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      Facebook for Dentists

      If, as a dentist, you are looking to grow your dental clinic through Facebook Marketing or are struggling to get definite results through it, this comprehensive guide is the perfect place to start.

      Founded in 2004, Facebook is still growing and had a 4 per cent growth in daily active users in 2023. It can aid dentists in reaching the target audience through ads and increasing trust by maintaining an optimized business page.

      Through this article, you can learn helpful and effective ways to use all the beneficial features of Facebook for dentists. It includes running targeted ad campaigns on Facebook Ads, managing, and optimizing a dental clinic business page, and staying connected through regular interactive posts.

      Facebook Marketing Challenges Faced by Dentists

      Local Competition 

      As most patients don’t wish to travel long distances for treatment or check-ups, your competitor is usually a local competing clinic. As more and more people rely on the internet for looking up dental services and for recommendations, a Facebook page for your business becomes indispensable. 

      Create a local business page for your clinic where visitors can see information about your practice and reviews in one place. 

      Lack of Targeting in Traditional Marketing

      Traditional marketing misses the significant advantage of targeted marketing. Targeting will ensure that your Ad spend is used to the fullest and contributes to your growth. Facebook Marketing allows dentists to target their ads to a specific audience. Customizing your audience falls on your shoulders, and can be tricky to navigate this process without experience.  

      Difficulty in Discovery

      New dentists may find it challenging to be discovered by patients. Online presence may help guide people into their clinics. Even older dental practices may face stagnant growth because many tend to stick to one dentist. Use Facebook Marketing to be discovered by many users in your area who may take an interest in your services. 

      Lack of Time for Monitoring and Adjusting Ads

      Marketing online requires tedious follow-up for monitoring the analytics and tweaking campaigns. Dental Marketing is time-consuming, and as varied are the features for advertising, just as complex is the process can become for dental clinics.

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      6 Reasons Why Should Dentists Use Facebook?

      In 2023, Facebook maintains an average of about 2 billion daily active users. Using Facebook as a dentist will help you have a presence on one of the largest social media platforms and promote directly to those likely to use your services. 

      An optimized business page and systematic use of Facebook ads will help grow your clinic. And establish trust and credibility through interactions and reviews. 

      Increase Trust and Awareness of Clinic Using Business Page

      A business page on Facebook with updated information and interactive posts inspires trust and confidence. Regular posting keeps everyone connected to your dental clinic’s activities. Keep in touch with regular patients through Facebook. 

      You can also promote procedures and reviews by boosting posts and reaching people likely to be interested or searching for said dental services. 

      Targeted Ads with Quick Result 

      Facebook Ads are highly effective in their results. The targeting can be towards a custom audience based on interest, age, locality, and other demographics. Hence, the return on your investment is high as it filters out uninterested users. 

      If you are starting a teeth whitening promotional offer, target a younger audience under 40 likely to be interested in this procedure. And if you are a paediatric dentist, aim it towards parents.  

      Increase Referrals Using Recommendations from Friends

      People are more likely to trust their network of friends’ recommendations and reviews. Positive reviews from a friend can do wonders in increasing footfall in your clinic. Facebook connects trusted friends, so encourage your patients to review your page and recommend it to friends by sending page invites. 

      Post patient testimonials with pictures like before-and-after in case of visible results and tag them so that such posts reach their friends’ feeds. It is usually possible for cosmetic or orthodontic treatments. 

      Specific Promotion to Local Prospective Patients

      Most patients looking for a dentist won’t travel far. Your marketing and posts should always target locals and those near your city. Aside from promoting dental services, you can boost upcoming events like free dental camps for locals to build connections with the local community. It will generate interest in your clinic and also help increase attendance. 

      Advanced Monitoring of Analytics

      Likes and comments aid in creating an interactive page. Facebook lets you monitor your engagements closely through page insights and develop a suitable social media marketing plan to cater to your needs. 

      Other than posts, Facebook ads can also be optimized and tested to give you the best possible results. These features will help your dental clinic build a following that interacts with your posts often and will be looked at positively by new followers. 

      Increase Website Traffic for Dental Clinic Bookings

      Convert your Facebook page clicks into patients by guiding a visitor to your website for bookings. You can link your website to your page for easy access and mention it at the end of your posts. Call to action for bookings will help in the growth of the clinic. If you post a video explaining the procedure of dental implants, add the website link to your caption for booking. 

