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    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile for Dentists

      Optimizing your Google Business profile has immense potential to boost your dental clinic’s growth. If you are a dentist on the fence about investing time and money in your business profile optimization, refer to this all-encompassing article to make a learned decision. 

      Google is the most popular search engine, driving 93% of all global search traffic. The presence of your dental clinic on Google as a business profile will provide access to many potential customers. Understand the importance of maintaining a Business Profile for your clinic and ways to optimize it. Invest in it to gain favourable results by acquiring new customers and gaining trust. 

      Why GMB is Important for Your Dental Clinic Business?

      To Attract Local Customers

      Dental services are one such healthcare service that most prefer to visit the nearest to their locality. As looking for dental services online has become commonplace, an online presence on Google as a business profile is necessary. 

      You want to be visible to your potential customers when they search for dentists in their locality. Your profile shows up both on Google Search and Google Maps. 

      Establish Trust and Credibility

      Your clinic’s presence as a business profile assures a potential patient that you are a functional and trustworthy clinic. Ease of access to your working hours and contact information makes making an appointment all the easier. Accurate information on your profile and reviews from satisfied customers lend credibility to your work.

      Improve Customer Engagement

      You can answer queries and interact with people through your profile. If you use the chat feature, potential patients can directly contact you and query through your business profile. It increases access to your clinic and makes your business more convenient than other competing clinics in the locality. 

      Understand Searches and Increase Visibility

      Using a Business profile gives access to vital analytics to understand your audience searches. You can investigate what search queries are leading them to your profile and where they were searching and viewing it. 

      Taking cues from this information, you can focus on improving and customizing your profile to include keywords or make relevant posts to increase visibility to your potential clients.

      Confused about executing your GMB Strategy? Let us Guide you!

      The Right Way of Setting Up Your Google My Business Profile

      Your Google Business profile needs to be set up and updated with the latest information. This way, anyone looking for a dentist or dental service you provide can see the listing of your dental clinic on Google Search or Google Maps. 

      Claiming Your Business Profile

      You can create a business profile for your clinic simply by providing the business name, the category and the location. Google highlights your business accounting for the category of your page, so select it carefully. 

      Then, the business profile will be visible to you on Google. Claim your business profile by applying for verification. Using the Business Profile Manager, you can customize and add information to your profile.

      Add Relevant Business Information and Description

      You complete your profile by adding as much detailed information as possible. This information includes opening hours, address, and services you provide. 

      The description of your business should list your services so that Google knows when to display your profile. Continuously updating the information will also inform Google that you are an active dental clinic. 

      Meticulously Add Contact Information

      Error in adding contact information can prevent potential customers from reaching you and may lead to moving on to another dental clinic. Always provide the correct phone numbers and add links to your website or booking platform carefully. 

      Add Photos 

      Providing the pictures of your clinic eases the potential customer’s dental anxiety. It also showcases your facility and boosts the confidence to visit your clinic instead of another with no pictures. It is also known to aid in getting 42% more requests for directions

      You can post new photos weekly, updating on new dental services or events at your clinic. Post about a successful dental camp, the joining of a renowned dentist or pictures of additional new technological dental equipment. 

      Set Up Chat on Your Profile

      Your Clinic’s business profile can also allow people to chat with you. You need to turn on the chat feature to do so. Add an automated welcome message and then reply to the queries directly. 

      However, be sure to reply within a day and converse professionally. If you exceed your usual response time or behave unprofessionally, Google may suspend this feature for you.  

      Why Accurate Business Information Matters?

      Your business profile is dynamic. Google displays the most relevant information to the searcher. Thus, providing the most updated and accurate information about your clinic helps the search engine display your clinic information if it matches the search query. 

      Display Correct Business Hours

      Sometimes patients prefer to drop by without making appointments. Or walk in when faced with an emergency. If wrong business hours are displayed, you may unnecessarily hassle them, eventually reflecting poorly on you.

      With the correct information, your patients can plan well and even take appointments for the time that works for them in advance. 

      Maintain NAP Consistency

      NAP refers to Name, Address and Phone Number. This information has significant value for Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When Google must show the results for a geo-targeted search, it will avoid displaying results that don’t have consistent NAP information across the board.  

      Hence, update the correct information on the business profile, personal websites, and other business directory listings to rank your business well. 

      Reduce Confusion if Multiple Locations

      If you have clinics in multiple locations, then the accurate information for each clinic needs to be updated. You want to avoid confusion among people about work hours or contact information. Also, mention them separately, especially on your website and other business directories. 

      Avoid Penalties

      Google sometimes stops prioritizing your profile on searches as compared to others. The reason may include conflicting addresses, lack of updates or keyword stuffing. Avoid doing things that may impact your ranking significantly. 

      Update accurately and regularly. And optimize intelligently without making description or posts look like meaningless spam.

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      Engaging Your Audience with GMB Posts and Updates

      Audience engagement is integral to every online presence when marketing your dentist clinic. Regular and relevant posting is the way to go for your business profile. It helps you connect with your audience and update them.

