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    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      Local Business Citations for Dentists

      Local Business Citations can be incredibly beneficial for the growth of dental clinics. Dentists having queries about how citations help and how to get them can get started with this article. Business citations are a great way to increase the visibility of your clinic and boost traffic to your website. 

      With over 2.7 Lakh dentists and counting in India, Local Business Citations helps you reach your potential consumer base. Building citations is necessary to spread accurate information on your clinic’s presence and contact information. 

      Your Local Business Citation strategy must consider all relevant directories, apps, and websites to reach your customers where they may be looking for you. It also includes maintaining and updating it, avoiding discrepancies and errors.

      What are Business Citations and their Types?

      Business citations are online mentions of relevant information about a business, primarily the dental clinic’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). These mentions can be present on websites, online business directories, apps or at any other place on the internet. 

      There are different kinds of business citations you can use for your benefit. Aside from being divided by the type of content the platforms host, as expanded below, you may also classify them as structured or unstructured.

      Popular Directories

      Popular listings and directories are the best place to start obtaining Citations for your clinic. These fall under structured citations. It is beneficial as most of them take up the front pages of search engines. 

      For example, Google Business Profiles have a dedicated space on the search result page. Hence, increasing visibility by listing your dental clinic in the appropriate category will help market locally. 

      As many prefer to use a local dentist for their treatments, listing in a popular directory and picking the proper classification will boost traffic to your website. Some other directories are Just Dial and Sulekha. 

      Dental/Health Industry-Specific Platforms

      Some platforms focus on a specific industry. It allows for more information to be published as the sites have modifications suitable for dental professionals. 

      It will permit you to add dental specialization-specific information other than basic NAP details. These are websites or apps like Paracto, Lybrate, WhatClinic, ClinicSpots, etc.  

      Dental Information Websites or Blogs

      Other niche websites are part of the unstructured citation strategy for dentists. The benefit of such websites is that they have greater trust among a section of the masses due to their following. 

      A positive presence will help you reach an audience likely to use your dental services. Ensure they link to your website for maximum exposure. 

      News Media/ Press Release Sites

      These unstructured citations will help you gain mention in news cycles or media. The audience for some city-specific periodicals or newspapers is your target audience as a dentist. 

      However, they may not always give local exposure as there are few functional local presses, usually depending on the location of your clinic. But it may contribute to your branding as a dentist due to references in reputable publications.

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      4 Reasons Why Business Citations Matters for Dentists?

      Business Citations are integral to your online presence. It contributes towards increasing the visibility of your dental business online, making it easier for potential clients to find you. 

      Improve Your Local SEO

      Search Engines look through all data published throughout various sites and help find the relevant result for a query. Search Engine crawlers recognize your mentions on the web if you maintain uniform NAP information. 

      It will increase your chances of ranking higher on the search results. Presence on the first page of a search engine result page is highly beneficial because over 28.5% of Google users click the first organic result

      To Directly Reach Your Audience

      Some platforms become the most authoritative or helpful for looking for service providers in a specific sector. Your potential client may be looking for a dental service provider directly on their preferred app or directory only started for healthcare services or dental procedures. 

      Hence, having the presence of your dental clinic specifying your dental services will help reach them at their preferred platform. 

      Boost Referral

      Many review websites for dentists are places that become essential in the search for a dentist. These potential clients rely on reviews and recommendations while choosing their dentist. 

      As dentists have a low referral from other doctors, online presence on review websites helps increase footfall. For example, many will be more likely to visit if they see a positive review from their friend or family on your Facebook page. 

      Build Trust

      Citations from trustworthy websites, niche blogs, or news media help relieve the anxiety of a potential client. It contributes to the credibility of a clinic and highlights it among industry circles. 

      The patient may feel more inclined to visit your clinic after examining reviews from a niche dental website. Hence, encourage reviews from past patients on your listings.

      How to Get Citations for Dentists?

      Now that it is clear that citations are necessary due to several reasons for dentists, you can get started in getting them for your clinic. Citations on business directories and healthcare services-related platforms have specific processes and methods. 

      Other websites and blogs encompassing unstructured citations have varied procedures according to their working methodologies.