      Facebook vs Instagram - Key Differences for Dentists

      Facebook and Instagram are two different social media platforms under the same parent company of Meta. However, differences such as user demographics, post formats, ad formats and profile structure make them useful for different things for dental clinics. 

      Type of Posts Allowed

      Instagram is a visual platform that only allows you to post photos or videos with an accompanying caption. However, the variety of posts you can make is more varied on Facebook. You can post interactive Facebook posts of dental hygiene quizzes, fun polls or longer-length videos. Thus, if your specialization cannot showcase a visual difference, you can still push your presence on Facebook. 

      User Base

      Facebook has a greater number of users than Instagram. However, there is immense scope for growth on Instagram. With a growing young audience, dentists specializing in cosmetic procedures, orthodontics, and cleaning and preventive care may find a larger audience on Instagram. 

      Age Demographic

      Instagram is used by a younger audience than Facebook. When using Ads, targeting will often depend on the age of your audience. The age of more than half of the users on Instagram are under 35 years, and has more users under the age of 18 than on Facebook. 

      However, Facebook also has significant users in the older age groups, unlike Instagram, where the user base older than 35 years falls. So, for Ads of services like tooth loss, tooth decay, dentures and gum diseases that cater to an older audience, Facebook may be the winner. 

      Profile Structure

      Facebook tends to have better customization and features for establishing an online presence than Instagram. Your Instagram profile becomes restricted to only one feed of visual media. Facebook’s business page displays different media in separate sections and in a unified feed. 

      Facebook page can give more information about your clinic, such as working hours, services, and ratings. You can customize the look of your profile by changing the template or editing the tabs and sections of your page.  

      Type of Ad Formats and Their Placement

      As users on Facebook use it for various activities like watching videos, looking at the news, playing games or visiting business pages, your scope for ad placement increases. And the formats in which you can display them are also more varied than Instagram. If you want to encourage visits to your clinic’s website, you can place ads before videos on Facebook.

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      5 Most Important Things to Follow for a Successful Instagram Dentist Practice

      Completing Details and Optimizing Page 

      Your Facebook Business Page must be created with the clinic’s name and in the correct category. It helps Facebook suggest your page to those whose interests align with your content. Update all the necessary information on your page, such as description, cover and display pictures, address, contact information and website. 

      You can also let visitors contact you through Facebook Messenger for booking your services. Lastly, choose a custom URL for your page to make it easy to search and share.

      Publish Relevant Dental Knowledge Posts

      Posts on your page will increase interactions. Likes, shares, and comments on your posts aid in your page popping up in others’ feeds. Hence, post only relevant content that your followers will engage with. 

      These may include dental hygiene and best practices, posts on dental issues, treatments and procedures or videos. Prompt dialogue and discussion for your posts to trend organically. 

      Focus on Video Content

      Video content is engaging and efficient in putting forth your point. You can boost them in different formats like in-stream, stories, or feed ads. Up to 98 per cent of Facebook users access the platform through their mobile phones, so optimize your video for small-screen viewing. This video content can be a tour of your dental clinic facilities, a run-through of a dental procedure or a day at the clinic video. 

      Encourage Reviews and Recommendations

      Reviews, ratings, and recommendations from trusted sources are particularly valuable on Facebook. Ask your patients to post their experiences on your Facebook page and share it with their friends. 

      It will help attract potential patients and give proof of service to those browsing. But remember to monitor reviews and reply to them with special attention. Suggestions to recommend your page will also improve the number of followers.  

      Engage with Followers Regularly

      Engagement with followers by commenting and liking will propel discussions and interactions. It will make your page look active in front of new followers and increase the chances of the Facebook algorithm favouring your content. You can also use this to maintain contact with older patients and connect to them.    

      5 Types of Content Dentists Can Post to Drive Max Engagement

      Driving engagement on your posts helps other users discover your page, and encourages them to follow you. Any post of yours should be meaningful to your audience so that they partake in the discussion through comments or sharing. Here are some ideas to achieve the same on your dental business page.  

      Educational Video About Procedures

      The process of a dental procedure in the form of a video will encourage a viewer to opt for it. These also help rest anxiety or doubts about treatments at ease. Take such videos from your clinic to advertise your services as well. 

      Patient Testimonials

      Patient reviews are crucial to your business page. These posts mean that you are trustworthy and have been proven to provide results. Tag your patients and post pictures of them or their procedures with your followers.

