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Because unlike other agencies,
we work only with Hospitals,
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    Leaders in Healthcare & Doctor Marketing

    Because unlike other agencies, we work only with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors.

    Start Growing with Avanzar

      Doctor Insta & YouTube Branding  I  Website I  Google SEO & Ads  I  FB & Insta Ads  I  Medical Content  I  Call & WhatsApp Messaging 

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      Best Medical Digital Marketing Agency in India

      If you want to boost your medical business through digital marketing, start your journey by understanding what it entails. This article can inform you about the need for digital marketing, the key digital marketing services, and ways an agency can help overcome challenges. 

      Our expert team at Avanzar Health are the best digital marketing agency and the perfect fit for your partnership. We can help you achieve the best results for growth and cater to your unique needs.

      WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? / How Avanzar Can Help Your Medical Business Generate More Leads?

      We can help your medical business achieve the goals you dream of. Whether they are lead generation, more appointments, increasing email sign-ups or brand awareness. We understand the end goal and deliver the best strategy to achieve it based on our years of experience and by understanding data. 

      Strategize Data-Based Paid Campaigns

      Creating campaigns requires focused research into the potential audience, making a campaign attractive to them, and setting it up to target them. Team Avanzar will do the relevant data research to ascertain the target audience for your medical business. And making decisions through data is the best method to ensure results when a campaign goes live. 

      We can help build strategies for multiple campaigns with its unique approach, accounting for the goal of the campaign, the target audience and the most preferred digital channel. And utilize your marketing budget for the best ROI.  

      SEO Optimized Creative Content

      SEO-compliant content is a necessity of medical content in today’s world. Any content marketing efforts won’t yield the best results if SEO optimization is lacking. Healthcare businesses are required to develop content that is informational, educational, engaging and helps in patient education. 

      And enforce optimization techniques like utilizing metadata, incorporating keywords, using tags and internal linking.  We can help create creative content that is SEO-compliant for your medical business and relieve this time-consuming burden from your responsibility.

      Expert Help for Social Media Marketing

      Social Media platforms are allowing for greater chances of marketing for medical businesses. It is a golden opportunity to promote your medical business and increase awareness to the ever-growing social media users. However, the variety of options may be confusing. 

      Our team can help narrow down the best digital channels and strategies for each social media platform. Popular present-day platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have their uses, options for paid ads and audience demographics. Let us simplify this complex process for you. 

      Execution of White-Hat SEO Techniques

      Search Engine Optimization is becoming increasingly relevant as more patients look up medical services and businesses online. SEO techniques can help boost your search result ranking, thereby increasing awareness and attracting new patients. 

      Acquiring new patients tends to be a costly affair, so SEO efforts can help offset the dependence on paid campaigns. Avanzar can help you execute SEO techniques such as keyword research, link building, technical SEO, and improving mobile friendliness and site performance. 

      Market Research

      Before investing, it is best to perform market research for the viability of any business. Medical businesses are costly to set up, and jumping into it without any plans or strategies based on market research can lead you to losses. 

      The expert team at Avanzar Health through market research can help you make decisions based on clear data and help strategize your efforts through learnings based on data research.

      Key Digital Marketing Services We Provide to Medical Businesses

      Medical Businesses can enforce plenty of methods to boost their business. Many of these key digital marketing services need the partnership of expert teams to ensure the best strategies, implementation, and results. 


      Search Engine Optimization is a low-cost but highly effective way to promote medical business. It requires you to implement techniques that can push your business in organic search results. Although the process of optimization is long, the results are equally long-lasting. 

      However, implementing them requires prior knowledge of techniques like link building, keyword research, technical SEO and internal linking. Our team with years of experience can simplify SEO for medical business for you. And reduce your time and effort in implementing the same. 

      PPC Advertising

      Pay-per-click advertising is placed with the help of search engines or social media channels. They are your best bet for excellent visibility in a saturated market and only require payment when anyone clicks on your ad. It can attract many new patients to your business. 