      Post Weekly Updates

      You can use Google Business Profile to share community building weekly updates. Share about additions to your staff and dentists, updates about giveaways or important occasions like opening anniversaries. 

      Promote Events

      If you plan events, post in advance to create excitement and interest. You can post a countdown to increase anticipation as well. Your events can be free health camps, patient education, or charity efforts.

      Showcase Offers

      Share about limited-time offers for first-time clients at your dental clinic or discounted prices for a dental procedure. This will make clients more inclined to try out a new dentist, as there tends to be an overall lack of differentiation in dentistry. It will encourage those looking at your business profile to be interested in trying out your clinic or making an appointment. 

      Post Regularly

      Consistency in posting is critical to increasing your ranking on Google. Not only does it increase trust in a potential client, but it also signals to Google that you are a functioning business.

      Post Updated Clinic Images 

      You should post pictures of your clinic and the facilities available. You can also make posts showcasing any new addition to your clinic and its environment to inspire trust in visitors. It will also help them be aware of what to expect when they visit.

      Reviews and What People Say About You

      Customer reviews and testimonials showcase your abilities and quality of work. Many check reviews of a dental clinic before making an appointment and look out for negative reviews in this process. Thus, encouraging reviews, monitoring, and removing fake reviews and responding becomes essential. 

      Encouraging Patients to Review

      You need to encourage or incentivize testimonials from your clients. It will help build a solid base of reviews for new potential customers to refer. Focus on urging patient reviews, especially if you are a newly established clinic that lacks a regular client base and must attract new customers. 

      You can do so by speaking to clients at the end of appointments and gently directing them to your business profile. Reviews are particularly helpful for procedures like root canal treatment or extractions whose results can’t be shown through images. 

      Interacting With Reviewers

      Once you start receiving reviews, respond to them in a professional language. It is also a space to use your chosen keywords and work towards SEO. Your keywords may focus on the dental procedures and location. 

      Using them often aids in higher ranking. And interacting with clients will also go a long way in building trust. You are also improving engagement by doing so. 

      Monitoring and Reporting Fake Reviews

      You may also attract fake reviewers. Negative comments from them may tarnish your reputation. So, you need to act quickly and report them to remove it promptly. It requires regular monitoring of the review space and meticulous reputation management.   

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      Example of an Optimized GMB Profile for Dentists

      List Your Dental Services 

      Depending on the category you choose for the business, you can make some modifications. Select both your primary and secondary categories carefully. Your primary category will usually be a dental clinic or dentist to get started as a healthcare provider on Google. The secondary one should relate to your specialization. 

      You can add the dental services you provide after category selection so that a viewer can see them at a glance. Emphasize your specialities and those treatments that may separate you from the dentists in your locality. 

      Add Photos and Videos

      Business profiles with pictures tend to have 35% more clicks on their website. You can add images of your clinic, with patients, and of events to your profile. They add legitimacy to your clinic and assure potential patients about the facilities and services. 

      Make sure they are of good quality and are original images. It may show up when someone is looking through a Google Image search. A video of your clinic tour will also be exceptional information.

      Make Contacting Your Clinic Easy

      Add all contact information necessary to get in contact with your clinic. This includes phone numbers and websites. Setting up Chat also helps potential clients to message you directly for information. 

      In India, as many as 83% of searches are through mobile phones. If they can call you with a click on their smartphone, you can increase the footfalls to your clinic. 

      Customize Your Business Profile

      The structure of a business profile varies according to the type and category of business. You can choose yours as a “Local Business” and then specify “Dental Clinic” or “Dentist”. It will change the structure of the profile, and you can make changes according to what you wish to display. 

      You can also modify attributes to show the types of payment you take, accessibility options, or highlight that you are a woman-led clinic.

      Additional GMB Features for Dentists

      Automate FAQs in Chat

      You can automate up to ten common FAQs in chat so that you don’t need to address each query personally. These include contact info, appointment info or accepted mode of payment. It will also lessen your response time. 

      Utilize the Q&A Section of the Profile

      You can answer queries in the Q&A section. These interactions are stored there and can be helpful to any other visitor to your business profile. It can become a source of clarity, and you may answer dental service-specific questions. Using relevant keyword will also boost ranking. 

      Track Google Business Profile Insights

      Use insights on your profile to understand where you need to put your time and energy into. It can help you see where your potential patients search for you and how they interact with your online presence. 

      It will help you look at traffic from Google queries and Google Maps. Based on this information, modify your profile to help make things your audience looks for to be more prominent.

      Add Special Attributes

      Attributes of your clinic that set you apart from the crowd can become the focus of your profile. Be it Wi-Fi, parking spaces, accepting multiple payment options or that you are a women-owned dental clinic. You can make these additions from your account.