      Actual Cases with Before-And-After Pictures

      Post before and after pictures of the cases you attend. Include your treatment methodologies with your followers through text. Be careful of policies concerning posting pictures when you do so.

      Pictures and Videos of Your Clinic

      Prospective patients tend to search for images of your clinic before making appointments. Posting for maximum engagement is to publish what your followers wish to see. Thus, videos or pictures of your facility showcasing your medical devices are engaging. 

      Simple Quizzes or Myth Busting Post

      Post a quiz to encourage others to comment on their answers and hold noteworthy conversations. These may include questions about general dental hygiene. Or bust myths about oral health that your followers may hold. Such content is educational and will increase your following.

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      Anatomy of a Great Facebook Page for Dentists

      Creating, maintaining, and optimizing the business page for your dental clinic is the beginning of your Facebook marketing journey. Your page is the face of your clinic, and should give all relevant information at first glance. There are a few things that all great Facebook pages for dentists have in common. 

      Complete All Profile Details

      Fill in all the details for your Facebook page, including the description, the ‘About’ section, work hours, contact information, and link to your website. If you make bookings through Facebook Messenger, encourage your visitors to book appointments by displaying that as your page’s call-to-action. Edit the call-to-action of your page per your needs. Also, get a custom URL that is easy to share.

      Publish Your Cover and Profile Display Pictures 

      Cover photos and display pictures are great for creating awareness of your clinic and brand. You can post your logo as a profile picture and use a carefully crafted creative as your cover picture. You may include your dental practice areas, address and contact information on the cover. Ensure both are of the best quality and not blurry. 

      Pick Correct Template and Category

      Your dental clinic page should be under the correct category. Pick ‘Local Business or Page’ to be able to display your work hours. Pick a dental clinic category that will particularly define your practice area or speciality. Facebook also has different templates to choose and customize your display. 

      Post Meaningful Content

      Content that will encourage discussion and are relevant to your specialization is best. These posts can be in the form of text, images, videos, or polls. However, try to make your page rich in visual media. It can include, before-and-after pictures of teeth whitening, alignment or reconstruction. Or post short videos of best dental health practices or warning signs of oral health issues. 

      Enable Reviews and Moderate 

      Reviews will help visitors gain confidence in your service, so ensure they are enabled. Reply to positive reviews and be on the lookout for fake reviews. You may report these fake reviews to protect yourself from negative impact.

      Are Facebook Ads Suitable for Dentists? When to Use them?

      Facebook posts show up on feeds according to the algorithm only and may not yield much immediate results. On the other hand, Facebook Ads will give prompt results for visibility, promotion, or page visits. However, using them has to be a deliberate decision considering your dental practice specialization, the goal of the campaign, and the ad format. 

      To be Discovered

      Bringing in new patients can be difficult in dental practices because there is little differentiation. You can use Facebook Ads to boost visitors to your page to increase awareness among locals of your clinic. Run an Ad to boost an informative post about dental health and select your goal to get more page likes or followers. 

      To Promote Short-Term Promotional Offer

      Ads with the help of extensive targeting will ensure that your promotional offers reach their intended audience. If you are running an offer on veneers, run ads for the entirety of the promotion period. A video ad showing your work and encouraging appointment bookings will help in creating leads. 

      To Advertise Events

      Keeping up the momentum and excitement before an event at your clinic is crucial. For example, a free dental health camp on Independence Day. Use ads to increase the participation of people at your events, and target locals for a greater likelihood of participation. Generate interest by boosting media related to the special occasion. 

      Increase Trust Through Reviews Collection Ad

      You can use already available reviews on your page to create a Collection Ad. These ads use already available resources from your profile, in this case, a collection of positive reviews promoting your clinic. Reviews will help build trust and can aid in getting more website visitors or bookings.

      Showcase Various Dental Services Offerings

      Facebook Ads allow you to run Carousel Ads that display up to 10 images or videos. Use this format to promote different procedures and attach links to your website for booking a consultation. With only one ad campaign, you can advertise to many dental services. Use images for visual transformations and short educational videos for treatments that cannot be promoted through visual mediums. 

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      Facebook Marketing for Dentists: Do’s and Don'ts

      Do’s for Facebook Marketing for Dentists

      Once you establish your profile, there are many small things you can follow to optimize your profile. These include posting relevant content regularly and paying particular attention to Ad formats, creation, and analytics. And to avoid actions such as over-posting, over-promoting, and not putting effort into creatives for best results.

