s profile. All your followers who may miss your posts on their feed may still look at your story. Use the stories feature to give an update on daily activities and happenings of the clinic. Or promote discounts or other events of your clinic. Your posts may be on a schedule that have gaps. Stories usually fill that gap and reach your followers.
      • Do Publish Videos of Your Clinic: Video content showcasing the facilities of your clinic will ease the anxiety some people have before visiting the dentist. An exclusive view of your clinic and the technical facilities it is equipped with will be an engaging post. Such a video can increase your following and clicks on your profile when boosted.

      Don’ts for Instagram Marketing for Dentists

      • Don’t Publish Lengthy Posts: Instagram is a majorly visual social media platform. Visual media like videos via reels and images in your posts attract the most attention and increases engagement. Avoid writing lengthy captions for your post. Instead, keep them to the point and short. And utilize hashtags for visibility. 
      • Don’t Post Blurry Photos or Videos: Any content on Instagram needs to hold the user’s attention before they swipe to the next one. Thus, the quality of your media needs to be appropriate for viewing. In addition to quality, choose the music or narration of your video carefully and make it appealing. 
      • Don’t Disregard Instagram’s Community Policies: Instagram has strict policies that may lead to your account being banned or temporarily taken down. To avoid this, be mindful when posting. Nudity and blood will not adhere to community policies. Hence, every post you make should be vetted with a clear mind and careful consideration before posting. 

      Success Stories of Dentists Using Instagram

      Dr Kevin B. Sands

      Dr Sands has a curated feed that displays a combination of highly engaging posts. He posts before and after pictures of his patients, posts reviews from his patients and showcases procedures at his clinic. His highlight includes his well-known clients, reviews, and Q&A. 

      His profile is a perfect example of posting diverse engaging posts that would comprehensively give an Instagram user an insight into his dental practice. Further, his bio displays his website for further information and clearly states his virtual consultation offerings. His massive following reflects a consistent and relevant posting strategy. 

      Desiree Yazdanshenas

      Dr Yazdanshenas is a Cosmetic Dentist and amassed 238K followers on Instagram. The credit for this goes to her choice of posts that are mostly reels or pictures. Her highlights include testimonials, shopping recommendations, information on her courses, and links to her YouTube videos. 

      She takes full advantage of Instagram being a visual social media app and promotes her content published on other platforms on Instagram as well. 

      Dr Joyce Kahng

      Dr Kahng is a cosmetic dentist specializing in Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding. She has showcased all her dental services in separate category highlights making her account easy to navigate. Those seeking a specific procedure know where to look for information, pictures, and reviews. 

      Further, in her stories, she posts her everyday happenings at the office and tags her pictures with her patients. It creates moments of genuine bond between her and her patient. 

      Dr Jocelynn Vida

      Dr Vida has over 118K followers due to her informative account. As she specializes in Veneer, she has highlights that take one through the overall process of Veneer and include feedback from her patients. 

      Her feed combines before and after pictures, clinic procedure reels and personal updates. She has a more personable approach to her branding, and this method works great for her.

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          To make a dental page on Instagram, create a new professional account. Or you can upgrade your prior personal profile into a professional one for free. You can choose a relevant category and link your account to your Facebook page. Now you are set to start using your dental page. 

          Setting up a professional profile page on Instagram will provide you access to analytics and other tools such as Instagram Ads. With their help, you can start promoting your dental clinic to the users and checking your results to tweak your marketing strategies.  

          Your Instagram profile allows the display of a short bio under your profile picture. When a user visits your profile, make it convenient for them to know of your services. You can state your practice areas directly, such as Specialist in Prosthodontics or Paediatric Dentistry.

          You can also include the location of your clinic and a few services you offer. Try to keep it as short and direct as possible and use keywords a user looks for.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your Instagram

          Navigating Instagram Marketing by oneself can become a tiresome trial-and-error process. Many parts of this puzzle require meticulous attention to yield results. To spend time, money and energy without a well-thought-out strategy is a waste of precious resources. 

          At Avanzar Health, we create strategies unique to your needs. Our team considers the distinct requirements of paid ads, content marketing and account management based on your dental services, location, and goals. And will help you to overcome the barriers to effective Instagram marketing and connect you to your target audience. 

          Through our expert experience, we can assist you to stand out, create a robust online presence, build trust and prosper your dental clinic. By partnering with Avanzar, you can be confident of accomplishing the best results.

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