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      GMB for Dentists: Do’s and Don'ts

      Using Google Business Profile to customize your presence on Google and stand out is a process of trial and error. However, there are some basic do’s and don’ts to follow while setting up the profile and optimizing the profile.

      Do’s for GMB for Dentists

      • Do Check Profile Regularly: You will not receive notifications when many kinds of activity happen on your profile. You should constantly monitor reviews and answer chat messages through your GMB account. 
      • Do Write a Great Business Description: The description space of your business profile is an opportunity to increase your Local SEO ranking. Write naturally using keywords describing your business categories, and services, and highlight an offer to make an appointment. Try to include your location, achievements, and why you are the best choice for them.  
      • Cross-Promote by Sharing on Other Social Media: You can share your regular posts on other social media profiles. They will draw attention to your business profile. Also, display your other social media profiles and websites to drive traffic to the preferred social media of the potential customer.
      • Respond to All Reviews Including Negative: Respond to negative reviews that stem from legitimate concerns. You can politely respond with any changes you have made due to the complaint. Or even clarify any misunderstanding and ask them to contact your clinic personally.

      Don’ts for GMB for Dentists

      • Don’t Ignore Profile and Content Policy: Please be wary of the community guidelines and company policy while posting. Also, look out for Google’s policy for the management of reviews and to be able to remove reviews that may go against said policies. 
      • Don’t Forget to Remove Outdated Pictures and Information: Keeping updated information is necessary to avoid confusion and decrease customer satisfaction. Patients may expect something different when they make an appointment if they go off your older pictures. 
      • Don’t Stuff Keywords: Your business description, posts, replies, and answers need to use keywords without stuffing them unnecessarily where they may not make sense. Use keywords relevant to your service like “dental cleaning”, “emergency dental service”, or “cosmetic dentistry”.

      Handling Multiple Locations

      If your clinic has multiple locations, handling the business profile can be somewhat complicated than a stand-alone clinic. You have to be detail-oriented to manage the online presence of different sites without error.

      Bulk Management of Dental Clinics

      The verification process of a dental clinic with many locations has a slightly different procedure than usual. Create a Google account and later, a business group to manage the many clinics. 

      It also helps to share the workload of management with multiple users. Request bulk verification after filling in the required details and spreadsheet listing all the locations.  

      Add Location-Specific Address and Phone Number

      You should add the appropriate address and phone number to the specific location. Refrain from adding the locality to the clinic’s name when it isn’t called as such legally. It is against Google’s policy, and only the actual name of the clinics with separate location-specific addresses and numbers is allowed. 

      Monitor Performance Individually

      Because your potential customer is usually a resident of the area, monitoring insights from the Business Profile Manager should be location-specific. It will help you modify your strategy, customized to the individual locations. 

      For example, some clinics may lack trustworthy photo uploads, whereas some may have fewer reviews. Your next step forward should cater to the problem at each site. Make optimizing and marketing efforts after analysing them individually.

      Feeling uncertain about GMB? Reach out for clarity and confidence!

      Success Stories of Dental Clinic Businesses with GMB

      Many dental clinics utilize Google Business Profile to promote their clinic and increase footfalls. Let us look at what they get right and adopt these good practices. 

      US Dental and Medical Care

      This dental clinic in Ohio has an optimized business profile with all the necessary information listed. They have enabled chat and tend to respond to it within an hour. Being responsive to queries will help acquire customers. 

      They have posted many pictures of the clinic and highlighted themselves as a women-owned and Asian -owned business. 

      Australian Dentists Clinic

      This dental clinic in Melbourne has over 600 reviews. They list their services on their profile. And post offers and promotions for discounted services such as Invisalign consultations and comprehensive dental exams to new patients often. It will encourage first-time visitors to make an appointment.  

      Wimpole Street Dental Clinic

      Located in the United Kingdom, Wimpole Street Dental Clinic has a complete business profile listed. They also use their latest updates to post before-and-after pictures and some general dental health and treatment-related information. 

      They also promote the latest technological advances at their clinic. Their special attributes highlight their wheelchair-accessible entrance, toilet amenities, and willingness to accept new patients. 

      Baker Street Dental

      Located in London, this clinic has over 700 reviews on its business profile.  These reviews will help the visitors in deciding to visit with confidence. They also highlight their emergency services, which sets them apart from other clinics. 

      Their latest updates and posts also feature offers for various procedures urging to make an appointment before the offer ends.

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          Reviews and testimonials on your dental clinic's business profile will attract customers and assure them of your abilities. Send official communication to your patients about posting reviews on your business profile, and make it easy and convenient for them by sharing the link.  

          This can be attached to your e-mails, text messages and business cards. And encourage reviews right after the appointment.

          You can improve your ranking to increase the likelihood of your profile garnering more views. This depends on optimizing to the best of your abilities. 

          You can start by completing your profile with accurate information, posting regular updates, answering Q&A's and showcasing your services. Further, you can modify your keywords and Local SEO strategy based on your account's insights.

          How Avanzar Can Help Your GMB Profile Shine?

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