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    Leaders in Healthcare & Doctor Marketing

    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

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      SEO for Healthcare Marketing

      SEO for healthcare marketing is a way to improve your search results ranking and gain visibility online. Although implementing it can be time-consuming, the results are worthwhile for most healthcare businesses. 

      Let us look at the reasons for the relevance of SEO today and when to use healthcare SEO services to aid implementation. SEO for doctors can help to grow a clinic by relying on organic searches and gaining the trust of potential patients by implementing helpful SEO techniques.

      SEO Challenges Faced While Healthcare Marketing

      Increasing Competitors

      Other competitors may also invest in creating optimized content and working towards better ranking. Thus, while implementing the same for your clinic and healthcare business, there is bound to be plenty of competition on the road to achieving the desired results. The earlier you start, the better. 

      Keeping up With Algorithm Changes

      The algorithm can push content higher or lower. Thus, any change in the algorithm directly affects the placement of your content on the result page. As staying at the top of the result page is the desired goal, making changes and edits based on the algorithm becomes relevant. 


      Enacting SEO techniques to your content to achieve better search results ranking is a long process. It takes time to implement it on all your content and platforms. It can be challenging concerning taking up time from your schedule.  

      Lack of Knowledge

      Implementing SEO usually requires knowledge about the correct techniques and technical know-how. If you wish to use SEO, having this knowledge helps immensely and makes the process easier and more effective.

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      5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO for Healthcare Marketing?

      SEO is an integral part of healthcare marketing. It can give excellent results for healthcare businesses, including promoting to locals and increasing your visibility online. Investing in SEO is also cost-effective and builds trust in new patients. 

      Cost-Effective Marketing

      Acquiring new customers for your healthcare business is a costly affair. Although SEO efforts may take time, they are more cost-effective than other promotional methods. 

      There is no cost attached to the effective use of SEO techniques on any content you publish and on your website. And it will give you results for an extended period. 

      Promote to Locals

      For many healthcare businesses, locals are the best group of people to start your promotion to. They will be more likely to visit compared to potential patients from farther locations. 

      Local SEO efforts include actions to rank high for a search query like ‘dentist nearby’ or ‘dermatologist in the city.’ 

      Increase Visibility Online

      Online searches are becoming a prominent part of a patient’s search for doctors or healthcare. The internet will connect you to your next potential patient. Thus, maintaining an online presence on social media channels, posting attractive content on your websites, maintaining a Google business profile and listing on aggregators become relevant. 

      Enhance User Experience

      The user experience of your website matters when it comes to SEO for doctors. Make an effort to keep a visitor to your website for a longer period through helpful content, easy navigation and fast loading. 

      This can be possible by fixing broken links, implementing on-page SEO techniques and creating a mobile-friendly website. On the contrary, a bad user experience can contribute to search engines like Google flagging your website as not helpful.  

      Building Trust

      SEO efforts lead to earning your healthcare business a higher rank in organic search ranking. Because of this reason, potential patients may be more likely to trust your healthcare business than others on the results page or the paid ads. 

      Looking trustworthy contributes to higher appointments and footfalls for your healthcare business. And will give you an edge compared to your competitors.

      SEO vs. Paid Advertising- Key Differences for Healthcare Marketing

      SEO differs from Paid Marketing in many ways. Let us focus on the cost, timeline of getting results and the kind of traffic you can mobilize through them. These key differences can help ascertain which is preferable for your marketing goals. 


      Paid Advertising is more costly than implementing SEO. Although there may be costs attached to taking the help of SEO services to implement them, the long-term results make it worthwhile. Because SEO aids in gaining better ranking in organic search results. 

      Time to Achieve Results

      Paid Advertising instantaneously delivers the desired results. It is reliable to increase website traffic or event attendance with swift results. However, once you stop running ads, these effects and benefits lessen. 

      However, implementing SEO can give you better long-term results and increased trust due to showing up as an organic result. 

      Kind of Traffic

      SEO helps drive organic traffic to your website or online presence. It inspires more trust in the potential patient as compared to paid ads. It is because by implementing SEO, you are increasing the chances of ranking high after a search query.

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      5 Most Important SEO Practices for Healthcare Marketing

      Here are SEO practices you must pay the most attention to get started on an SEO journey. SEO-compliant content made through extensive keyword research will help your healthcare business rank higher than competitors. Other ways to achieve better search ranking are to build links and implement on-page SEO. 

      Quality SEO-compliant Content

      Publishing SEO-compliant content that is patient-centric and helpful is crucial. Search engines boost content that is relevant to the search query and can be helpful. Start by finding out what your potential patients are likely to search for and focus on patient education. 

      It can help ascertain the most probable topics and subject matter. Later, implement the best SEO techniques on your content to make it more palatable to search engines. 

      Extensive Keyword Research

      Keywords are words or phrases that help search engines decide if your content is relevant to a search query. Thus, extensive research about the preferable keywords for your content becomes necessary. 