      • Do Schedule Posts: Posting regularly is crucial to keeping your page active and engaging. Create a calendar of your posting schedule. You can schedule posts easily with Meta Business Suite and have a hassle-free way of running your page at your optimal time. 
      • Do Spotlight Your Team Members: Post about the achievements of your team and the support staff at your clinic. It personalizes the interaction you have with your audience. Your posts may also include updates about attending seminars or conferences.
      • Do Pick the Correct Objective for Ads: Your Ads will only be beneficial when your campaigns are optimized. While creating ads, consider the campaign’s objective and select the appropriate goal. Types of ad objectives available are Brand awareness, Engagement, App Installs and Lead Generation to name a few.  
      • Do Analyse Post Insights: Post Insights show you the reach, impressions, and engagement with your posts. Use them to figure out the kind of posts your audience responds to and focus your energy on that. If your educational videos on various dental issues and their treatment get maximum engagement, concentrate on posting those. 
      • Do Preview Your Page as a Visitor: Preview your page as a visitor to see what is shown when you visit it. It will help you establish what is lacking and help rectify errors. It will also help you to decide which page template to use.
      • Do Optimize for Mobile Viewing: Facebook mobile app for access is prevalent rather than through desktop. Ensure that your ads are optimized for viewing from mobile phones. Keep ads vertical when you use Facebook Stories Ads that show up on the Stories Feed of a user.

      Don’ts for Facebook Marketing for Dentists

      • Don’t Use Stock Images: Avoid boosting stock images or creatives that look fake as Ads. They don’t attract clicks and are a waste of resources. Use good creatives that are clear, have a call-to-action and are of good resolution. 
      • Don’t Forget to Use A/B Testing: Facebook Ads allow you to test your creatives. The results of split testing will contribute to better figuring out what works for your target audience. Tweak your campaign after viewing and examining the results. 
      • Don’t Overpromote: Your page should have a mixture of varied kinds of posts. If every other post encourages visitors to schedule an appointment, it may become a deterrent to increase following. Give visitors a reason to follow you and stay in contact. 
      • Don’t Ignore Community Guidelines: There are strict rules that Facebook users should abide by. Your business profile should be strictly professional, and not partake in activities not aligned with community guidelines.

      Success Stories of Dentists Using Facebook

      Glaring Smile Dental Clinic

      Glaring Smile Dental Clinic has increased its following to 10K followers. Listed as a local business, they actively display their working hours and contact information for quick access. Their posts include patient testimonials, offer/promo information, general knowledge posts, clinic updates, and pictures of procedures. 

      Elite Dental Clinic Lusaka 

      This clinic in Zambia actively promotes communication by encouraging visitors to contact them through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. They post engaging videos to promote their services. And encourage interactions by posting quizzes and dental facts. Their short reels are also quite informative and to the point. 

      Precision Smile Dental Clinic 

      They actively post before and after pictures as their procedures have visible results. They also add plenty of information about dental care to their followers. It helps retain followers and exposes them to posts regarding promotional events and clinic updates.

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          Facebook Ads are helpful to dentists for getting quick results. The flexibility of targeting and managing your ad campaigns, a variety of options of formats, and access to analytics make Facebook Ads an appealing marketing platform. They are also perfect for staying ahead of local competitors through targeted marketing.

          Boost events like promotional/discounted dental services, the establishment of new clinics, and health camps for better attendance. Or deploy ads for a specific dental procedure, targeted to people interested in it or based on age demographic. For example, if you are an Orthodontist, aim your ads towards young adults and parents.

          The target audience for your dental clinic will change according to the content or purpose of the ad you are posting. Ascertain the target audience by considering who needs the dental service you specialize in and want to promote.

          Custom create that audience based on age, interest or location. Start with an audience of those who reside nearby. If you are to promote a cosmetic procedure, you can filter by the age range and occupations that may be inclined to cosmetic work.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your Facebook?

          Facebook marketing for dentists includes various aspects, such as optimizing the page, running Facebook Ads, posting regularly and managing reviews. At Avanzar Health, we work with you to understand your goals and establish your target audience so that you can get the most out of your marketing budget. And help manage your business page and run successful ad campaigns. 

          Our expert Facebook marketing services tailor-make strategies to help you convert online visitors into bookings. We employ effective marketing practices and use Facebook Analytics to make improvements for visible results. Partner with our team and benefit from our expertise to optimize your Facebook presence, set up result-oriented ad campaigns, and acquire new patients for your Dental clinic.

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