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      Local Business Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Local Business Citations can increase website traffic, expand exposure to new audiences and lend credibility to Cosmetic Surgeons. It helps connect with audiences that look through a specific directory for a healthcare provider or search for a healthcare provider on search engines. 

      Cosmetic Surgery is a growing field, with around 8-10 Lakhs Cosmetic Surgery procedures happen in India every year. Business Citations can promote a clinic by increasing visibility to new audiences and improve ranking on search results. 

      These are both crucial goals as Cosmetic Surgeons need to overcome the barriers of low referrals, increase dependence on internet search for healthcare, and maintain a consistent stream of consultations.

      What are Business Citations and their Types?

      Business citations are references to information for your clinic, mainly the name, address, and phone number (NAP). These business citations can vary in relevance, popularity, and usefulness for Cosmetic Surgeons. Or are differentiated by the registration or membership costs of the platform. 

      Popular Directories

      Many popular directories list local businesses. You can list clinics on these directories and choose the appropriate category for search engines and searchers to find your clinic easily. These citations are also given priority as results on the front pages of any search engine. 

      For example, when you search for a Plastic Surgeon nearby on Google, the top business profiles will be visible because of the search query. It allows you to work towards using keywords and optimizing your SEO efforts to make your business profile rank higher. Other examples of a popular directories are JustDial and Sulekha.   

      Cosmetic Surgery/ Healthcare Industry Platforms

      Many platforms list healthcare providers and are gaining popularity with the public. Although most have better options and advantageous features once paid, when starting a new clinic, listing on these platforms for free can help get your name out. These platforms include Practo, Lybrate, WhatClinic and ClinicSpots.  

      They also allow for added customization and help many users find a healthcare provider by searching for specific procedures. Ensure to list all your Cosmetic Procedures and choose the appropriate category once you register. 

      Authoritative Blogs/ Websites

      These are niche blogs that gain attention and respect from the community or are trusted sites for healthcare information. Mentions in these can help your Cosmetic Surgery clinic gain trust and reputation in the eyes of a potential customer. 

      When potential clients research a doctor before committing to a procedure at their clinic, increasing your presence on reputable sites will increase their trust in your abilities and skills. 

      However, these tend to be unstructured citations and may not include the NAP information as many may have restrictions or not allow all this information. Try to publish the NAP details, if possible, when you publish blogpost or opinions for these websites or insist on adding links to your appointment website. 

      News Media/ Press Release Sites

      These can become another location to add unstructured citations under your belt. If you want to gain visibility to a local audience, aim for local newspapers or city periodicals. 

      However, usually, news websites are accessible to everyone over the country due to many publishing news articles for online consumption. Mentions in news media also lend credibility to your clinic and increase awareness of your practice.

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      5 Reasons Why Business Citations Matters for Cosmetic Surgeons?

      For Cosmetic Surgeons working in an industry that lacks regulation and is highly competitive, gaining reputable citations becomes crucial. They can help you gain visibility to a local audience, build trust, and overcome the lack of referrals. 

      Reach Out to Local Audience

      Locals near your clinic are the ones who find your services the most accessible. Local Business citations can help you promote to this local audience that is more likely to walk in for consultations and start procedures. 

      For Cosmetic Procedures like laser hair removal, chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing that require a few sessions, many clients will prefer a local clinic nearby. 

      Overcome Lack of Referrals

      Most people aren’t comfortable sharing their experience of undergoing Cosmetic Procedures with friends and family or on the Internet. And other than reconstructive surgeries, various Cosmetic Surgeries are elective surgeries. 

      Thus, there is a lack of referrals from doctors or prior patients for plastic surgery. Overcoming this barrier requires promoting your clinic by gaining citations that create awareness and boost the trustworthiness of your clinic. 

      Increase Clinic Visibility Using the Internet

      More and more people are using the Internet to research plastic surgery practitioners before they decide to undergo any medical procedure. Search engines crawl through all available data online to showcase the most relevant and helpful results. Google processes about 8.5 billion search queries per day.

      Thus, building business citations will let the search engines recognize that your clinic is relevant to search queries. Ranking higher will increase the likelihood of a searcher clicking or visiting your website. 

      Build Trust

      Cosmetic Procedures are part of an industry that is less regulated than other medical service providers. It leads to a rise in many unqualified clinics starting up in the country. Business Citations will help establish trust and build your reputation as a qualified and reputable clinic.  

      Promote New Clinic Better

      Traditional promotional methods such as billboards and paper ads are costly but don’t cater to an audience of potential clients. Business Citations increase the visibility of your clinic and reach the likely audience looking for Cosmetic Surgery services. 

      It is valuable for new clinics that will need to maintain a continuous flow of consultations because the time people take to commit to undergoing procedures is long.

      How to Get Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons?

      Getting Citations and thereon managing them is crucial to a Cosmetic Clinic’s promotion efforts. Gaining citations starts with assessing which platforms are relevant to the niche and then taking action to gain citations there. 