      Register an Account

      On most platforms, you create a personal account to enter your details and start your journey. Use this account to edit and add important business information about your clinic. Keep your login details safe and secure.


      Fill Necessary Details

      This step lets you choose the category, pick dentistry, and then add specialization. Add the NAP details of your dental clinic to your profile. These details must be consistent in every citation. 

      Always use the official name of your clinic, and add as much contact information as possible. Discrepancies about this basic information will confuse search engines and hamper your visibility. 

      It is also a crucial step because the platforms reach out through this information for verification. Lack of verification will prevent you from using the platform.

      Customize Displayed Information

      On local directories, you must choose your clinic as a local business and then categorize it as a dentist. Many directories also allow you to add information such as services, pictures and descriptions. 

      Other medical-specific websites will have plenty of options to display details of your clinic. Take advantage of the different information allowed on these platforms. 

      Platforms like Practo let you add information like experience, awards, and memberships. And ClinicSpot allows you to add detailed information about your practice and consultation fees.

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      Niche-Specific Citation Strategies for Dentists

      Other than general listing, there are websites, directories, and apps specifically for medical practitioners that dentists can capitalize on. 

      People visit them for specific concerns, and they let you categorize your clinic as your specialization as “orthodontist” or “Paediatric Dentistry” for easy navigation. Here are some tips to guide your personalized citation strategy as a dentist. 

      Answer Dental Health Queries

      Many niche medical service provider directories allow you to answer questions and interact. It helps your profile gain visibility and following compared to other listed dentists. 

      When other visitors find your answers helpful, they may be inclined to visit your profile and make appointments. 

      Business and Dental Associations

      Local Citations of local businesses or associations for dental practitioners are valuable for reaching customers and search engines. It includes State Dental Councils and other National Registers for Dentists. 

      Take advantage of your membership and update NAP information regularly. Many of these associations may have membership fees. However, other than gaining citations, they also have added benefits. 

      Optimize Your Clinic’s Listing

      Optimize your dental clinic listing using keywords and detailing services. It will remove any confusion and educate people about your specialized services. Add pictures as often as possible and fill in all information allowed. 

      Follow Platform Guidelines

      Many niche health services platforms have guidelines and strict rules. Ensure that you follow them to avoid being banned or penalized. Rules about patient privacy are crucial. 

      Abstain from posting anything that may break them or expose the patient’s identity without consent. The best method to avoid it is by encouraging reviews instead of writing testimonials yourself.

      Free vs. Paid vs. Verified Citations

      Not every citation and management of it is free. You must establish if investing in a particular citation is within your budget and worthwhile for your clinic. 

      When a cost is attached to it, the result should be quantifiable traffic and leads. Let us look at the pros and cons of each kind of citation and if they are helpful to dentists. 

      Free Citations

      Free citations are good if you are starting and have no budget. However, they rarely allow any modifications and are challenging to monitor. If you have no budget, list your clinic of popular local businesses to aim for the regional audience. 

      As they are unpaid, you may miss out on advantages that some niche medical service listings allow for paid users. With heavy competition, it may be a setback. 

      Paid Citations

      Paid Citations give you better advantages regarding interaction and engagement. Many medical service review platforms have paid versions of listing. And provide better tools to manage your listing than free citation platforms. 

      These features may come at a cost but be worthwhile spending as there is increasing reliance on the internet to look for dentists. 

      Verified Citations

      Not all citations carry the same weight. And the lack of updates can hamper your strategy. As dentists need an online presence, showing up as a local business and organic search results are necessary. 

      Verified Citations assure a potential patient that your dental clinic is trustworthy and allows you to take control of all your display information.

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      Common Business Citation Creation Do’s and Don'ts for Dentists

      Getting started with gaining citations can be a complex and confusing process. Below are a few basic things that can add to a valuable Local Business Citation. 

      Get ahead of competitors by paying attention to descriptions, adding photos and encouraging reviews. Don’t forget to utilize local business associations and track regularly.