      Using long-tail keywords with low competition can help you reach the desired result ranking instead of employing highly competitive ones. Researching your competitors and scanning their websites or social media content for keywords can give you an idea of what works for those in your niche. 

      Focusing on Link-Building

      Link-building is an integral part of SEO implementation. Gaining links from authoritative websites can reflect positively on your website and make it look more relevant to search engines. 

      Other than building links, maintaining them by ensuring they aren’t broken also needs attention. Building links with reputable websites can boost your reputation as an expert online, and make you look more trustworthy to your potential patients.   

      Website Accessibility and Responsiveness

      Your website must be accessible to those with disabilities through features like alt text, high colour contrast, font size adjustment and keyboard navigation. As a healthcare business, your potential patient may have disabilities that can make accessing your website difficult. 

      Thus, there is a need to address it by making it accessible to those with hearing, visual or physical disabilities. An accessible and responsive website, convenient for any device will aid your potential patients and enhance user experience. 

      Amplifying Local SEO

      Most healthcare businesses have locals as the majority of their client base. Don’t ignore local SEO when investing time and money in implementing SEO for healthcare marketing. Through SEO, you can also promote each service and rank them high in local searches. 

      Creating and maintaining business listings such as Google business profiles helps in local SEO efforts. Post helpful information like opening hours, contact numbers, pictures and addresses.

      When to Use SEO Services for Healthcare Marketing

      Implementing SEO on your own can be a difficult task without experience. There are situations where you can choose to join hands with SEO services for your healthcare marketing needs. 

      Such as when you lack the time and the expert knowledge regarding SEO or when getting started promoting your new clinic to locals. 

      Facing Increasing Competition

      If you have many competitors, likely, that they have also attempted to implement SEO for their websites. In such a situation, time and the best application are of utmost importance. 

      Hence, an SEO service can help implement SEO for your healthcare business swiftly and efficiently. It can be more successful and contribute towards your growth than if you took the time to do it yourself. 

      Promoting New Clinic

      New clinics end up taking up a lot of costs to acquire new patients Attempting to promote it to the most likely potential patients, that is locals, requires Local SEO efforts. 

      SEO services for healthcare marketing can help you prioritize ranking for local searches. This way, you can boost your footfall from the beginning and gain more reviews to appear trustworthy to any new patient. 

      Getting Poor Results

      If your marketing results end up in poor performance, it may be due to a bad strategy. Or the lack of knowledge about the best tools and efficient techniques while working on SEO. 

      An expert can help bridge the gap between your goals and results using their years of experience and know-how. And utilize all available resources to ensure the best results in ranking and traffic. 

      Lack of Time

      Implementing SEO is a time-consuming process. It is impossible to undertake this task without any help. Relying on SEO services to aid with the creation of SEO-compliant content, undertaking keyword research, implementing SEO and monitoring changes is a wise choice. It saves you time, and you can access the most effective tools for your website.

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      SEO For Healthcare Marketing: Do’s and Don'ts

      Here are some do’s and don’ts important to SEO for healthcare marketing. The actionable do’s include tips to optimize multimedia on your website and work on interlinking. And the don’ts explain why to stay clear of keyword stuffing and not neglect monitoring and Google policies.

      Do’s for SEO for Healthcare Marketing

      Do Optimize Images and Videos

      Images and videos are crucial to healthcare businesses. Many patients search for them to ensure the healthcare service is legitimate and to check the kind of utilities available at a clinic. However, they may make your website slow to load. 

      Thus, use Alt attributes, compress images, use standard image formats and create an image sitemap to overcome this issue. Test the load speed of your website and adjust accordingly so that the user experience is free from impact. 

      Do Pay Attention to Internal Linking

      Internal linking contributes to easy navigation for visitors by highlighting content they may be interested in checking next. It also helps search engines recognize your site structure and navigation. 

      Interlink similar topics to each other and ensure that visitors to your website stay for longer. It can help them move conveniently from one page to another. 

      Do Use Long-Tail Keywords

      Keyword research is the beginning of creating content for healthcare marketing. Most short keywords tend to have more competition and hamper your likelihood of ranking well. 

      Most of the clicks, amounting to about 28.5%, are for the first result displayed for queries on mobile. Hence, long-tail keywords with less competition will increase the chances of being ahead of others on the first search engine result page. 

      Do Promote Multiple Healthcare Services

      The most remarkable advantage of SEO is that you can boost the content for each healthcare service your clinic can provide. Create a page for every medical service and perform on-page SEO to boost its ranking when a search query regarding that procedure is made on any search engine. 

      List them separately and dedicate space for them on your website, as well as business directories such as your Google business profile.

      Don’ts for SEO for Healthcare Marketing

      Don’t Indulge in Keyword Stuffing

      Sometimes, to ensure that the content gains visibility, there are instances where many keywords have been included forcefully. Such inclusion negatively impacts the quality of the content. 

      And Google algorithm searches for relevant and helpful content to display as search results. Keyword Stuffing isn’t the way to gain attention from potential patients who may earnestly be looking for educational content. 