      However, strategising and implementing them requires research for relevant keywords, bidding for said keywords, and creation of attractive campaigns based on the target audience. 

      Our expert team can help you efficient use of your budget to create successful campaigns to reach your desired goals through PPC Advertising for medical businesses.   

      Content Marketing

      Content Marketing for medical businesses needs impactful content that can also aid in patient education. It can attract new patients and build a following on social media, increasing traffic. However, creating content is time-consuming and requires added knowledge about engaging topics, keyword research and creative material. 

      This content would vary depending on your medical business, location, potential patient and years of establishment. We can simplify your efforts by aiding in creating appropriate and engaging content perfect for your audience and search engines. 

      Website Design

      Websites are a way to display information about your business, manage appointments and increase visibility on search engines. Website Design for medical businesses needs easy navigation, attractive templates, responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, and quick loading. 

      Implementing the best techniques to improve the user experience can help your website rank higher and attract new patients. Our team can help build your website design to cater to all these requirements and lessen your hassle, especially regarding technical matters.  


      Social Media channels have become one of the ways to reach out to potential patients. With the increased use of social media, creating a presence on them can aid your business. 

      It includes making short videos, posting images of the facility or informational content. Patient interaction through Q&A’s, comments and sharing patient-made content keeps your social media profile buzzing and active. 

      SMM for medical businesses requires figuring out which channels, types of paid ads, and engaging content suit your medical business. Our team can guide you with the best strategy and take up the time-consuming task of content creation for amazing results. 

      Local SEO

      The local audience is a noteworthy group of potential patients for promotions. They are most likely to walk in for consultations or attend discounted events. Thus, efforts for Local SEO for medical businesses require maintenance of NAP consistency, geo-tagging the location in posts and using popular local business platforms. 

      You may also take the help of Google business profiles and niche medical websites that can be reliable to promote to locals in your vicinity. It is crucial while starting a new medical business, and we can help you to implement and maintain your Local SEO efforts.  

      Email Marketing

      Emails can help you build a group of patrons who are interested in your services. It permits you to connect to prior patients and helps in patient retention by actively promoting new services, discounts, or events to them. 

      Email Marketing for medical companies requires encouraging visitors and online followers to sign up through forms. And stay in continuous contact through this highly personalized form of communication. 

      We can help establish which format, content and email subject will work best for your campaign. And improve your conversion and click-through rate.

      What Marketing Challenges are Faced by Medical Companies?

      1. Having to keep up with competitors and their digital marketing strategies. 
      2. Failing to meet goals of acquiring new patients, generating leads, encouraging appointments, or increasing footfalls through your present marketing strategy. 
      3. Lacking knowledge about the most efficient and preferred platforms and channels for marketing efforts. 
      4. Not having the time to create and post content to increase interactions, visibility, and awareness.
      5. Limited by marketing budget and its inefficient use ending in low ROI. 
      6. Maintaining online reputation amid malignant rumours or fake reviews. 
      7. Struggling with patient retention or building a following.

      Scope of Digital marketing in Medical Industry in India

      Digital Marketing for medical businesses is growing in its scope and options each day. Judging the scope of digital marketing, the best time to start digital marketing if you are in the medical industry is today.  

      Build Trust

      Many patients prefer to look through a medical provider’s social media and online content before they make an appointment. It has become a way to research doctors or hospitals to get a look at their services, reviews, patient testimonials and even images of visible results in old patients. 

      It helps relieve their anxiety or fear towards a new medical business and can encourage them to make an appointment. Thus, maintaining social media profiles, posting pictures, and sharing patient success stories becomes crucial for medical digital marketing. 

      Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

      Every aspect of a medical business is riddled with competitors, often with little to no differentiating factors. In such cases, digital marketing can help highlight your business and create awareness about your services among potential patients. Investing in brand awareness is a goal that can aid in your growth in the long term. 

      Social media has started to become a place where many make their first discovery of a business. Making digital marketing efforts to increase visibility can lead to more conversions. 