      Do’s of Citations for Dentists

      • Do Write Attractive Descriptions: Your business description should be attractive and use relevant keywords. Briefly mention the locality you serve, bring attention to your services, and highlight your expertise by adding your years of experience. And use this space to implement SEO techniques such as geotagging and adding low-competition long-tail keywords.
      • Do Select Appropriate Business Categories: Some directories allow you to choose categories. It makes it easier for a visitor to shortlist or navigate. Choose the appropriate local business category for your clinic and the specialization. 
      • Do Maintain NAP Consistency: The clinic’s name, address and phone number should be accurate across all citations. Any discrepancy may lead to search engines recognizing it as an error and refraining from displaying it as a search result. It is so because search engines attempt to exhibit the correct and most relevant information only. Maintain consistent information throughout and update any changes. 
      • Do Add Quality Photos: Posting quality photos of the clinic, medical equipment, and even the results of dental treatments inspire trust. Add genuine pictures to any directory that allows you to do so. Potential visitors will be at ease looking at the images of the facility and confidently make appointments. 
      • Do Encourage Reviews: Many dental treatments cannot have a visible effect shareable through photographs or videos. In such cases, trustworthy reviews of positive interactions with your dentists and staff help a potential lead visit the clinic. Encourage your patients to review the clinic at popular directories.

      Don’ts of Citations for Dentists

      • Don’t Forget About Local Business Associations: If you are part of a local business association, list yourself in its directory. It is both a valuable business citation and a marker of your expertise in your practice area. 
      • Don’t Ignore Tracking: Some business citations aren’t free. If you are paying for it, you need to track the traffic and other benefits it gives you to decide on its worth. Other than the cost, tracking is also necessary to ensure that your citation is active. It prevents the loss of business citations. 
      • Don’t Stuff Keywords: Use your description to write a crisp note on your dental clinic and its services. Keyword stuffing isn’t appealing to search engines and may prevent good ranking. Utilize industry-specific websites or apps to list services separately. 
      • Don’t Post Stock Images: Stock images make your listing look spammy and may not be attractive to a new visitor. It decreases trust and looks unprofessional. In your attempt to have an appealing listing, refrain from rushing to post impersonalized stock images.

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          Local Citations work for your benefit by increasing the visibility of your clinic information to potential clients and drawing traffic to your website. As a dentist, you have to list your clinic on various platforms online. 

          It includes local directories, healthcare practitioner review websites, niche blogs and other popular websites or apps. Or any online resource frequented by your potential client. 

          The frequent mention of your dental clinic and its services contributes towards your ranking on the search engine results page and helps reach the client closely. Each instance of reference of your NAP information leads search engines to record it to display it as a local dentist for search queries. 

          There are a few free but popular platforms to list your dental clinic. These are unmissable directories, so list them here for efficient local marketing. Google Business Profile and Facebook are popular directory platforms for getting started with free listing. 

          Others are JustDial and Sulekha. You can also add yourself to community-based membership organizations such as the IDA where you can also avail benefit as the Profile of the Month. 

          How Avanzar Can Assist Dentistry business for Citation strategy?

          Our expert team at Avanzar Health can boost your growth by assisting in developing a Local Citation strategy and managing your citations skillfully. And build a partnership that makes your marketing efforts easy to navigate and efficient.   

          Tailored Strategy Development

          Your Citation strategy must take complete advantage of all available resources to list your dental clinic. It helps you reach your potential client. 

          Planning a Local Citation strategy requires you to look for suitable sites to publish clinic information, which can be time-consuming. 

          Let experts at Avanzar Health help save your time by shortlisting the most relevant platform to ensure leads for your clinic. And create a strategy to optimize your Local SEO efforts through structured and unstructured citations.  

          Citation Management

          Implementing this strategy requires you to list suitable sites and modify all information to the latest authentic version of your dental clinic. 

          Often, after updates or improvements to the directories or apps, you will need to add more information. Avanzar Health can manage citations by ensuring updating accurate information throughout all platforms. 

          And aid you in taking advantage of the unique benefits of displaying services or posting multimedia on these platforms at your disposal. It contributes to acquiring new clients.

          Ready to take your dental practice to the next level with the power of digital marketing? Explore expert insights on maximizing your online presence for more patients. Learn about ‘Digital Marketing for Dentists‘ now!