      Get started by registering and filling in details in most cases for structured citations. Or reaching out to connect for guest posts, consideration to be included in a resource list or partaking in Q&A sessions for unstructured citations. 

      Register Your Clinic

      Start by registering your clinic on platforms specifically designed for medical providers. You need basic information like name and phone number to start your journey on most platforms such as Practo, Lybrate or ClinicSpots.  

      Registration to include your clinic is free on most platforms, although many also have a paid version that gives access to exclusive perks.

      Fill-in Details

      The most crucial details regarding your clinic are the Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) information. It must be the most updated and consistent information across any platform and in any online mentions. 

      It becomes essential to maintain this consistency because any error in it can confuse your audience or lead to search engines not displaying your information as search results. These details are vital to reach out to you for verification purposes. 

      Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Optimize Display Information

      Your display information on these platforms gives an insight into your clinic. Here, add the list of Cosmetic Procedures, clinic facilities and pictures. Some other details that boost your profile compared to competitors are adding qualifications and past experiences. 

      Actively Seek Citations in Authoritative Websites

      Reach out for inclusion on authoritative websites that become a resource for those seeking Cosmetic procedures. Submit credentials wherever applicable, or try sending guest posts for publishing. 

      By guest posting, you can add NAP information about your clinic and even gain a link to a reputable website. 

      Claim Listing of Your Business Profile

      Your Google business profile must be claimed and verified before customizing its content. You can choose the business category as Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon. 

      Optimize the content with keywords, link to website or social media and fill in details of procedures, timings, and descriptions.

      Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

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      Niche-Specific Citation Strategies for Cosmetic Surgeons

      In the healthcare industry of Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery, other than gaining visibility and ranking high, strategize to gain trust through citations. 

      Your strategies should consider the challenges of maintaining a regular stream of traffic, unregulated industry, and heavy reliance on the internet for reviews. 

      Ascertain Relevant Healthcare-Related Directories

      Finding the appropriate directories that will assist in promoting your clinic name to potential clients and benefit search results ranking is the first step. Finding relevant medical directories, popular websites for Cosmetic Surgeons, and popular local directories requires research to discover their benefits. 

      Some popular healthcare directories perfect for Cosmetic Surgeons would be Practo, Lybrate, WhatClinic and ClinicSpots. 

      Add Cosmetic Procedure Information

      Always add specifics about the procedures in your clinic. In popular directories such as Google Business Profile, you can add all kinds of Cosmetic Procedures as your services. 

      It will help search engines find your clinic relevant to a search query when looking in particular for a procedure like a rhinoplasty, hair transplant or breast augmentation. Optimize your profile by adding as much information as possible. Because business profiles are dynamic and show information based on search queries. 

      Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Answer Queries

      Answering queries will make your profiles look active on directories. It helps the search engine recognize your profile as an active profile. It will also aid in helping out many clients who may have doubts or want assurances. 

      Basic questions for Cosmetic Surgeons may include queries about whether you qualify to perform a specific surgery, the facilities at the clinic and the help available for recovery.  

      Video/ Photo Content

      Invest your time to create and post necessary videos and pictures of your clinic and facilities. It is as essential as publishing the results of surgery after recovery. Photos make your clinic more trustworthy to any audience. 

      You can also invest in creating a tour of your clinic in a video, as this can help decrease the anxiety or queries of patients. Business profiles publishing pictures receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps than those without photos.

      Free vs. Paid vs. Verified Citations

      Not all citations are free or come with a hefty cost. Based on your clinic, competitors, city of practice and other factors like budget, ascertain the most beneficial citations for your goals. Citations may be free, paid or verified. 

      Verified citations will take the cake when it comes to the best results. However, there is no reason to disregard others, and necessary to do a cost-benefit analysis. 

      Free Citations

      Free Citations are the starting point for most when starting in the Cosmetic Surgery industry. These are helpful if you don’t have the budget, and in cases where the free listings are also highly advantageous. 

      For example, a business profile on Google is free. Even though you must spend time and resources to optimize the profile, it is one of the most crucial parts of promoting a clinic. 

      Paid Citations

      Paid Citations on some platforms will open access to more features. These may include answering questions, ranking priority on their internal search systems, making online bookings or doing online consultations. 

      Although these advantages are varied, they may be beneficial or may not. This assessment has to be done based on competitors, budget, and the traffic gaining such citations can have. 

      Verified Citations

      Verified citations are the most advantageous to Cosmetic Surgeons. They are more trustworthy to the audience and sometimes also come with the added advantage of including details and specificities. 

      Verified citations will set you apart in an industry increasingly entered by unqualified competitors. Verification makes your clinic look trustworthy and reputable as a qualified Cosmetic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon to a potential client.  