      Fostering Long-Term Relationship

      Retaining and activating old patients can be the key to growth in the medical market. Putting efforts to maintain contact and send reminders through emails and social media posts for yearly check-ups can be beneficial. 

      Due to low patient awareness and knowledge, many fail to have yearly check-ups. Reminders about the necessity of yearly check-ups, content about symptoms requiring attention and promoting discounted events can aid in fostering long-term relationships.

      In-Depth Healthcare Digital Marketing Industry Insights: Trends, Strategies, and Innovations

      The Healthcare Digital Marketing Industry is growing with time. As technology and the internet develop, marketing strategies and trends also change. Let us look at some of the evolving trends and innovations of the times. 

      Importance of Search Rankings

      Search results are starting to dictate the interest of a potential patient in your medical business. The higher up you are on the search engine result page, the greater the chances of acquiring a new patient. Improving search ranking requires efforts in the implementation of SEO and constant monitoring of algorithm changes. 

      As more patients seek medical services near them through search engines, the more necessary it becomes to invest in Local SEO, have a Google search profile and maintain NAP consistency. 

      Preference of Video Content

      Video content in the form of YouTube shorts or Instagram videos has become popular. Videos can attract audiences and have the chance of gaining virality. Based on this preference, it is useful to create some video content for your social media and website use. 

      They can showcase your services and patient stories. Turning them into ads is also gaining popularity as a marketing strategy. 

      Increase in Social Media Use

      Your medical business must make use of social media channels. Many social media platforms have increased options for targeting based on location, age, gender, and interests. 

      This feature makes it so different and reliable from traditional marketing. Using paid ads on social media platforms and organic increase in followers through educational content is the best use of social media.

      Other Services

      E- Mail campaigns

      Let patient know your present facility, new services & events through mailing.

      Medical Content Writing

      Boost your online brand presence with medical & informative content to attract & educate patients.

      Pre Visit Patient Forms

      Get to know your patient before their visit to clinic by online Pre-Visit Patient Form.

      Why Avanzar?

      India’s Top Healthcare Marketing Agency

      Because Unlike Other Agencies, We Work Only With Hospitals, Clinics And Doctors.

      Healthcare digital marketing is digital marketing practices catered towards the needs of healthcare businesses. Due to the unique nature of healthcare services, healthcare digital marketing has its complexities about laws and guidelines. Having to implement digital marketing techniques to promote healthcare businesses within the bounds of such laws makes healthcare digital marketing unlike any other. 

      Digital Marketing for healthcare businesses may include implementation of SEO, maintaining social media profiles, using paid ads, video creation and email marketing. All these come together to create a robust marketing plan that can work for promoting a healthcare business effectively.

      Speak to Our Healthcare Marketing Expert



        Speak to Our Healthcare Marketing Expert




          Medical digital marketing tends to be different from digital marketing for other industries. Here, there is a need to understand the boundaries of laws and guidelines while putting out content. The best strategy for medical digital marketing is the one that uses the best channels that can cater to your goals. 

          The strategy must differ based on what each campaign must achieve. Other than specified campaigns, creating a social media presence, investing in implementing SEO and having a helpful website becomes imperative.

          Avanzar Health has years of experience helping doctors, clinics, hospitals, and medical businesses achieve their desired growth. Our clients have seen their businesses grow through digital marketing efforts by optimizing their patient acquisition and conversion processes. 

          Partnership with us can help you decide the most appropriate channels for marketing, the best use of these channels and the best result for the budget spent.

          Why is Avanzar the Best Medical Digital Marketing Agency in India?

          Avanzar Health can be the partner for your journey as a medical business in India. Our expert team have years of experience in helping unlock the best potential of your digital marketing efforts. 

          We deliver strategies that account for your unique needs and are based on data and experience. Full digital marketing strategies encompass web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, video marketing, local SEO, and pay-per-click advertising.  

          Our track record shows that we can help you achieve your goals, whether it be about generating leads, gaining a following, enhancing traffic boosting appointments or improving footfalls. Partner with us today to get started on growing your medical business like never before.