      Don’t Neglect Monitoring

      Monitoring is crucial because search engines and social media may change their algorithms. Your content that used to perform well and bring an abundance of traffic may fail to perform tomorrow. 

      Hence, keeping an eye on your search results ranking can help to notice any changes early and allow a chance to fix or edit as needed. 

      Don’t Ignore Community Rules and Google Policies

      Most search engines and social media have specific community rules and policies. Abiding by them is necessary so you aren’t penalized for any transgressions. And so that your ranking and visibility remain unaffected.

      Success Stories of Healthcare Marketing with SEO

      Let us look at some of the successful websites that have been able to rank higher than other competitors in their field.

      SVIA Plastic Surgery

      They have highlighted every procedure of plastic surgery they offer in separate sections for easy navigation. Most of the relevant information is added to the main page of the website and has encouraging calls to action. 

      They also have an optimized gallery to highlight the results of successful plastic surgery. They also feature reviews and video testimonials that will interest a potential customer. 

      Garth Fisher MD

      Dr Fisher is a cosmetic surgeon from Beverly Hills who has optimized his website for his brand. It is a wonderful example of SEO for doctors who want to cultivate an online presence for themselves. 

      Other than personal information about qualifications and achievements, his website also links to mentions on popular websites, news portals and media. In addition to this, his patient resources focus on procedures, commonly asked questions and information about travel and accommodations. 

      Advanced Dermatology

      Advanced Dermatology has medical content that covers skin concerns, skin treatments and extensive information on specialized procedures available exclusively at their clinic. 

      And have also dedicated pages for patient information regarding insurance, pricing, loyalty programs and wound care. They highlight all the qualified doctors and include an optimized gallery of before and after pictures. 

      Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York

      They have dedicated pages about their qualified doctors, skin treatments, skin conditions, skincare shops and photos. Because they work with advanced medical equipment like lasers and other devices, they also have plenty of information about them on the website. 

      It shows that highlighting the differentiating factor of your clinic compared to others is crucial for your website. 

      Dr Bill Dorfman

      Dr Dorfman is a cosmetic dentist who has an SEO-compliant website that ranks better than his competitors. He highlights his celebrity list of patients and their testimonials that many patients often search for. 

      He has dedicated pages and sections about every dental healthcare he provides, like dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening and others. As the leading dentist, he has chosen to brand his clinic’s website with his name instead of the clinic because he is the popular differentiating factor with well-known qualifications.

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      Avanzar Health stands out with profound expertise across 15+ specialties, including Cosmetic Surgery, IVF, Bariatrics, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Oncology, Dentistry, Neurology, Ophthalmology. Each specialty demands a unique marketing touch; we understand and cater to these nuances, ensuring tailored strategies for precise audience targeting.

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          SEO or search engine optimization is used as a marketing strategy to increase the visibility of your healthcare business by boosting its ranking as a search result. And depend on organic search results instead of paid ads to gain attention from potential patients searching for healthcare through search engines. 

          Maintaining SEO in the long term will also give you good results in the long term without spending more resources on it later. Including SEO in your healthcare marketing can help bring you new patients and gain the trust of potential patients. Implement SEO techniques on your website and improve traffic, leads and conversions for your clinic.

          Doctors must reach out to locals likely to be their potential patients or walk into the clinic. Hence, local SEO will help a doctor to show up on local searches for the areas they serve. 

          You can ensure this by maintaining NAP consistency wherever the address for your clinic is noted online. Other than this, including your clinic in popular directories and healthcare or local business directories is also crucial.

          Medical SEO requires added attention to the content published on your website. They need to be educational for the patients and be helpful to them. However, because it includes sensitive matters, strict rules and policies exist about what can be posted and not by Google. 

          It is above and beyond any legal responsibilities that statutes or guidelines of the country lay down. Thus, working with experts may help in the process of creating SEO-compliant content, and implementing SEO swifter and complaint rules.

          Keyword research can help you ascertain the best keywords for your medical SEO-compliant content. Look for low-competition keywords to increase your chances of ranking higher.

          You may also study the kind of content and keywords preferred by your competitors and include the same for your content. However, stay away from keyword stuffing and always create content with the intent to make helpful and relevant topics instead of only trying to rank higher.

          Social media also highly relies on algorithms to push your content onto a user’s timeline. Thus, SEO techniques like using popular keywords can help optimize your profile for search results related to your practice area. It includes adding your location and area of specialisation in your profile and posts. 

          As many social media platforms are searchable, research the kind of content favoured for your specialization and use those topics and hashtags to create more engagement online.

          How Avanzar Can Help You to Grow Your SEO?

          Team Avanzar has the expert knowledge that doctors wanting to venture into SEO lack. By working in partnership, we can come up with the best SEO strategy for your clinic. SEO for doctors is a complex and confusing space but a much-needed necessity. 

          Join hands with the Best Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency and achieve growth without bounds. We can help create a strategy based on data research, implement SEO for your online presence and monitor the results or changes to it. 

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