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      Common Business Citation Creation Do’s and Don'ts for Cosmetic Surgeons

      Business Citations can assist your Cosmetic Surgery clinic to gain more traction than competitors. While gaining local business citations, some additional things can help promote better. 

      These include encouraging reviews, maintaining NAP consistency, adding quality photos etc. And there are other actions you must refrain from such as Keyword Stuffing and ignoring analytics.

      Do’s of Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Do Encourage Reviews: Reviews and testimonials are helpful to your potential clients. These can help boost trust in your skills and clinic facilities. For Cosmetic Surgery, people rely on reviews about the results and recovery process. You can direct your patients towards a particular listing, making it easier and more convenient for them to leave reviews. Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons
      • Do Maintain NAP Consistency: Any error in NAP information can hamper your chances of ranking high or showing up in results. Any instances where your clinic finds mention online should have the same name, address, and phone number. It is because search engines try to display the most accurate results, and any discrepancies lead to keeping the clinic information out of results. The dissimilarities also make it puzzling for potential clients looking for ways to contact you. Hence, update any changes in this information as soon as possible.
      • Do Add Good Photos: Photos help visitors recognize the facilities at your clinic and are a way to highlight what sets your clinic apart. It could be the latest technology or the comfortable recovery area. Quality photos posted by the clinic and any posts made by patients attaching pictures will inspire trust. Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons
      • Do Utilize Descriptions: Most directories allow descriptions of your clinic under the ‘About’ or ‘Description’ heading. Here is the chance to add other relevant information such as area of service, years of experience, working hours or unique expertise. It is particularly advantageous when you aren’t paying for the listing or citation. Because many listing or citation opportunities don’t allow details like those to be expanded. Highlight your area of expertise using keywords that can lead back to your profile. Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons
      • Do Pay Attention to Multi-Locations: If you have multiple locations, ensure that NAP information is accurate for each location. Inaccurate information may end up getting repeated in other instances. Managing citations for multiple locations is more complex and requires more attention.

      Don’ts of Citations for Cosmetic Surgeons

      • Don’t Keyword Stuff: Sometimes, limited space to describe or add details on some platforms leads to keyword stuffing. Remember to write for an audience and not only for search engines. Any information regarding the Cosmetic Procedures at the clinic should use long tail keywords but be attractive to readers and people-centred. It should be helpful and explanatory to the people visiting your listing. 
      • Don’t Ignore Analytics: Maintaining citations does require time and updating. Examine where you get the most traffic from. It will inform your decision on which citations to maintain. In particular, if you invest in paid ones. When they fail to lead enough traffic there is no reason to maintain or pay for them. 
      • Don’t Disregard Location-Specific Keywords: Cosmetic Surgery is a major surgery for many, and people tend to be comfortable travelling some distance for the Cosmetic procedure. However, incorporating location-specific keywords that contribute to Local SEO can be advantageous to rank high for those wanting recovery near home or when Cosmetic procedures require numerous visits. Also, practice adding locations in alt tags for your pictures. 
      • Don’t Skip Cosmetic Surgery/ Plastic Surgery Associations: If you are party to an association as a local business or because of being a plastic surgeon, list your clinic on the association’s websites. Because the industry is under-regulated, many potential customers may be satisfied after checking your registration as a certified healthcare provider or specialist on these websites. For Indian Cosmetic Surgeons, it includes the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India or the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

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          Local business citations can help gain visibility to the potential local audience and rank high for search queries for any Cosmetic Procedures. Local Business citations are mentions of Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) details of a Plastic Surgery clinic. 

          The more often and accurately your clinic finds mention on relevant websites or platforms, the higher you can rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). It includes local directories, healthcare provider review websites, niche blogs and other popular websites. Citations can boost the visibility, reputation, and footfalls at your clinic. 

          Local citation directories include popular directories such as Justdial, Sulekha, Google Business Profiles and Facebook business pages. These can highlight your clinic when a search query mentions your locality while looking for a Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery clinic. 

          Most local directories are free and can become places that lead potential clients to your business.

          How Avanzar Can Assist Cosmetic Surgeon’s Business for Citation Strategy?

          Cosmetic Surgeons can benefit from increasing business citations. However, gaining and maintaining it requires deciding which platforms to use for gaining business citations and updating any changes periodically. 

          Start a partnership with Avanzar Health to tailor-make a strategy for your clinic, which includes figuring out where to list the clinic. And have help managing citations to update any changes or optimize by adding the latest relevant information. 

          We have worked with 20+ cosmetic surgery clinics in the past 7 years. These include clinics from Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Thane, and Navi Mumbai areas. We can help you assess what works and what doesn’t based on our years of experience and examination of results. 

          Our experienced team will help you promote to new potential patients, establish trust and credibility, and increase your online presence, boosting the growth of your Cosmetic Surgery clinic.

          Take your cosmetic surgery practice to the next level with the magic of digital marketing! Learn how to make your online presence shine and attract more people interested in your services. Dive into the world of ‘Digital Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons‘ now!